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Comment 18 Jan 2017

Doesn't everyone???

That kid is going to play well on the next level, and not just draw a bigger check than nearly (all, maybe?)all of us reading this post.

He's a special talent, and much more than just a tall target - there are more than a few guys we can reference from past rosters to differentiate.  

Anyway, Robinson looks like he could play here, with maybe a year under his belt to learn technique, refine skills, get comfortable with the offense - and of course, navigate the Mick Marotti trials.  I hope its not too late to get a visit.

Comment 18 Jan 2017

Rod Woodson is always going to be at the top.

A few that come to mind immediately: Ryan Kelly, Mitch Hyatt, Lamarcus Joyner, Josh Sweat, Christian Kirk, Sharif Floyd, Malik McDowell, Damien Harris, Stefon Diggs, Cam Akers,

and any number of those Southern DTs for whom we finished in 2nd place . . . 

Comment 14 Jan 2017

Wow, we are talking about high school graduates here, not 6th graders. Lots of people go away for school - for athletics or academics or whatever reason they choose - and the vast majority are able to make it work and continue normal function. I did it, and I know countless others who also managed the transition successfully. It happens for hundreds of thousands of kids every year, and whether they have an athletics scholarship or not really does not change the situation much. Athletes actually have more structure and academic support than everyone else, because they represent potential revenue. But everyone has to gather information and make a choice. It is an important decision, I and for some maybe it is difficult. I can appreciate that. But I walked that same path, with dozens of options to consider, and ultimately chose to attend a school that was a full two days drive from home. It wasn't really that hard to make that choice, and certainly not traumatic. I looked at schools that offered things that held value for me, and then made a choice. Important, yes. Simple, yes. Overblown by nearly everyone, definitely. Where one chooses to attend and maybe participate in a major sport or not is a significant and life altering decision - that is the truth. But it is also true that this is an annual event for most 17-18 year olds, and it usually works out.  And then these same "kids" have choose a major - also a life altering decision, and one that has a greater impact on their lives than where they send their tuition checks. People make important decisions all the time. It's life. If one values the wrong things, or makes poor choices, it may not be a good decision. That's life, too. But if you are serious about rhe decision to be made, and want to make the best choice for yourself, it's really not a difficult or traumatic event, as some here profess. (Or project).  Take yourself seriously, find out what matters to you, be realistic about possibly/probably fluid situations, and make a damned choice. The world will continue spinning, the sun will continue to rise each day, and if you are halfway intelligent about making important decisions everything will probably be alright. As most of us can attest, most people will navigate this milestone, and many more will follow. It's life. Be appropriately serious with these choices, but realize that it's not life/death - and it is but one milestone in life, to be followed by many more. You have to live life and not continually be fearful, or whatever it is that the apologists are trying to explain is happening in the minds of recruits....the tone of these mantras is irritating. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

It's great news, but I hear this every single year. Look at all the top 100 recruits who have OSU in their top 5!  Like when we were at least co-favorites to land players like Joyner, Fred Davis, Sweat, Settle, DPJ, Hand, Akers, Watson, Kirk, Tebow, Gallimore, Jalen Smith, Lecounte, etc. - it is celebrated like clockwork as though it has already happened. everyone is so excited, but fails to realize that this early interest is common at all major programs, and things always change. We get some great players here, but I know that most of the players we are fawning over right now will be elsewhere on signing day. Some will fade away, some will decide that they value what other places have to offer more, new names will emerge - as late as 2-3 weeks before signing even, as we are witnessing now. 

My point is this: it means nothing right now. It's hard to get too excited until we get into a recruit's senior year and visits are underway, positive relationships are  being formed, and the names and institutions start to mean more than just big brands and reputations. Even then, things change and evolve. I'm not picking on the original post, and I understand that it is that time in the offseason when we start to wonder who is next... But really, none of this is real or bears any significance this far out, and too many of us mistake initial interest for something more than it really is. 

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Nobody should ever make a college decision based on who is or will not be there - and that should be common knowledge. Change is the only constant in major college football, and it's pretty much out there in the open. If you make a choice for the wrong reasons, you probably won't be happy. If a kid wants to play for a certain coach, it better be either Urban Meyer, Jimbo Fisher, or Nick Saban/Dabo Swinney (at AL, not necessarily at Clemson). i don't know that any other coach remaining in the same position at the same school is a same assumption - maybe Tom Herman, but I don't know where his ultimate aspirations lie. I don't think that is insider knowledge either. Bottom line is that you choose a college/football program for what the college/program can offer, not because of the relationship you have with a position coach. Is it realistic for a coach to assume that a player will stay in school all 4/5 years because of that same relationship?  No, of course not. It is absurd. Everyone is looking to get to the best situation they can - whether it is the NFL or a major HC position - and any stepping stone that will maybe lead to that goal. 

I do do feel a little bad for the kid, and would not be surprised to learn he was intentionally deceived.  But if you make your choices for the right and realistic reasons, it would not really be an issue. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

You must be a little foggy on the results of previous 2-QB systems.... They usually don't work out as planned. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Warriner may be thinking also, that in 2-3 years Mimnesota may need a new head coach - if Fleck succeeds. Certainly, Warinner did not leave on his own, but Minnesota is a choice with decent upside for him. It has been openly stated many times that he is looking to land a head coaching job, and I'd expect nothing less. Good spot for him. I think we have seen that, with food coaching and decent recruiting, Minnesota can be a good program. 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

I see OSU in the 10-15 range, personally  

There is a lot to prove, and the players returning have shown nothing, for the most part  this year, we had some highly promising returning players, but for next year who knows? I see a few proven players, a bunch of stars on paper, and some new coaches.  I'm sure some freshmen and sophomores will step up to impress, but they still have such little experience  

Comment 10 Jan 2017

This is what I would have said. It helps to have a rarely talented QB, and you will always have a chance when that is the case. But Clemson can land elite DTs - we are praying for a kid like Wilson or Tufele, but Clemson (and Bama) have like 5 of those guys. Our OL will usually be alright, but this year was admittedly subpar. 

And they have great coaching too. I won't deny that. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I am not discussing the player, as much as the idea that we should be encouraging/discouraging behavior based on whether ther is an obligation or ability to do and say what one wants. He is obviously the example here, but I'm not attacking him. If you re-read my posts, you will see that. I guess you and I just have a philosophical difference of opinion... That's ok

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I didn't say he owed me anything - and I did not imply it either. I just disagree that you should do whatever you want, just because you can.

Here's extreme example: I could walk over to my neighbors house and say something horrific, and I'm allowed, but why would I do that?

we have freedom of speech, but we also should, in my eyes, display some decency and tact in using that freedom. It is something you learn as you get older and gain more experience. It is called maturity. And I don't think he owes me anything anymore than you do.  Having class is something one owes to himself. It is taught and learned over time, and he will probably get there. I'm not worried about it. As I said, I'm just surprised at your position that any degree of disapproving commentary should be suppressed because he doesn't owe me anything is a little scary. It actually fascist, for those rebellious teens who don't read history. Lol

Comment 09 Jan 2017

That information does make it a little more understandable, if true. And it is funny, though I'm still not sure I could actually encourage it. 

Thanks for the synopsis. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

I'd like to think my program of choice will instruct all of its players to have more class than that, but it's not going to ruin my day. Kids say stupid things, forget their place, etc. it's part of being a kid. The important part of this is that just because it is understandable doesn't make it a good idea. And in turn, it is not a good look for a fan base of mostly adults to encourage childish behavior in anyone - at what age is it fair to expect an average person to act with a certain modicum of dignity and class?  I think those of us with children agree that teaching and learning should be ongoing processes, and not be confined to specific age ranges. 

Again, I'm not really bent out of shape about what Tate had said or written or tweeted - it's more that I am consistently surprised at the large numbers of adults (I think?) that celebrate it and say that nobody can say or think it is in any way a poor choice - because he "can do what he wants," or "doesn't owe you anything."  Those are scary societal statements, and if you can't understand that, then I'll just say I disagree. 

Comment 08 Jan 2017

Sometimes parents have a hard time letting go. 

Now, my mother was happy to leave me in her rear view mirror when I went to college, but I guess every family is different. 

We were so close...this class is awesome even without Holmes, but it's easy to become greedy with Meyer here. 

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Saw that he may be "next" also.... He doesn't seem to be 100% happy with that decision. Are coaches pushing him out for his own good? Obviously he has had problems staying healthy, and is currently slotted in the top 10 of the first round, so leaving now would be the smartest decision - but I can't disapprove of his desire to finish school. I admire it, and despite the logic, it is refreshing to see a top athlete with a genuine desire to finish his degree before leaving. 

Comment 07 Jan 2017

Exactly - it's kinda like how the sun coming up every day is largely attributed to the "laws" of physics by those who like to make assumptions based on the "research" of complete strangers. In reality, there are so many possibilities that this phenomenon exists. I mean, what if the trees have a collective mind control type thing?  Ever thought of that?  So many people just assume that science stuff is correct, but nobody really knows the truth./s

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Any sign of stability should be good news. Resolution is really what is needed, but if Meyer wants to keep all of his remaining staff, we will all continue to speculate until that 10th coach is approved in April. Coach Stud was pretty good at LSU as I recall, and was said to be one of Coach Meyer's first calls when he became the head coach at OSU. I am not alarmed by the struggles of our young OL, and don't think it is a reflection on what Coach Stud brings to the table. It's really just a one year sample with inexperienced players, and not in any way a trend. I'm happy to know he's staying - but never really thought he would be leaving anyway, so....