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Comment 03 Jun 2011

To be fair, ESPN has been playing related video stories in succession along with articles. (since Storm's news was a short one, a related video wasn't in created), so TP's video happen to be on top of the list, it was either that or probably the tress-related stories.

Although I do agree with the notion of 'HATE' provided by ESPN, or the national media; I think Knowing my first statement, it shows that this particular case wasn't a hate campaign by ESPN, yet people are quick to jump up on it.

It's mentality like this that lead us to kick Herbie out of the heart of Buckeye nation, and it's mentality like this is what keeps our heads in the dumps.


Keep your head up Bucks, the conspiracy isn't as bad as you think, and we're not even close to being done. You have to believe that Coach Hayes still smiles down on us.