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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU winning the BCS national championship in the 2002 season. A close second is beating Alabama in the 2015 Sugar Bowl.
    Cleveland Indians beating the New York Yankees in MLB playoffs 1997. Never losing to Amherst all 4 years in football during my college years.
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Comment 12 hours ago

Don't care about the rivalry. Only care about OSU winning. A weaker UM means a greater chance that OSU wins that game. I want OSU to make the playoffs ever year. I guess some OSU fans enjoy losing to UM for the sake of the rivalry.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Yep, in 2013 we abandoned Hyde at the most crucial moment when he was gashing them all day.

I'm over with the "love" for Sparty. They've ruined our season in '98, '13, and now. I could care less that Dantonio was the defensive coordinator here 13 years ago.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

The cupboard is never empty at Ohio State. In fact, the offensive line will improve simply with Boren and Ferris graduating and replacing them with true blue chippers.

Ohio State will always have the talent advantage in every B1G game it plays. It's the coaching, or lack thereof, that makes the difference. Beck's ineptitude neutralizes the talent advantage against teams of almost equal talent like MSU today.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Who cares. Teams like Minny and Rutgers get excited about bowls; even Rose Bowl is meaningless in this era. It's playoffs or bust.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

The players are not the problem. Unless Urban grossly misjudged the talent. I do believe we will see an upgrade at certain positions with Seniors graduating and their replacements. However, it is all moot if the play calling on both sides of the ball stays the same. Beck it goes without saying this year was a flop. Fickell has had 8 years to show his goods. Same passive, bend don't break philosophy that gets shredded by elite teams. Last years playoffs were the anomaly, a miracle if you will for him. He does not get legitimate head coaching offers. Thats all that needs to be said about his ability. If Urban truly wants to boast about having the best coaching staff in America, these 2 coaches need to be shown the door.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

The players need to just say "F off" to Beck next week. Especially the seniors and juniors who aren't coming back. Don't let Beck's lame play calling cause a loss to scUM.

Sort of like how Bernie Kosar back in the day waved off Belicheck's lame play calling and audibled for a TD.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Excuse me, our passing defense is not great. Much improved since Ash took over, but not great. For one, Powell and Apple can't tackle to save their lives.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

We were exposed today. Not upset at all. I wanted to smash my TV in '98, but today I felt this was coming.

Beck's ineptitude fully out and center. No, we were not "saving' anything at all like others have said. He is just a completely unimaginative play caller. Now its obvious why Nebraska fans were rejoicing.

Fickell's passive defensive killed us. No Connor Cook and they still ran the ball down our throat. It is telling that Fickell gets no HC offers after so many years here.

We would have been manhandled in the playoffs so maybe its better. Hope this loss lights a fire under Urban. Hope he is pissed and makes the necessary changes in the off season.

Comment 19 Nov 2015

I really want Michigan under Harbaugh to flop because I want to see their fans' reactions. What would they do if their savior flops? Could sink the program for the next 20 years....which I would love.

As for "The Game"....couldn't care. I dislike Michigan more. A better Michigan means statistically OSU will lose more. I'm really enjoying the current run after suffering through the 90's. I will enjoy new rivalry games against MSU and PSU. I've always enjoyed the PSU games especially.

Comment 09 Nov 2015

Alabama LOST a game! We are going to get to the point where someday a winless Alabama will be included in the playoffs because they were all "good" losses. I don't think they are being punished harshly at all for losing to a crappy team. Alabama has no business receiving first place votes over other undefeated teams.

Comment 08 Nov 2015

I hate the Steelers as a Browns fan, but in their drafting they follow the KISS principle by drafting Buckeyes. The Browns blow it by trying to be cute and overthink things...hellooo Justin Gilbert over Bradley Toby?!