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Comment 28 Jun 2016
I bet it would read rather differently. Instead of 80000 letters saying #firefesler it would be more like "Please don't mistake this letter for anger, but I do wish that our boys could get a new leader with the same exceptional work as their current one, just with a few more victories for us chaps to enjoy."
Comment 28 Jun 2016

What an ugly tower.  I agree with the earlier post, model the tower after the old armory, that would be bad-ass.  Forget the freaking TV.  Can we not build anything anymore without hanging a giant flat screen on it?  Do they realize students all have phones?  Why not just make an App for the university that sends them the updates they want to convey, instead of relying on a news method from the 14th century only with 21st century visuals?  Then you can just have a cool looking Castle-like clock tower blaring out OSU songs on the hour.  

I swear to god nobody at that school has an imagination anymore.

Comment 27 Jun 2016

This is who I was going to say.  I bet he'd call the police on you if you had a light on outside after 10pm.

Comment 24 Jun 2016

I travel to Brazil regularly for business, and I love the country, but every brazilian I talked to down there was pissed about hosting the world cup, and was beyond furious about hosting the olympics.  Every single one of them is so fed up with the corruption down there.  They are very smart people (one of the good things about Brazil is they do a decent job getting their people educated) and every single one of them knows they have bigger priorities right now.  Its a mess there. Great people, and that country has so much potential to be a great power, but they consistently are let down by their elected officials.

Comment 22 Jun 2016

Not gonna lie, I saw the end of the game with Lebron on the floor sobbing and was ok, but then they showed Coach Lue sobbing into a towel and i kinda lost it a little.  People forget also that Tyron was considered a long shot and a bit of a "huh?" pick when the Cav's selected him.  He took a merry band of misfits and turned them into champions.  Don't get it twisted, Lebron was a big part of that victory for obvious reasons, but I think Lue deserves some credit, and it was obvious it meant a lot to him.

Comment 15 Jun 2016
I am glad they didn't make this football only and invited other sports. I owe Ohio state a lot including my first job that I got from a job fair they hosted. Ohio state does it right for their grads and even their alumni with the job hunting assistance they provide.
Comment 15 Jun 2016
I got mine on vivid like 3months ago before it was announced as a night game. So I got them for pretty cheap compared to what they are selling for now. I'm on the 35 yard line lower deck. Pretty nice. Half the cost of what a similar game would have cost me in the shoe for seats behind a pillar.