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Comment 25 May 2015

I am in  medical school now. My cousin is a well-respected orthopedic surgeon in New Jersey. I was asking him about Dr. James Andrews. Is he considered some kind of surgical virtuoso? My cousin's answer was "not really". Andrews hasn't published much, isn't really a leader in the orthopedic surgery field. My cousin said he's probably a great surgeon, but no better or worse than the typical ortho. My cousin went on to explain what probably happened was back in the day Dr. Andrews operated on a few athletes, they got good results and spread the word, and he built up his practice and rep. Nothing unusual.

Bottom line. I would not put more stock in Dr. Andrews opinion over OSU's surgeons. Doctors can have differing opinions. It happens all the time.

Comment 25 May 2015

I like Millen. Good commentator, generally pro-Buckeye. Far better than listening to some chick who was hired only for her looks. Yeah, he was a lousy GM for the Lions, but what does that have to do with his commentating ability?

Comment 24 May 2015

That'll never happen. OSU will always be top dog in the state of Ohio regardless of any hurt feelings by Ohio coaches. Now, what you say could be a problem to the success of the OSU program if relationships were to be soured out of arrogance or laziness, as they were under Earl Bruce, but what Urban Meyer is doing is for the best of the program. In order to beat the Alabama's and USC's of the world you need to get the very best national talent, not just good Ohio talent. Tressel showed the limits of the program by getting mainly Ohio talent; very consistent success but couldn't beat the SEC, USC, Texas.

Comment 22 May 2015

My preference would be for Ohio State to hire whoever is a proven, but relatively young head coach. Fickell is out of the running since he has not proven himself as a head coach. If Fickell were to leave OSU and be a successful head coach somewhere else, maybe he's a candidate. Perhaps Herman will come back to OSU someday if he does well at Houston and beyond.


Comment 15 May 2015

Not hate, but Charles Woodson annoyed the hell out of me. In the 90's so much top Ohio talent went up North, and Woodson especially liked to put down OSU in every interview he did back then. Had he gone to OSU, we're probably talking about back to back titles in '96 (that game wouldn't have been close with him on the good side) and '97 (He single handedly won that game for them along with Stanley Jackson's bone headed throws), and of course no 1/2 a title for UM in '97.

Comment 10 May 2015

Whatever happens, Cavs have a bright future. Blatt will be a better coach, Verajao is back, a healthy Love. Just need to make sure Tristan is resigned.

Comment 09 May 2015

I'm always leery of kids who come from a wealthy family. How can they have that do or die desire to make the NFL? The urgency probably isn't there. They have the safety net of family wealth. Frankly, I'd rather have the kid from a poor family who's only dream is the NFL. This whole Ferns recruitment seems a little similar to the Anzalone recruitment, who was also a linebacker who came from a wealthy family. I trust in the OSU staff to go out and get a great linebacker who wants to be here.

As for academics being Ferns reason for not going to OSU, I don't buy it. Are we to believe that its impossible to become a petroleum engineer coming out of OSU? Lots of OSU grads major in chem or mechanical engineering and get into the oil field, ultimately also earning a Masters along the way. 

Re: reading pay-walled WSJ articles you can read them for free if you come to them from Google. Just cut and paste the headline of the article you want to read into Google and search for it and click the resulting link. It's free because the WSJ has an agreement with Google.

Comment 05 May 2015

Rarely do these kids who make proclamations about wanting to major in something difficult and play football actually go onto their intended non-football careers. As a Buckeye fan of course I remember Robert Smith making a big deal of being pre-med and wanting to be a doctor. That didn't happen. More recently, Craig Kernzel was pre-med too. He didn't go on to med school.

It just seems its very tough to serve two masters in football and serious academics. If one has the talent to make it to the NFL and actually play a few years, forget it about going back after one's career is over and becoming a doctor or engineer. After earning that NFL paycheck, It just doesn't happen or if it does its very rare.

Comment 03 May 2015

Any division lower than heavyweight should have the rule that you box till someone drops. No decisions. Also, boxing as a whole would be better without the hugging. A 3 hugs and you're out rule would be good. Everytime Manny had May on the ropes he would hug it out.

I'm done with watching anything less than heavyweight. Pac wins that fight if you graded it as a street fight, but unfortunately the rules of boxing gave it to May.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

Eh, I just say to myself "guess he doesn't want to meet the President next year" and move on. It's all just plug and play with Meyer, Warriner, and Johnson. Best coaching staff in cfb.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

If he fails at UM, and I think he will, put UM football out of its misery. He is their last hope to right that wreck. They went for the spread guy and failed. Then they tried to get their version of Tressel and failed. Now, they are hoping this whack job is their version of Urban. Other than Ohio State, I think all the old powers in the midwest are always going to be relegated to also-ran status (ND, UNL, PSU, UM). ND can still recruit elite national talent, unlike the others mentioned, but it'll forever be mediocre bc it hires mediocre coaches and recruits soft players.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

ND is just a minor league for coaches. When they get ready for the big's they get the call from Urban. Ohio State competes with the Alabama's while ND competes with the Michigan's. Two relics living off the past, with not a bright future.

ND's been pretty much irrelevant on the field the last 25 years, outside of one fluke season. Not even in OSU's zip code in that same time frame looking at BCS wins, top 5 finishes, national championship wins, Heisman winners, etc. Rarely does OSU lose to ND an in state kid that didn't go to a Catholic school.

Comment 19 Apr 2015

If LE really cared about academics he should have gone to Harvard or Princeton. Better academics than ND, same irrelevant football.

In all seriousness though, I wonder if OSU would be better served in getting the actual position coaches involved more in recruiting. Read that Fick was LE's main recruiter and he said that he didn't have much of a relationship with Warriner, whereas he really developed a bond with the ND OL coach.  

Comment 19 Apr 2015

Not worried it all. Urban will replace him with a higher ranked player. It just stings a bit the top 2 ranked Ohio players are not coming to OSU after a national title winning season. ND pull is still strong, what with the fugly girls, lousy weather, and middle of nowhere Indiana location.

Comment 29 Mar 2015

I am envious of UK, no doubt. The one year OSU had Oden and Conley was a special year for OSU. It's like that every year for UK.