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Comment 08 Feb 2016

Did anyone ever seriously believe that Eli was a better QB just because he had one more ring than Peyton? Those people clearly have never compared their play - or statistics for that matter. That's no different than saying Dilfer was a better QB than Marino. 

Comment 02 Feb 2016

Terrible advice. If it happens, go with the flow. If you wake up later, it could still be a hell of a ride. 

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Because he was one of the only football players at that time who placed a high value on the quality of his education. Smith saw his everyday classes and studies as on par with football, and probably viewed it as more important. He was taking pre-med classes while playing football at a major program, and it wasn't working out to his liking. He felt that it was necessary and right that he should devote more time to his pre-med studies than was allowed by the demanding schedule of a typical football player. He talked to the staff, and let them know that it was important to him. Whatever was said in those conversations did not satisfy Smith's desires, and he was understandably upset. It probably is not realistic or even possible to play football at OSU and pursue a pre-med major with the attention it reunites and deserves. But that's the course of study Smith chose, which is rightly available to any qualified student - even a football player - as it should be. Insides with Robert in this case, because I believe that any student should be allowed to prioritize academics above all else. Yes, he had a scholarship, and that is accompanied by certain obligations to participate in football activities. That is reasonable. But when the basic responsibilities have been met, how can you discourage a student athlete from using the remaining time to concentrate on the pursuit of a rigorous academic degree? I believe Smith was already an All-American by that time, but Coop and staff took issue with something that Smith wanted or said. 

Thats how I remember it, anyway. 

Comment 21 Jan 2016

Smith is an excellent analyst. He has always brought his own valuable insight to the discussion - I cannot recall ever hearing him say something that someone has already mentioned, and yet is is always a well reasoned thought. I am sure he will have another analyst position elsewhere whenever he wants it. 

I have been reading and hearing about ESPNs dire financial crisis for a couple years. It's kind of sad, when I think about how the network sprouted and absolutely exploded on the backs of its great personalities and innovative programming. How many years later now, and as much ground as the competition has gained, still nothing is as good as sportscenter's current existence as a shadow of its former self. And now what a fall they are taking after miscalculating the future value and new/accessible forms of sports entertainment media. Disney's plan to cut the fat and downsize was the only reasonable choice that could be made - nobody was going to take that debt off their hands.

Of course, they first axed all the smaller and less/potentially profitable programming productions and their support personnel - along with paring down the overhead and support for primary productions to essential levels without killing the quality. It was also predictable that some of the salaries at the top of the food chain would be cut, like Cowherd was. You simply cannot pay that much money to anyone when faced with the losses Disney is swallowing now, even if they bring in great ratings. Smith is lower in the food chain certainly, but he is another cost savings. The network has a ton of smart and insightful full-time and part-time analysts, and they don't need all of them to put together a good football show. I'm guessing that Robert Smith was let go because he is only an occasional contributor, and because he doesn't really have a "big" charismatic personality or "controversial" approach to his analysis that would make him especially memorable of popular to non-OSU or Vikings fan bases. Smith is good at what he does, even tempered, and straightforward with his opinions. That is an old school ideal of journalism and reporting but doesn't grab the attention of today's sports television consumers - and thus, it does not "sell" as well as the less substantial but more demonstrative style of most tv personalities. 

I like Smith as an analyst, as I said above, but it isn't too surprising that he would be set free from the quagmire at ESPN eventually. I hope he does land at the B1G network. They really need to add as much experience and talent as they can I think. They have improved, but they still have a long way to go in many areas. 

Comment 20 Jan 2016

I've never seen him play, but I would jump at that offer if I was in his shoes. As you said, it is a superior education, and he'll make great contacts there. It's in Chicago, which is a great city - it's not that far from MI, so I'll assume it is not much farther from wherever home is for him. NW is also in the B1G, so he'll play the same conference, and get to play against ttun every year (I think?), which I am sure is enticing. Finally, NW is a decent program with a great players coach, and is a program that makes a run every once in a while. They seem to be on the cusp of that again, based on their play last year, but I'll confess that I do not know who they are losing from last year. It seems Iike a great option for him, and I think he is fortunate to have that choice. As we all know, nearly every American kid grows up dreaming of playing college and pro ball somewhere, but there are only so many spots and a lot of circumstances in life beyond sheer talent. I'm happy for Swenson. 

Comment 18 Jan 2016

Birm just tweeted that he believes more fireworks are coming later today...

Comment 10 Jan 2016

I agree that Butfict should be banned from playing next year, and forced to apply for reinstatement at the commissioners discretion. He is an absolute disgrace to his team and the league - and professional athletics overall. There are a lot of people that will be stained by these actions, to say nothing yet of the serious danger this guy presents on the field without regard for the health or life of his opponents. That this player has no respect for his team, coach, fans, is bad enough, but he repeatedly sought to intentionally injure other players in shockingly conspicuous shots that he and some teammates celebrated, even as it became apparent that serious and potentially life threatening injuries ensued several plays.

That Lewis was unable to curb the emotions and horrific play of Burfict and others was a sad circumstance that signals the end of his tenure in Cincinnati.  A coach who cannot or does not act as a leader, or one whose voice is not heard, and has no influence over his team in the midst of high emotions - he cannot lead his team effectively, and should no longer be the coach. That neither he nor the officials acted to remove Burfict or Jones from the game is an absolutely egregious exhibit of negligence.

Headhunting in the manner I viewed tonight, with the clear intent to inflict head injuries, should be considered a criminal action. His last his hit very likely could have left the receiver with a broken neck. He was not the only one either. Shazier inflicted a dangerous hit also, for which he should be fined. There should be several fines and suspensions levied before Monday morning. The NFL needs to send a very strong message, and not worry about being overturned in the appeals process. I literally cannot believe what I just watched, and am shocked that neither a coach nor official intervened to remove players who were dangerously out of control on several occasions. Wow. 

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Anyone know how well he fits the system?  The height/weight seem to be exactly what the OSU staff looks for, but I am wondering what specific role he could and would fill on the Buckeyes DL,, and how well suited is he to that role?  Does anyone know whether the lull in our recruiting of Dioubate was more a result of his commitment or possibly an unresponsive reaction to our coaches' recruiting efforts, or just because OSU was pursuing other targets for most of the year?