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Comment 2 hours ago

The shoe can be plenty loud, and I've been to the big games like USC and a few others to prove that. The trouble with the shoe is that the big name team is almost always the home team. If we had reversed the situation, and we're playing the #2 team at home, and hadn't had much to cheer about in a decade - it would have been deafening.  It's all about context. 

Comment 8 hours ago

I thought they would be 8 or 9. It's tough to justify a top ranking when you can't threaten a mediocre team downfield, and special teams can't seem to execute several of the the most practiced and routine plays in the book. But I think part of this is the hype getting a little out of control. OSU is clearly not quite back "there" in the top four yet. Maybe with a little growing up, next year we will be experienced and mentally tough enough to finish games like that one. Until then, congrats to PSU, and we'll keep at it and try to get better I'm sure. 

Comment 04 Oct 2016

As long as you are safe from flooding, prep your house, and you can enjoy a hurricane party. Now if it looks like it may be a category 5, I'd make plans out of town. 

Comment 01 Oct 2016

Dabo just looks physically like a textbook example of inbreeding - and then there's the name. That just makes it comical. I almost feel bad for the guy, but he is paid too well. 

Comment 01 Oct 2016

It is disappointing to see two Ohio kids playing so well  for other teams, with both Trubusky and Kizer putting up more than 400 yards passing. Apparently they are good enough to play at OSU, coach.

on the flip side, I am happy that a lesson was learned that year about putting all the eggs into one QB basket. 

Comment 01 Oct 2016

He runs the Elite 11 camp, but as far as I know he had no connection to OSU. Maybe Meyer called Dilfer to ask his opinion on JT's fit for our offense?

Comment 01 Oct 2016

Herman will be a huge upgrade for them, and can probably find a way to keep most or all of the recruits that TX wants

Comment 01 Oct 2016

I thought the same thing. It didn't look bad at all, and the contact was certainly not violent or awkward. I'm happy he's ok. 

Comment 01 Oct 2016

Holy shit. I thought that game was over. I turned over to watch the crew to kill time until Clemson-Louisville!

Comment 01 Oct 2016

OSU should crush both ttun and Wisconsin. Both teams have significant holes, and the talent disparity between them and the Buckeyes is glaring. 

I don't think Louisville is quite as good as the hype. They haven't played anyone - and the FSU team is now being revealed as fairly mediocre. Clemson has no such questions about talent. They should win by at least 2 scores I think. 

Oklahoma may yet salvage their season, but still can't make up enough ground to make the playoff. 

Stanford was surprisingly disappointing - I didn't see the whole game, but expected much better from that team and coach. Washington can't really be that good, can they? 

Comment 10 Sep 2016

Well, he certainly knows his audience. That's probably why most onus liked him today. That's a big part of his job these days, and he did a good job.