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Comment 25 May 2016

Well done as usual Ramzy.

I'm just finishing up my second bottle of Whistle Pig. My BIL introduced it to me a few months ago. He usually sticks to Hudson Bay because of his Celiac disease, but apparently Whistle Pig doesn't bother him at all. I have to say it's now my go to rye.

Comment 22 Jan 2016

This team just doesn't have that go to guy. Loving thinks he's the one, but he isn't and it kills them late. They have way too many scoreless droughts, more so than other Matta teams. As a result once they fall behind late in a game it's pretty much game over. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

I think Hyde was tackled behind the line of scrimmage 1 or 2 times that whole year. I think that might have been the worst play call of Meyer's career (if he made the call).

Comment 13 Dec 2015

In my opinion, I think Matta has always been as good as his assistant coaches. He hasn't really had the same level of asst. coaches for a number of years now, and it shows. Recruiting misses for sure, but a lot of guys transferred because of his short bench.

I appreciate that he's managed to put the bball team on the map, and hopefully these young guys stick around long enough to make an impact next year.

Comment 02 Dec 2015

All you have to do is listen to the collective sigh of relief coming from Iowa when Sparty beat PSU. They know they had no chance against the Bucks, but believe they can beat Sparty. The playoff is supposed to be the best 4 teams. Is there a team ahead of them that you believe OSU can't beat on a neutral field? There's your answer.

Comment 11 Oct 2015

They're playing with a chip on their shoulder. A wounded skunk weasel can be dangerous, but let's not forget Maryland held them to 6 points in the first half last week before their defense petered out from being on the field perpetually.

The Bucks are just starting to hit their stride and figuring out their offensive identity. If they put it all together by the MSU game they should be in good shape.

I'm looking forward to playing them with something on the line.

Comment 08 Oct 2015

On a football Saturday? Even this lame lineup overrules two scrub futball nations going at it.