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Comment 19 Oct 2011

Not sure if Woody said this or not (I think he did).

"Run it till they stop it, then run it again in case that stop was a fluke!!"

Illinois never stopped the run.

So why throw the ball arround in bad weather and give future opponents game film to prep for.


Just saying....


Comment 03 Oct 2011

You think Gee gives a f that your boo-ing?  The guy who said OSU's greatest victory was a tie against Michingan.

Gee cares about the $$$$$$$$.

When you grow up, there will be a day when you realize it's all about the $.

You want change, either cough up some $$$$$$$ or you with hold your $$$.


Comment 03 Oct 2011
Seriously, you think you are justified in boo-ing football players because you swam in high-school. Seriously. No offense, i'm sure you were a wonderful swimmer. But you have no idea what an elite athlete is thinking when he's visiting Columbus and here's 50,000+ fans raining boo's on a team he's thinking about committing too. That's a really good selling point for a 18 year old kid trying to make the biggest decision of his life.
Comment 03 Oct 2011

You react to the play then shut up.

Boo-ing doesn't do anything but make YOU feel better.

No offense, I don't give a crap how YOU feel you not on the team nor will you ever be on the team.





Comment 03 Oct 2011

Competative sports 'all throughtout elementary school through high school.'

Seriously, that's your reasoning is becasue you played sports in highschool along with millions and millions of other people.

Yeah, you know what the players are going through becasue you played in high school.





Comment 03 Oct 2011

Are we?


Ask a former or current palyer if 'we all on the same side' when their getting boo'ed after they just played their ass off.

You might be shocked by what they have to say, the people wo are actually playing the game.


Comment 03 Oct 2011

Again, people who will never PLAY the game feel it's OK for them to express their displeasure on the PLAYERS performance.




Comment 03 Oct 2011

Quick way to summerize booing.

If you have ever played ANY sport at a competative level, booing is not acceptable.

If all you have ever dreamed about is playing any sport at a competative level, then boo is acceptable.


So go on , boo away so it makess YOU feel better.

It just pisses the PLAYERS off, but what do they know.  They are just the ones PLAYING the game.  F-em.

And F the recruits visiting who don't want to play in front of boo-ing loyal fands in the stands.


Comment 17 Oct 2010

Let me say this first, i was surprised on how poorly the D-line played against the run.  I thought they would do better.  I also thought OSU could outscore Wisconsin.  Wrong on both counts.

The special teams TD is what it is, one bad play in the game.  If they can't overcome a 7 point deficient then this team has far bigger problems than anybody realizes.

I wasn't surprised on how poorly the D played in general.  I've been one of the few realist on this website who's been concerned with how Heacock's defense has played.  I've said from week 1 Heacock's 'best ever D-Line' was overrated, and i was belittled, called a moron, had my football knowledge questioned and called a troll.  Most OSU fans are oblivious to the obvious, Heacock's a crappy Defense coach.  His teams can beat up on inferior teams, but against better compatition he gets out coached game in and game out.

I wasn't surprised on how poorly the O-Line played.  Since 2003, Bollmans O-lines have been terribly inconsistent and in general poorly coached.  People want to blame the RB's, the QB's and the O-lineman in general.  But the fact is Bollman is the one consistent in this era of crappy O-line play.  Speilman has described it correctly multiple times, O-line plays like they are in a pillow fight and not a football game.

Year in and year out, Tressel's teams loses games for the same reasons.  Poor O-Lines and poors Defenses.  Tressel's a great guy and extremely loyal, but enoughs enough.  Changes are long over due in those 2 areas.  And until changes are made, his teams will never have a legitimate shot to win a National Championship.  Good enough to compete for the Big Ten though.  So the question for OSU fans is, is competing for a Big Ten title good enough?

Comment 04 Oct 2010

Alex I agree totally.

After the first 2 games i was encouraged by the O-line, then they seemed to regress the last 2 weeks.  I don't care who is the O-coordinater is, as long as Bollman is the O-line coach the offense will struggle.  it all starts and stops at the line of scrimage, and i have no confidence in Bollman's group against better competition.

The only saving grace is the D seems to be albe to make teams one dimensional.  The're playing the run excelently.

So far i'm highly disappointed in the play of the D-line.  Heacocks best every, he must have a poor memory.  D-line in 2002 had 4 guys play in the NFL.  At best this team has 2, and 1 will have to play linebacker.  D-line still has less sacks than the O-line has given up.  Wouldn't mind seeing 'He Ate Me' and Heyward should play in the middle and Simon and Williams play on the outside.  Simon just looks quicker than Heyward.

Comment 01 Oct 2010

I'm sorry, they haven't won a NC since 2002 and Dantonio was the D coordinator.

Bollman's been there since the beginning and the O-Line has SUCKED since 2003.  Outright SUCKED.  His track record is not too great.  O-line has been up and down so far this year, giving up too much pressure against some crappy D's.

This is Heacock's supposedly 'best D-line he's ever coached', yet they have 3.5 sacks in 4 games against MAC level O-lines and a Miami line that has been described as average.  Those must be some pretty good MAC level O-linemen the are going up against.

Maybe i'm not drinking the kool-aid (or maybe i'm drinking too much), but I've been down this road before with Heacock and Bollman. I'll not be confident until i see how their groups perform against some quality opponents.

Hopefully i'm wrong and this is the best team to ever play football for OSU.
I'm just not convinced yet.

Comment 01 Oct 2010

Totally Agree.  We were in the game against LSU.

One again Heacock's crappy defensive scheme's could not get LSU off the field when it mattered.

even tohugh the O-Line was again shitty, LSU couldn't stop Beenie.  But once Robo dropped the TD pass (and the resulting blocked FG) the whole was too big and Tress stopped running the ball (right or wrong).

OSU had more yards than LSU.  It was not a one sided affair.

This years team is starting to remind me of the 2006 team.  Suspect O-line, shitty d schemes and everyone getting over confident playing MAC caliber teams.


Comment 14 Sep 2010

Man that sucks for Barnett.  On the other hand, Johnson was supposed to be the starter so hopefully Johnson's fully recovered.   I assume there was not an update on Johnson's calf pull?

Comment 12 Sep 2010

If you can't offer a counter argument to my points why respond?

Comment 12 Sep 2010

And did they 'pantsed' elite teams like LSU, Florida and USC.  Hate to bring back bad memories, but all 3 teams had huge passing games against Heacocks D.
It's one thing to 'pantsed' UM, MSU, Ilinois, Indiana, insert mac school here.  It's another to 'pantsed' elite teams.

Soft zone works wonders when your d-line can get pressure, something Heacock's teams have never been able to do against elite teams since he's been the DC.

When the game was in doubt in the 3rd quarter(up by nine) Heacock sat in the soft zone and Harris lead the team down the field until Cam made an outstanding play, on a zone blits where 5 rushed and Harris had plenty of time to deliver the ball.  An elite QB probably does not throw that pick.  Harris is not an elite QB.

The goal is to win national championships, not big ten championships.
Sorry, but Heacock proven that he is not good enough to win national championships.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

Don't forget Tate Forcier look all world last year until he started playing big ten teams.

Then he just got beat, plain and simple.

Robinson will get beat down once the big-ten starts.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

Man, if only we could play Miami, or Vtech or even a MAC school in the national championship game....

Oh that's right, the non-elite teams get weeded out during the regular season so only the best of the best play for the crystal.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

1. Are you saying their team speed is better than ours, cause i call bullsh!t on that.  Way to make the argument against the big ten.

2. Please re-watch the game and WATCH THE PASS PROTETCION.  OSU had virtually no pass rush when the game was on the line and Cam made an outstanding play on the one pick.  The other 3 were mistakes by the wide receivers.

3. And how many pass deflections did they have.  In the first half 1, which Chimde actually deflected to the Miami WR who caught it but was OB.  Haven't watched the last 25 minutes of the game but i don't remember any pass deflections.....

4. I the D was supposed to prevent them from scoring....


Against elite competition, Heacock's soft zone D will get torn apart.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

And i'm sure USC, LSU and Florida were just lucky to move down the field at will against Heacock's defendes.


Comment 12 Sep 2010

The corner backs did not step up (except for Barret).  They sat back and waited for the other team to either make mistakes or catch the ball and then tackel them.  Could be wrong but i don't remeber any passes defended/deflected during the game.

That's not going to cut it against elite competition, which Miami is not elite.

Comment 12 Sep 2010

When you play inferrior opponents you should not give up alot of points.

When the other teams makes 3 unforced turnovers, the stats will be skewed also.

The D will be among the top for points scored against simply because 80% of the teams they play against will be vastly inferrior, will fall behind and become one dimensional thus making it easier to play the pass.


Comment 12 Sep 2010

I'm sorry, the goal shoudn't be to win a game. It should be to win the national championship.

In 2002 i had confidence that the D could step up and get a stop when it needed to.

Bottom line, if this is the best d-line Heacock has ever coached then he's not developing players as he should.

I don't have that confidence in the pass defense of this team (Run defense is solid).  Not because of a lack of talent, but because of the scheme implemented (specifically the soft zone heacock lives to sit in).  Man i wish Dantino would get canned from MSU so he could come back and replace Heacock.


Comment 12 Sep 2010

I'm pretty sure Wisconsin and Iowa have better o-lines, better quarterbacks and as good of receivers.

Not to mention who we'll play in the BCS game....