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Comment 03 Jul 2014

That was one fine beverage, Ramzy.  I had neighbors from three houses down in both directions hanging out on my porch until halfway through Red, White & Boom and nobody cared they were missing it.  Well played, sir.

Comment 18 Dec 2012

Sarah, I'm sad there's no Community update...mostly because there is no Community update...

Comment 01 Dec 2012

One of the things I think makes Wisconsin a hated rival is the fact we didn't see them all the time.  When there's an annual game, you have more opportunity for redemption.  When you on see them twice in four years, the bragging/bitterness intensifies everything, IMO.

Oh, and I agree with everything you said - "we'll get you next time" should never occur the following week...

Comment 01 Dec 2012

The conference football game question was good.  I like the idea of 10 (or even 12) conference games in the super-conference model, but I wonder how much of cfb's success is from inter-conference play (i.e. OSU/TTUN probably does not draw as many eyeballs as OSU/USC or OSU/TX).  There's also the home-game issue, which I'd think would be offset by TV money (see previous).  Not sure on this one...