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Comment 30 Jun 2015

Shoutout to the western Pa product! Happy for the CBJ faithful out there. Savy move by Jarmo

Comment 03 Mar 2015

I listen to "stuff you should know" hosted by HowStuffWorks. The guys are very entertaining and enlightening as well....should check it out, variety of topics!

Comment 11 Feb 2015

Please don't lump all of us "Pennsylvanias" in with the 59% of the poll takers who are still mummified. Pittsburgh born and current resident, Ohio State alum '10. I get your point though, O-H!

Comment 12 Mar 2013

I understand your heart is in the right place here man, but your last comments about condoning athletes or students in general from "going out" and then "going home" with other coeds is frankly way out of touch with reality..

Regardless this is potentially a terrible and disturbing situation... Let's let the investigation run its course

Comment 25 Feb 2013

Anyone watching the Kansas/Ia St game? I can only hope that Shannon Scott blossoms into the same-type player as Elijah Johnson

Comment 28 Jan 2013

Interesting, the mothership has him listed at 268- im thinking hes gotta put on at least  20+ to be able to deal in the trenchs.. Appreciate the insight Alex

Comment 28 Jan 2013

Just curious because I didn't see him mentioned in the post, where does Se'von Pittman stand as far as competing for a spot on the Dline? Is he being considered as a depth DE at this point?

Comment 13 Jan 2013

What a luxury we have here at Ohio state.. I love when these kids get to come on visits that show the atmosphere that all of us have come to love so much.. And with the basketball team being as solid as they have over the past 6/7 years, it has only helped be another beautiful angle to use for things like football recruiting. 

Seems like a real, real quality kid who wants to be a buckeye.. Love it congrats young man!

Comment 06 Jan 2013

The talk about Wilson is a bunch of hot air. Hes not going anywhere except UO.. Reading his comments from the other day should put any hope to bed...

Comment 22 Nov 2012

The 2008 jump was brutally awesome. I lived on Maynard ave that year (the walk from mirror lake had to be a mile away) and remember the snow coming down, I broke both sandals I had on --they stayed taped on-- and trying to stop in every couple restaurants on High street to run hot water on my hands/use the hand dryers. Epic event for an epic week

Comment 24 Sep 2012

Thad offered BJ Mullens before he even reached high school as well... BJ turned out to be the #1 recruit in his class pre-college FWIW.

Comment 18 Mar 2012

In Columbus, Ohio no way (possibly also Cleveland).  At any other site, yes.  Just look at yesterday...while there were a fare number of our faithful in Pittsburgh, everytime Gonzaga made a surge the crowd got riled up. It's just the nature of the beast.  You are right on with your comment below, it is very true that people show up to the Tourney because its "an event". A lot of the people at the games didnt even watch an ounce of the Regular Season believe or not. It is hilarious though because everyone who pulls for the cinderellas in the first few rounds are the same ones who are crying that there isnt much talent on the floor when the small schools make it to the Elite 8, Final 4 etc.

Comment 18 Mar 2012

Just as in any ncaa tourney site, the crowd is always pro-underdog. i dont think it has anything to do with rooting against the B1G.

Comment 26 Jan 2012
A lot of us (including myself) projected scott coming in and filling the void at the 2-guard position. The fact is sibert and lenzelle are rovering that spot and Scott plain and simple isn't good enough to claim the starting position right now. The way burke has played already this yr for scUM tells me he wouldve been eating away at playing time off-guard of Craft. It's super early, scott has plenty of time to develop at this level.
Comment 02 Jan 2012

Have you ever seen a less explosive return unit than the last 4 years of what we've had to endure... what happened to ATHs coming to play here? Thats why we can flip the momentum.


Comment 17 Dec 2011

those were the good ol' days.

Example: when someone like *cough* Seantrel Henderson *cough* would burn us during recruiting season and his dad Pops Henderson would say some garbage through the Media making it look like he wanted to use his kid to get a music recording contract and steer him to Coral Gables...

-people could jump on here and magically make Pops Henderson comment on this blog as a User while describing the eeeeeasy life. good times.

Comment 22 Nov 2011

I endorse this message... first jump in four years I am missing!!

I remember this discussion last year, what should I do now that I am no longer on campus... take an ice cold shower tonight in a thrashed white tee with sharpie all over it, $2 sandals and a beer in hand???

Comment 10 Oct 2011

yeah can we not do that again? the violent shaking was unbearable the last few hours.