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Comment 29 Aug 2014

He probably should have stuck with basketball.   A couple of years in the NBA will set you up for life.  

Comment 21 Feb 2013

Well said, Johnny.  Total support from this Buckeye fan.  

I rarely post comments, but I check 11W at least five times a day.  

Keep on reporting the Buckeye news, brother!




Comment 23 Nov 2012


Would hate to fall to .500.  Go Bucks!



Comment 31 Oct 2012

I enjoyed reading this article, Ramzy.  I, too, was moved by the film.   I saw it back to back with the recent 30 for 30, "Benji".  It made me wonder if Ben Wilson was overly thrilled by his 'good fortune' to grow up in the North.  Something tells me he wasn't.  

But, I really, really wanted to know if your parents bought the house and/or stayed in Oxford.  




Comment 18 Feb 2012

Oh I am enjoying it.  Thanks for your well wishes! 

Comment 17 Feb 2012

I'm from Ohio.  I graduated from high school in 1985.  At that time, everyone in the state was a Buckeye fan.  I certainly was.  But, in those days Ohio State had a pretty poor undergraduate reputation, deserved or otherwise.  Miami had a stellar one with difficult admissions, to boot.  So, being accepted to Miami, I went there while maintaining my love of the Buckeyes.  I often came across people that said mean and spiteful things about Miami and people who went there.  I've never understood the need to brush such wide strokes.  It seems so childish.  As a card carrying liberal democrat, I didn't agree with a lot of the conservative politics at Miami.  But, I knew a heck of a lot of really good and decent people who went there.  I left Ohio for California in 1990.  It's interesting to see that some of that same silliness still exists.  Oh well, Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Nov 2011

Yeah, that's on Braxton.  No coach would call for a spike in that situation.  At least I hope not.

Comment 21 Nov 2011

I have to be reminded of that guy every November.  Thanks for getting it out of the way early this year, M Man.

Comment 19 Nov 2011

I'm no Bollman fan but I really don't blame him for the bad snaps...I mean, come on Brew.  And JB's false starts are not Bollman's fault.  What, he taught Mewhort not to move early but forgot to tell JB?  Nah, that's on that kid.

We beat Michigan next week, hire Urban the following week and this nightmare ends.

Comment 22 Sep 2011

"If you plan on booing this Saturday, please do everyone a favor and wear black and gold so there is no confusion."

Love it.  Thanks, Jon.  Go Bucks.


Comment 20 Sep 2011

I've been a Fickell supporter but I cannot understand the timeout debacle.  How do people not understand that you have to call the timeouts when the OTHER team has the ball.  It saves you 25-30 seconds.  When YOU have the ball you get first downs, run out of bounds, hurry up, etc. Having three timeouts left with 30 seconds is useless.  Having zero timeouts with 2 minutes left gives you a fighting chance.  

I would have much preferred him to have said, "we were giving up and knew we couldn't win".  

Are there classes football coaches can take to help them with math????

Comment 18 Sep 2011

Great post.  I, too, wanted Luke to take this job and run with it.  But, I'm now left wondering if he has the sort of 'on your feet' intellect it takes to manage a game.  There isn't a coach in America who would let the clock bleed on that last Miami drive.  If for no other reason than to give your gassed defense a break.  Seeing Luke's face as he raised his hands part way trying to decide to call time out or not gave me the feeling that he wished someone else was in charge.  

We can still save this season.  Our defense is very good.  I thought they were fantastic all things considered.  When we get the three offensive players back that will be a huge help.  Blackledge was so right last night - if you don't have a pro level qb in the college game, then you have to have a duel threat.  We have to let the kid play and accept his turnovers.


Comment 05 Sep 2011

'you would have been less accurate than George Dohrmann in a room full of talkative crackheads'  -----  beautiful prose worthy of an, um, award of some sort!