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Comment 04 Feb 2017

St. Brown - wow... Great athleticism, speed, vision, ball-tracking, hands - he can even run routes!  And that is top flight competition he is playing against. Of course he has interest in OSU a year out from signing, but it probably means a little more with two older brothers having been recruited by major national programs, and encouraging for the Bucks that both chose to play away from home. The focus on academics is nice, and with interest in Business, this could be a great fit for both sides. One to watch, definitely.  

The LB has speed and a nose for the ball, but was simply unblocked on blitzes in most of those clips. Also, I have no idea what is the level of talent he plays against - but he certainly looks explosive on those highlights... And the stats are eye-popping even before considering he missed four games. I'm interested to see/read about the upcoming season for him. 

The QB looks pretty damned good on film, with great stats regardless of completion. He doesn't really throw a great ball, and has some mechanics issues he can work on, but I don't understand how this kid had just one offer and is unranked (outside the top 145 pocket passer type QBs).  He sees the field, makes quick decisions, has a good arm, and can move a little bit, stepping up in the pocket and keeping eyes downfield but able to run when he needs to do so. And he has prototypical size... Even if his competition is awful, I would expect him to at least be ranked and have some decent mid-major offers. Any insight on this kid, Andrew???  He is a steal as a walk-on, with potential to develop down the road, in my opinion.  I'm happy to have him, and with his attitude, I expect he will fit in perfectly. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

I hope that past emphasis on out of state recruits does not have too negative an effect in the next class. While I would say it is ridiculous for a recruit to be upset about not having an offer with a full year to go before signing day, it is possible that passing over Ohio's best players in past cycles has soured many coaches and top players' opinions of OSU - or at least their desire to play there. I believe this is the case with Gillison, a kid who should want to earn that offer but has decided he would rather commit to a rival and try to beat his home state's team. I'm sure that with the focus shifting to the next class, and a year to go, much of the distaste or resentment can be smoothed over with many of the top in-state targets. We'll have to wait and watch to see how it goes with the ones who have already committed elsewhere - they may be quite a bit tougher to flip this year. 

Comment 01 Feb 2017

Here's an idea that you will love. Why don't we just have one thread in here, and call it recruiting. See, nobody will ever have to start a new thread , because everything related to recruits will be right there in one place, riiiight?

see how asinine that sounds?

Comment 01 Feb 2017

What always goes unsaid in these reports is that the player decides when to have the injuries evaluated and treated or not. He chose to do this now, as opposed to 2-3-4 weeks ago.  So if he is still a couple weeks away from being able to test when the NFL teams need the info, it is his own fault. There are plenty of Dr.s who would make room in their surgery schedule to fix a couple simple injuries that could affect evaluations and draft position. 

Dont feel too bad. He will still be a millionaire. 

Comment 31 Jan 2017

So many teams take a chance on a QB with their high 1st round pick. Most of them fail, but that's just the way it goes in the NFL. The Browns continue to fail as cowards who won't even take a chance. Every single time (every single year) they get a high pick, they trade down at least a couple times so they can draft the kind of mediocre players you can find every year in FA. Meanwhile, those player selected in the top 5-10 are usually highly productive and play a part in getting their team to the playoffs within a few years.

The Browns suck, and will always suck, because they continue to do stupid shit like this. I don't know if this rumor has any legs - I'm guessing not, since we are reading about it - by that would be typical. 

Comment 31 Jan 2017

It is laughable that punters and kickers are so undervalued by everyone. I remember a pretty damned good coach who believe the punt was the most important play in the game. So being the best punter in the nation should count for a little more, I think. Anyway, regardless of the lack of respect for these guys, I'm thrilled to have him in this class. 

I always think, you never realize the importance of a kicker or punter until you don't have one you can rely on. We've been lucky here in recent memory, for the most part. 

Comment 31 Jan 2017

The way I read it, the coaches just really wanted another body at the position. I am completely underwhelmed by Gardiner's film. Yeah he's tall, and seems to have slightly above average speed, but not one clip impressed me to the point that I thought he looked like he can play in Columbus. And he comes from a really small town, so the competition is not great. 

I'm baffled by the offer too, but consider that Dixon will probably not play again, Clark has been passed by, and most of the upperclassmen have failed to show anything other than a flash at best. I think we are going forward with an eye on the last couple classes, and hoping this one can supplement the position's current lack of size, in general. I see it as a flyer based on potential, as someone else mentioned in another thread. Maybe, if he's a great athlete, he can develop into something serviceable in a few years, in case depth is needed. But even then it going to be a long road. 

Comment 30 Jan 2017

He will get a chance somewhere. There is no shortage of chances for athletes with potential.

And if he actually does anything with that chance, Jerry Jones will offer him a contract.