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Comment 02 Apr 2014

I think we had the ball near the end of the half deep in our own territory, had cut the lead to 10 (24-14), and the Vest panics and goes for a 4th and one?  They snuffed it and scored again, making it 31-14 at half.  I've always wondered if it would have made any difference if we had punted.

Comment 02 Apr 2014

I find it is easier now to think of that night as Urban's job interview. 

Comment 12 Feb 2014

Agreed.  His only opportunity to actually play next year is if he stays at OSU.  He has to sit out a year transferring.  The family issue is the only logical conclusion.

Comment 28 Dec 2013

Exactly this. ^

I have to admit to rooting for Michigan a few years ago against Florida in Carr's last game.  It was nice to see the Big Ten get some revenge so soon after the Gators bent us over in the desert.  And, occasionally, I find myself rooting for Michigan against Notre Dame, depending upon who has the most to lose.  But, otherwise, that is about it.  I start a game with the intention of rooting for Michigan, but quickly find myself, especially since Hoke became HC, rooting against them.  What's strange is that I have no problem rooting for any other B1G team, even Wisconsin with Bert.  I always rooted for them in the bowls. 

Anyway, if Michigan gets smoked tonight, and Ohio State wins against Clemson, it won't matter that Michigan gets smoked tonight.  If that makes any sense?

Comment 07 Dec 2013

It helps me to think of 2007 as a job interview.

Comment 26 Nov 2013

I don't want to be a buzzkill, but I am old enough to remember 1969 very well.  In a way, I have still not quite gotten over it. The Bucks were defending national champs, had a 22 game winning streak and were 17 point favorites over a 7-2 Michigan team.  Although they knew they couldn't go to the Rose Bowl again, they knew if they won, they would be back-to-back national champs.  At the time, people were already talking about Ohio State as being the greatest college team of all-time.  Beware people. 


Comment 12 Aug 2013

I find it odd that Urban Meyer would choose to play the Spring Game in Kentucky?? 

Comment 22 Jul 2013

According to the Will Muschamps Responsibility Meter, Urban is still clean.  This is all on The Vest.

Seriously though, if you're Urban, a multi-millionaire who could any number of other things in life, you might just think, "WTF!  This isn't worth it."   

Comment 02 Jul 2013

I think you expressed how I feel in a lot fewer words.  I would hate to see the momentum that is building in C-Bus derailed by a NC blowout loss to an SEC team.  I think we will be able to play with just about anybody next year ... except Alabama in the NCG.  I think we would have beaten Notre Dame last year.  But I don't think we would have beaten them 42-14.  We beat Michigan last year, but we didn't beat them  41-14.  I am not sure our improvement will be greater than the Tide's decline?  But I agree with the comment earlier that it is extremely possible that Alabama does not make the NCG.  In that case, I would take the Bucks' chances against anyone else.  BUT, if Alabama does make it to the NCG, that mean they won the SEC West and the they won the SEC Championship game.  Their seniors and juniors will have played in three NCGs.  Sorry, I don't like that match-up.  

Comment 01 Jul 2013

I have mixed emotions.  One one hand, it would be great to see the Bucks back in the NCG.  On the other, if the opponent is Alabama, the Bucks will be playing a team with an opportunity to be the first and only school to win three consecutive BCS titles.  The Tide will not be playing for the title, but for immortality.  With Saban, do you think they would be motivated some??  If the Tide gets through the regular season and the SEC title game, though, how good will they be??

And, even if the Bucks run the table, I still think they are a year away from being great.  As much as I love the Bucks and believe that Urban will eventually get us to the next level, I am not sure we will have the necessary big game experience by next January. Michigan at Michigan and the Big Ten title game are big, but no where as Big as a national championship against the two-time defending champs. 

No other opponent scares me like the Tide.  LSU, A&M, Florida? Bring them on.  The Tide?  Let's give Braxton and company one more year of seasoning.  (I do think Braxton comes back as a senior.)