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Comment 03 Jul 2014

That was one fine beverage, Ramzy.  I had neighbors from three houses down in both directions hanging out on my porch until halfway through Red, White & Boom and nobody cared they were missing it.  Well played, sir.

Comment 26 Dec 2012

Also impressive in the sense that 81k sat in the rain to watch the Spring Game when some major programs can't get 20k to come out in the sunshine.

Comment 24 Dec 2012

This doesn't really bother me so much, in and of itself.  What bothers me is when a coach takes commitments which put them over their 85, then later "find" some players to leave the program and/or renege on commitments to get back into compliance.

Comment 21 Dec 2012

I answered "love," but I would've preferred to see the VCA logos in the same darkened wood as the state outline & B1G logos.  Having said that, I can certainly live with it the way it is -- I think it's great.

Comment 19 Dec 2012

Without the benefit of sitting in on the interview, I have to assume Andersen:

  1. Is committed to the style of play with which Wisconsin identifies itself
  2. Has a plan to hire coordinators able to execute said style of play
  3. Can bring in recruiters able to leverage what's available in the region

If that's what they got, it was a good hire.  If Wisconsin is running the spread next year, then God have mercy on them 'cause nobody else will...