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Comment 21 Nov 2015

I agree, but I see a loss coming. If you can't start playing with the same intensity as your opponent with a championship on the line, when will it happen. MSU had no problems with the weather today, or with running the ball every single down. It was because they wanted it more, and controlled the line of scrimmage from start to finish. 

Comment 21 Nov 2015

I'm pretty sure that This is Urban Meyer's team. He controls every detail, and can pull rank on any one at any time. 

Comment 20 Nov 2015

51 in the first half?!?!  I turned it on about ten minutes ago and thought it was The end of the game. This is just silly. 

Comment 14 Nov 2015

You can apply the same unwritten rule we observe in recruiting, regarding those soho contact HS recruits:

"Don't tweet at (mediocre) media personalities, because you can only add fuel the fire."  

Although in this case, Forde looks exceptionally foolish for defending an objectively false statement. Someone should tell him that his contrary shtick is much more credible when his opinions are based in reality. 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I'm not going to celebrate yet. Most kids who are thought to be strong leans or even locks to choose the Buckeyes this far out decide to go elsewhere in the end. Check the record. 

I would love for that to be different in coming years - I'd be ecstatic with all these guys. 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

Show of hands . . . Who ever thought they would see the word "humble" in the same sentence as the names Axl Rose and Slash?


Comment 12 Nov 2015

I don't think Metallica had been the opening act since before the debut of Appetite. They did have a tour where the two bands co-headlined the tour. It was the mother of all concerts back then, legendary. 

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I do get that they don't have to make sense, but there have been four of these in total, apparently.  One would think that there are story lines, especially within a given film in this context. I wasn't aware that the other guy was Ray Allen, so that adds a little. But it would be good if they spent 3 seconds at the beginning on what led to the horse competition. Even if it's just one line and a reply, at least the rest would make sense. Maybe I missed that because I was trying to stream it on my phone, but you expect a little more from a deep-pocketed corporation like Pepsi. I assume they have invested a good amount of money in their contract with Irving, and clearly the marketing department spent a good amount on this two minute spot.  

I don't know, I was just thinking out loud, not necessarily complaining. That's just how I think...

Comment 12 Nov 2015

I watched it, I don't get it. Who is the other guy? What is the situation?  They filmed a two minute commercial with no story or context. Two old guys play horse, one of them goes cold at the end, and Drew wins. What is the point?  

Comment 08 Nov 2015

1. Clemson

2. Alabama

3. Notre Dame

4. Okie State

5. Ohio state

6. Baylor

7. Florida

8. Iowa

Comment 08 Nov 2015

Two bad / unbalanced offenses against good defenses. Bama's defense was a little better, and Jenry found room to run a couple times. That was the difference. 

I can't wait for this to be spun as something positive for both sides, and somehow both are great teams. IMO, both were exposed (again).

Comment 06 Nov 2015

The NCAA is a clown show. So he Mitchell moved in 2010 to a different state - before he was even in HS - and they won't let him play in college 5 years later???

What one has to do with the other, or anything else that should concern the NCAA regarding eligibility is beyond me. Even if he was recruited to play for a different team (in 8th grade!), who cares?

This is absurd. If Gene and the rest of the power schools' ADs had any  balls they would put an end to this kind of BS.