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Comment 14 May 2017

The grinch GIF means he's going to Maryland. I'm happy to not see it. On the other hand, if he's just a two down LB at the next level, I'm not sure anymore if we really would miss him all that much. I would rather have Peters. 

Comment 10 May 2017

As an alum of Revere HS, I had to comment on this. I was a huge fan of Larry, the player, but I can tell you that he and his family (what I have heard about them and know from my 3-4 random encounters and brief conversations at some of his kids' games) are also just good people. Larry is quiet, even shy perhaps, humble, and very family oriented. He goes to every game, I believe, supporting and cheering with his wife, just like any other father - but He is so soft spoken that you wouldn't even know he is there. Larry let a the kids play, the coaches coach, and his kids enjoy their own spotlight. He never yells about calls or criticizes officials aloud, and never seeks out players or coaches with opinions or advice - though he certainly could without being questioned. I don't know much about Nance's kids except that his sons also exhibit largely quiet personalities, like their dad. His daughter was a good player too, but I think tended toward her mother. Anyway, aside from their physical talents and NBA pedigree, expectedly solid fundamentals and focus, Larry's appear to be great kids who work hard, receive coaching readily, prefer to pass on the sideshow circus environment that is typical with high level HS basketball now, and shun the superstar attention and atttide. 

I would love to see Peter play for OSU, but I will wish him luck wherever he decides to enroll. The school that receives his commitment will be just as happy with Nance off the court as on it. 

Comment 06 May 2017

I won't be crowded. I went last year on Memorial Day, and there were only short lines. Most people are spending time with family. 

Comment 28 Apr 2017

To be fair, you always came back for more... give the people what they want?

Comment 25 Apr 2017

Without reading any of the story yet, I'd guess that she spoke to a lawyer first, and he advised her to refuse an interview with police, so as to avoid inadvertently damaging a potential claim.  We can make assumptions about that, but those choices certainly do lead to speculation, in the absence of any real information, I think. 

Comment 18 Apr 2017

Looks like the Blue jackets are not nearly as close to competing as the local media made it seem all year. 

Just a question from a casual observer: if their goal is the play in the cup finals, do they need to blow it up and get a better foundation with higher talent?

At this point, they are not yet even in the same discussion as perennial also-ran franchises. 

Comment 30 Mar 2017

I think, generally, you are supposed to stop celebrating birthdays after that person dies. 


Comment 29 Mar 2017

Agreed, Brown is possibly the worst choice for a team color - and pairing it with orange, while admittedly a chromatic match, is just odd . . . and a marketing nightmare.  Who really wants to wear an orange and freaking brown jersey, anyway?  Aside from the obvious consistency of their failure, I am confident that the team colors/jerseys are a significant impediment to attracting talent.  Win, you say, and watch free agents line up for a ring?  True, but why not do the smart thing and improve your odds by asking targeted talent to wear that mess of a combination - and could the team's decision makers possibly implement the color scheme in a less attractive fashion?  I am stuggling to believe that could be done.  Ineptitude, thy name is the Cleveland Browns, and you wear a confirmed badge of that disgrace every Sunday, save the bye week provide by our lord and saviour, Commissioner Goodell.  

The dying city is repellent enough, but the worst part is they cant even spin their sales pitch because they are bound to historic iconography, even if some unholy elixir to their pervasive failures could be bartered.  They are called "classic" and "iconic" (yes, restated) and "old guard" and "untouchable" by even those fortunate enough to claim rooting interest in another franchise.  The colors have become an institution in themselves, on the same venerated tier with Green Bay's green and gold , New York's blue and red, and Pittsburgh's black and gold . . . except there's a catch:  brown and orange are a tragically ugly combination for any team's primary colors.  But they cant be changed, because they are classic.

Maybe the orange and brown combination were a sensible choice during the era featuring run dominated offenses that quickly deposited sufficient dirt and mud to obscure a style-blind fan culture while allowing a longer life to jerseys that hid permanent stains smartly.  We dont live in those times any more.  We live in a time when colors matter, especially if they flash styles that appeal to the more refined eye of the modern player and fan alike. image is an important factor in our society now.  If you snooze (and fail in spectacular fashion with mathematically improbable consistency), well, you lose . . . over and over and over.  Try and wish as they might to change the immutable and break the cycle of their sadist/masochist team-fan dependency, the cycle continues in perfect balance as the masses offer their yin of unyielding loyalty in return for the franchise's cruel yang of poorly veiled apathy at the center of its display of perpetual change, a scam labelled as progress toward a common goal of success.   

One must wonder about how that definition of success is defined.

Comment 25 Mar 2017

And signed a 7 year deal. OSU will have to replace Matta long before Miller is available - unless they fire him... in which case, we may not be interested in an underperforming HC. 

Time to look toward other possibilities in succeeding Matta, whenever that may be. 

Comment 24 Mar 2017

I don't know why Alford would leave UCLA right now for IU. I get that he's an alum, but he's not a "great" coach (imo) and he is set up for a long run of success where he is at a high profile West coast power house program that is already competing at a Final Four level, and so much talent flowing into the program. He's got two more Ball brothers on the guest list already. The pub around those kids, the way the play the game, and the success of the oldest one, will only help in recruiting other talent. 

What does he have at IU, except memories?