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Comment 24 Feb 2017

Pineapple on pizza is perfect.  Its the sweet/salty that creates natural cravings in most people.  Like chocolate covered pretzels.  You haven't lived until you had pineapple and jalapeno pizza.

Comment 22 Jan 2017
I don't agree. Everyone makes stupid mistakes and unless this was a repeat offense I feel firing a guy for this is a little over the top. Perhaps adminstrative leave for a time and a probationary period but to kick a dude while he's already down is kind of lame. Look, what he did was disgraceful, but they should be making sure he doesn't need some kind of help with alcohol first before kicking him to the curb. That could make his problem worse.
Comment 19 Jan 2017
Some future questions: when was Ohio stadium built? Where did the basketball team play before that terrible monstrosity was built on the west side? Where is the soccer stadium? What do you think of campus partners? (Hint: there is only one correct answer and it starts with fuck those guys)