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Comment 29 Apr 2016

This is what I was thinking, they really can't go wrong no matter what they pick, because they need it everywhere except maybe QB and RB.  People are down on Griffin, but I think he is solid as long as he has some protection, something the Browns have never been able to do.

Comment 28 Apr 2016
Yeah but if he did that in highschool, I mean it's kinda shitty someone posted that from so long ago
Comment 28 Apr 2016
There's all kinds of conversations going on in the background with other teams trying to trade up
Comment 28 Apr 2016

Ya know I wasn't really all that impressed with Vegas, but this does make sense from a football standpoint.  I can't imagine what that stadium would look like in that city of neon.  I could see them putting a roller coaster along the top of it and gogo dancers for cheerleaders...  I'd go.

Comment 27 Apr 2016

Se I have a problem with the whole "swift justice to come to Baylor" because you are making a leap in assuming that the entire school, or the organization as a whole, is constructed to promote rape and assault.  I think that is extremely wrong.

The problem is the rape situation in Florida never happened, according to the court system right?  The NCAA can't punish a school for the infractions of a single student especially when said student never was convicted of anything.  Whether or not there SEEMS to be a systemic problem there, they have to prove it, and that isn't something that is easily done.  Also, whether they DO prove it or not, it may not even be something they can even act on because it isn't sports related.  Oh yes I understand a football player did something horrible, so therefore its sports related, but that isn't what the NCAA is for.  If people are being dodgy about rape and assault, and it turns out a school is hiding those things, that is a state and/or federal offense.  Not an NCAA infraction.  You get what I mean?  LIeing to the NCAA about providing benefits to players IS an infraction.  Finding out those girls were provided to the players as an extra benefit, is an infraction. Those players raping those women, is a criminal offense, not an infraction.

I'm not saying wait and see. I'm saying these assualts have nothing to do with the game of football and punishments required, and everything to do with criminal offenses.  If that coach is hiding this shit, willingly, he is an accomplice and can be tried as such.  You shouldn't punish all the other students on the team because their coach is a criminal.

I agree the NCAA are bumbling morons, but in this case I don't agree they should be involved unless there is an actual infraction in regards to what they are supposed to police.  The NCAA are not a police force (thank god) they are a rules enforcement group for athletics.  You get what I mean?  I'm not trying to piss people off on here because I know everyone is pretty defensive in these cases, but i'm trying to point out that (as awful as it may sound) the NCAA is not responsible for making sure students stay inside the law.  I mean sure if they commit a crime then obviously the NCAA has the right to suspend that student from sports.  That is within their bi-laws, but they can't suspend a student because it LOOKS like he did.  

We got busted, hands in the cookie jar.  We got punished for it. Move on.