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Comment 30 Jul 2013

"Darrell Hazell called the punt "the most important play" at Media Day, and I'm pretty sure I heard Tressel sobbing with pride all the way in Akron."

I had to chime in on this one. I found a YouTube video featuring TV coverage of the 1966 Watterson/Arlington game on Channels 4 and 6. I also did a double take when Upper Arlington Coach Marv Moorehead says "... We believe that the punt is the most important play."



Comment 19 Nov 2012

It's kind of funny how a lot of this expansion talk amounts to the same process in which retailers pick locations, or which an army invades another country.

ESPN's Gene Wojciechowski makes a similar point to mine about shoring up Penn State:

"The collapse of the (Pac 12) collaboration and the ACC's aggressive expansion plan made this an easier decision than you think. The Big Ten couldn't afford to watch Penn State become an island in a sea of ACC schools (Syracuse to the north, Pittsburgh to the west, Boston College to the east (and maybe UConn too). That's simply too much valuable TV and recruiting real estate."


Comment 19 Nov 2012

I know this is a sports blog, but the organizer in my finds this fascinating:

TV Markets:

Top 20:  New York (?), Cleveland, Detroit, Chicago, Minneapolis.

Top 100-ish:  Columbus, Dayton, Toledo, Youngstown, Grand Rapids, Lansing, Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Quad Cities, Champaign/Urbana, Madison, Wheeling, Pittsburgh, Huntington. Green Bay, Evansville, Peoria, Lincoln, Omaha, Harrisburg, Scranton

Nominal Markets:  Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, St. Louis



Comment 19 Nov 2012

A few things nobody has mentioned:

1. In addition to Loh being at Iowa, Brit Kirwan, Chancellor of the University of Maryland was Ohio State's first president after E. Gordon Gee's first term.  I'm sure that added to the comfort level between the Big Ten and Maryland as I'm sure he had numerous contacts with the Big Ten and other presidents.

2. Big Ten universities are centered in thriving state capitols (Columbus, Minneapolis, Lansing, Madison, Lincoln) or near them (Ann Arbor and Bloomington).  Washington is the capitol of capitols and the most prosperous metro in the entire nation.

3. Maryland fits in academically very well with the Big Ten.  Roughly the same number of students, and ranked about the same as Ohio State.

4. Penn State was kind of a lonely outpost and Paterno long lobbied for other schools on it's eastern flank in order to give it some natural rivals.  Adding these schools shores up Penn State to the east.

That's all I have now, but strategically I think this is a good move in the long term provided that both schools lift their athletic profile in the long term.

Comment 27 Nov 2011

The whole "ohio" thing just comes off as ignorant to me...it would work if there wasnt an Ohio University that actually uses the moniker...to me it is akin to OSU calling *ichigan "michigan state" it just doesnt come off quite right.

Don't you guys get that's what he's trying to do?  He was a MAC coach at Ball State and he knows full well the difference between Ohio and Ohio State.  He's trying to insult us by calling us "Ohio" and basically intimating that we are a MAC team or are on OU's level.  He's trying to bait us because you can't respond without insulting OU.  


But childish behavior deserves a childish response.  Our response should be something like calling them South Michigan or Southern Michigan (also playing off of MAC teams Central, Eastern and Western Michigan). 

Comment 23 Nov 2011

Urban worked under Bruce 4 or 5 years actually.  Two at Ohio State and two or three at Colorado State.

Comment 23 Nov 2011

"i.e. if 75% of the top players in both states attended each respective school, UF would always have the better class."

Remember two things: 

1. Florida has 19 million people while Ohio has 11 million people.  You're going to have more talent on the basis of sheer numbers alone.

2. There are 3-5 major schools fighting over Florida talent -- Miami, FSU, Florida, Auburn and Alabama (the panhandle is referred to by locals as South Alabama).  We are fighting Michigan, Notre Dame and Penn State for the best talent to some degree, but Tressel has been pretty good about getting the people he wants in here.  Overall, I think the talent is better down there, but it's split more ways.

Comment 23 Nov 2011

Whatever happens, it's heartening to have an accomplished person like Meyer who can have any job he wants and wants to come back here.  Gotta love it.

Comment 23 Nov 2011

True - The quick results at Utah, BG and Florida lead you to believe like Tressel, he's smart enough to tailor what he does to the talent he has.  Plus, unlike Rich Rodriguez he had to go up against teams with actual defenses.  We'll see what happens.

As another aside, I've read dozens of times in the media lately about how the Ohio State program "isn't what it used to be" and how Meyer is going to get us back to where we were.  LOL!  We've had one down year for Christ's sake!  Are people really so dense? 

Comment 23 Nov 2011

After reading the biographical article from the 2009 SI, my impression is that this is a good hire.  He absolutely has the right character and work ethic to get us over the hump.  He's also a known quantity both at Ohio State and in Ohio coaching circles so that's another plus.  I also remember people throwing out his name as a potential coach when Cooper got fired.  That tells you he left an impression on people around here.

That said, I have some doubts about the spread.  God knows we need a more aggressive offense, but to me the spread seems like the poor man's way to be competitive.  It has obviously worked for Meyer, but I wonder if it's beneath a program like Ohio State.  It's not like Kelley is setting the world on fire at Notre Dame.

All in all, if we keep our strong "D" I don't see any downside to beefing up the offense.  This hire looks like a home run.

Here are a couple of interesting biographical articles for those who didn't get them the last time they were posted:



Comment 22 Nov 2011

I got my articles mixed up.  This is the article that describes Urban's home life and how he was raised.  It's a long article, but after reading it, you can't help but be very impressed with the guy.  I also can't help but think there aren't some lessons in child rearing to be learned.

The link above was bad, so I'm going to post it again.


Comment 21 Nov 2011

For those concerned with whether Urban has what it takes to be successful here, I found another interesting article from the New York Times.  It goes into great detail about his parents and how he was pushed to succeed.  His father spent three years in the seminary and his mother comes from a prominent and apparently wealthy political family in East Germany.

A Father and a Father Figure Teach Meyer the Rewards of Tough Love


Fast-forward from the spring of 1982 to the fall of 1990, when Meyer was the receivers coach under Earle Bruce at Ohio (Colorado) State. He walked onto the practice field after the birth of his first child, Nicole, and was greeted with a conga line of hugs, backslaps and congratulations.

Bruce did not take long to find the perfect opportunity to make sure that Meyer stayed focused on beating Texas-El Paso that weekend. It came when he saw Billy Gonzales, now Meyer’s receivers coach at Florida, blow the blocking assignment on a screen pass.

“He just undressed me,” Meyer said, still remembering the name of the play, 94-I Twin Right, and the defensive scheme they faced, a Cover 2. “He just got after me. I remember it like it was yesterday.”

That scolding, much like Bud Meyer’s mandate for a long run home after a baseball loss, offers a window into the two men most responsible for molding Urban Meyer. Together, they helped forge the values and work ethic that allowed Meyer to lead Florida into Monday night’s national title game against Ohio State.

“They’re very similar,” Meyer said of his father and Bruce. “I think they both are about doing the right thing. There’s a lot of things that are important, but doing it the right way is probably the most important.


Comment 21 Nov 2011

I was Googling over the weekend and found an interesting article in Rivals about his daughter joining the volleyball team at Georgia Tech.  One interesting quote stuck out:  

And at least she isn't going to another school in the SEC, she said.

"That was definitely taken into consideration," Nicki said. "Tennessee is an awesome school, but my parents were afraid for me to play somewhere in the SEC. They were afraid of people being harassing and mean."


Could this be one of the reasons he wants to get out of Florida?

Second (and I know this sounds flaky) but someone I was talking to insisted that Urban Meyer did indeed buy a house in Columbus.  As in this was a person who works with someone involved in the transaction.  True?  Who knows - I guess we'll find out.