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Comment 19 Aug 2014

These are my thoughts as well.

The Buckeyes will be alright, and this season will still be fun to watch as we still have shitpiles of talent at every position (including QB).

That said, this is not the way Braxton deserved to end his OSU career.  He's a great kid and I hope he is able to heal up and get a real shot at making bank in the NFL (and tearing it up at that level).

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Hey, I too was born on July 10th.  Happy Birthday Phillips.449!  Happy Birthday UFM!  And Happy Birthday to me!

Also, we share this birthday with Sofia Vergara, Nikola Tesla, Adolphus Busch, and a host of other interesting folks…pretty decent company.

Comment 19 Jun 2014

I don't want to wade too deeply into this firestorm, I just want to correct you on a couple things.


This isn't unlike grad students who work in research labs or for professors doing research for papers.  In the case of the former, the lab gets multi-billion dollar grants from the government.  In the latter case, the professors are paid six figure salaries.  In both cases, the students get a "free" education and little else. 


Per the NIH (National Institutes of Health), which is the largest source of government money pouring into high level biomedical labs, OSU has brought in $67,957,973 in grant money for 2014 thus far, and brought in $131,126,886 during 2013.  OSU brought in $48,862,000 during 2013 from the NSF (National Science Foundation), which is the other large funding source (DARPA and others can and do award research grants, but on a national scale they distribute much less to universities than the NIH or NSF).  So in total, from the two primary funding agencies OSU brought in a under $200 million during 2013, as a point of reference.

The point of that data is that no individual lab will ever receive anything remotely close to multi-billion dollars worth of funding.  The very best labs in the nation can, and do, pull in multi-million dollars worth of grant funding (though they are an increasingly rare beast these days).

This may seem like a minor point, but if you're going to have an argument, one might as well utilize the available data (all of those figures can be found through the respective NIH and NSF reporter sites).


Also, at least within the biomedical sciences, graduate students also receive a stipend on top of free tuition.  For example if you are accepted into OSU's Biochemistry PhD program, in addition to garnering a free education you will also be paid a yearly stipend of $26,502 (which you can find on their website's FAQs).


I doubt any of this information changes the thesis of your argument, but coming from this arm of academia I just want to make sure that when people toss these examples out that they're tossing out accurate information.  So, grad students who work in biomedical labs are going to school for free and being paid a modest stipend for their efforts.

Comment 10 Mar 2014

Johnny McGee (Iowa Central JC),


I remember he was pretty heavily recruited by Dan Gable (McGee was my age and my school went to a number of tournaments Coventry did), but McGee didn't have the grades and didn't want to work that hard (I believe he told my teammate that "they work too hard" at Iowa).

That kid was probably the best natural wrestler I've ever seen.  He may even be the best natural wrestler on your list (which is incredible), unfortunately he's quite likely the laziest in the wrestling room of all of the guys on your list (and probably by a rather wide margin).  What an incredible waste of talent...


To add to Scarlet's point, you have to remember that OSU is not the big dog in the B1G when it comes to wrestling.  So it will take some time to continue to attract the best Ohio HS talent to the Buckeyes.

Also, I believe Gable won 25 straight B1G wrestling titles, so you're at least 5 off on your estimate Jason.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

Thanks for the run-down Curt!

I know it's been said by a lot of other people many times before, but if we could keep the best Ohio HS wrestling talent in Ohio (e.g. Taylor), the wrestling buckeyes would be nearly unstoppable.  Obviously it's much easier said than done and probably not even remotely realistic, but a man can dream...

Comment 27 Feb 2014

Is it really fair to use the phrase "strike out" in regards to our current QB roster?  While JT and Collier weren't at the very top of the staff's want list for that position (for their respective recruiting cycles), that doesn't mean either or both couldn't become a difference maker at the QB position.  The truth is we have little idea how boom or bust either of those kids could be, and we won't know for a little while longer.  

This isn't to say that the staff shouldn't be looking for the next big thing at the QB position each and every year (given the uncertainty and volatility of recruiting), just that we can't really know whether a particular year was a hit or miss until a little while later.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

Undergraduates, like almost every student-athelete, do not receive stipends, though.


No, but in reality undergraduates generate very little useful scientific data on their own.  Without graduate students there, most of their experiments wouldn't be completed because they would never have received the appropriate training and usually lack the free time to complete all of the minutiae in a timely manner (usually due to time constraints imposed by class).  It is typically grad students or post-docs who do the hands-on training, as the faculty member running the lab usually doesn't have time to teach someone how to do the bench work (at least in biomedical sciences; their time is completely occupied with all of the other tasks required to keep the lab up and running).

So in the end, it's another comparison that doesn't quite work--which isn't all that surprising as collegiate athletics is a unique beast unto itself.

Comment 16 Jan 2014

So the student working in all the college labs all over the country don't generate any type of revenue for the universities?  Think you need to educate yourself on that one.


If you're referring to graduate students (who in combination with post-doctoral researchers, do the lion's share of data generation for all of the sciences), then you may be surprised to find that in addition to free tuition that they also receive a modest stipend.  So while graduate students in scientific disciplines do generate a great deal of revenue for the university (sometimes directly when they actually write and apply for funding, or indirectly when the data they've collected provides the impetus and support for a funded grant proposal penned by their faculty advisor), they also go to school for free AND get paid to do so (it depends on the specific department, but the salary is usually in the neighborhood of $25k).

Comment 08 Jan 2014

Well thanks for bringing my disappointment and sadness back to the forefront, Ramzy.  This handful of prozac is on you buddy!

(no I'm not actually gulping pills in response to a nicely written article, don't worry internet)

Comment 11 Dec 2013

But wouldn't you LOVE to have either of those D's instead of the 2013 version?  I know I sure would.

Comment 25 Nov 2013

I love that gif so freakin' hard.  It was the perfect way to close out the game; using Denard's stupid eating motion after picking up the final first down.

Comment 01 Oct 2013

Part of that could be due to how much of the playbook he's grasped by this point.  If I recall correctly, he initially had a very stripped down version where there were a handful of plays they wanted/needed him to know.  I don't know if he's been able to add to that substantially in season.

Comment 29 Sep 2013

It seems like he's made half of all of the tackles made on kickoffs.  Kid seems to have a nose for the ball, not a bad quality to have as a safety.

Comment 25 Sep 2013

Thank you for the data breakdown.  Great stuff!

Comment 22 Sep 2013

I'm not sure how good or bad Oregon State is at this point, but this was a good almost-win for SDSU.  Too bad it's in the almost category, as I don't think that will register on our SOS.