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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU winning the BCS national championship in the 2002 season. A close second is beating Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl.
    Cleveland Indians beating the New York Yankees in MLB playoffs 1997. Never losing to Amherst all 4 years in football during my college years.
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Comment 21 hours ago

Sad situation for both parties. Wish him the best of luck. Urban should probably not have accepted his commitment in the first place, kindly telling him as a pro-style qb he wouldn't fit in to his system. Lesson learned, and Urban will probably not be accepeting commitments from freshman in the future.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

O'Brien realized he was in Jonestown and said "F this" and high tailed it out as soon as he could because of the Cult.

Comment 24 Sep 2016

The benefit of that travesty of a rematch between LSU and Alabama was it gave us the playoffs. I think what annoys all of us as OSU fans is that 1 loss has knocked out our great teams whereas by luck or bias or whatever you want to call it Alabama has always gotten a shot at the title even with 1 loss.

Comment 22 Sep 2016

Sweet shirt. Would be cool to see some Buckeye NFL players wearing it (Shazier, Roby, etc)

Comment 21 Sep 2016

MSU just seems to be OSU's pest no matter what. Like Ole Miss to Bama. The games should not be close based on talent, but they always are.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

The records were similar but the talent level of the rosters they had to work with were not similar at all. Hoke had stocked UM with a ton of 4 stars, while John L. left MSU with mainly 3 stars.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

That's living on a prayer. Urban is Catholic and turned them down for UF. Not over pay but over their academic standards.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Urban already turned them down for UF. No elite coach wants to go up there and deal with their academic standards, res life controlling player discipline, antiquated rules like parietals, etc.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

They will never get in over an undefeated P5 champ. Conference commissioners are not going to bend over for ND. The conferences control the playoffs and ND should be grateful to be allowed into the conversation.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Notre Dame. They will never get an elite coach. Their academic standards, though not as restrictive as Stanford's, are seen as an unnecessary impediment to success by elite coaches. Purple face Kelly, mediocre as he is, is the best they can hope to get. Also, the top notch defensive recruits from the south have no interest freezing their asses off in South Bend being forced to take Calculus and a real curriculum. 

Oh yeah, a campus full of ugly girls doesn't help recruiting either.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

Uh, you do realize John L. Smith left MSU in shambles while Hoke had top 10-15 classes awaiting Harbaugh? Not an apples to apples comparison at all.

Comment 20 Sep 2016

LMAO at him being our best player. He wasn't any good in the secondary so they made him a lb. He's going to go 0-4 vs OSU joining Henne, Hart, et al.

He's a good lb, but not any better than what we have starting.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I always find their obsession with the all time winning % vs. ND funny and sad. Two irrelevant programs that haven't won a national title in ages. High school kids don't give a damn about all time winning %. Their attention span is so limited. Think back to when you were in high school. I was a freshman in 1988 and 1985 would have seemed like ancient history. Back then I didn't care that OSU was dominant in the 70's. I was just sick of them losing to UM. I do know that OSU putting all those guys in the NFL got the attention of everyone as did winning the title in 2014.

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Iowa is a joke for letting Ferentz rob it blind. Hard to believe it can't get the same mediocre results far cheaper.

Comment 31 Aug 2016

I liked how Harbaugh tweeted out he didn't agree with either the motivation nor the method for Kaepernick's actions. Then Harbs must've thought for a second "wait a minute, I have a team full of black athletes who probably agree with the motivation that there's racial inequality in this country". Then came the quick tweet correcting himself stating he misunderstood. I mean,  now what was there to misunderstand in the first place?