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Comment 01 Jun 2015

I think they are saving the targaryen heir until the finale.... it would make sense for him to remain in dorne in secret under the watchful gaze of his uncle. I could see that being a major surprise at the end. !!!SPOILERS!!! Though I also read somewhere that maybe Benjen stark was on the IMDB for the final also? So i'm wondering what his role would be.

Comment 27 Apr 2015
Jeyne was supposed to be arya, not sansa. Which is why Jon was more eager to rescue her. Though it looks like the betrayal will happen after he accepts the wildlings. I don't see John having the same affection for sansa as arya.
Comment 11 Apr 2015
My wife has agreed to name our next son Grayson
Comment 11 Apr 2015
Congratulations! My daughter Scarlett was born the day before Virginia tech game last year. It's a hell of a ride!
Comment 09 Apr 2015

My condolences. Know that you have a community here for support. That is what being a Buckeye is truly all about

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I'm an electrical engineer who designs and writes code for satellites, Rockets, and other sorts of space based electronics.

Comment 31 Dec 2014
Did you see that collage? Burn....
Comment 27 Dec 2014

So Nick Saban is a terrible failure because he wasnt good in the NFL?

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Using this logic, Nick Saban is a terrible coach, because he wasn't an NFL winner

Comment 27 Dec 2014

Scrolling is working for me now. It wasnt a few months ago.

Comment 27 Dec 2014

I've been holding onto upvotes a little too much. I know I downvote when people get into flamewars and start wrecking threads. Looks like I should be more giving in the spirit of Christmas