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Comment 13 hours ago

Going off that. While its good to have a QB who can look at a defense and make audibles.... it takes forever and it puts the O line in a pickle when we continue to snap at 1 on the clock. The defense literally can guess the snap and get a great jump.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I think our passing game in the 4th and OT was much better. I remember a few middle passes, I think one to Clark and McClaurin. Another thing to consider with our passing game and "whats wrong" is that JT threw atleast 3 passes that should have been TD's that were dropped. Tough catches but still needed to be made. Even Samuel had one. I guess what I am saying is, take what we did in the second half passing wise and do that and also JT threw better and now we need our WR's to help him.

I also liked that we threw a few swing passes to Samuel etc to get our play makers the ball in space and also give JT some easy wins.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

I am still dumbfounded that the fumble issue in the start of the game is a legit rule. I understand the refs called it correctly so I am not blaming them. I just find the rule ..... interesting.

Comment 16 Oct 2016

Hot Take Alert:

Our starting pitching injuries have forced Tito to use our best pitchers in an unusual manner since he knows we have bullpen starts coming up. Not sure we would have used our pitching staff the same way if we were fully loaded. Maybe we would and I am an idiot.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

One rule I wish they would revert to or add would help several areas. Allowing DB's to hand check before the ball is in the area. Ok player safety wise, if the DBs are allowed to maintain contact, then they don't have as much space to come in for the "kill shots" since they will be closer to the WR's. Watchability wise there would be fewer flags. Competitive balance wise it would allow the defense to have more of a chance since pretty much all the most recent rules have favored offense. Game speed wise, it would promote more running plays then the endless bubble screens. More run plays equals a faster play clock. Also provides a more diverse offense as others have pointed out earlier in the thread.

My .02 cents.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Also, the fact that we don't know what a catch is anymore, defenders have to be NEO to be able to properly arrange their body to hit not the head, shoulders, knees, feet, also have helmets move in a way they couldn't foresee. Also, teams can't celebrate when they score, and did you miss the kick off in between the 2 commercials? Also, we may not have a kick off soon. Also, you can't put your hand up as a D lineman to block a pass while rushing for fear of the follow through touching the delicate QB's upper body.

Comment 12 Oct 2016

Heres where you are proving a point. The fact that we have to say "Ok no politics remember?" When discussing the NFL is proof enough that the NFL and ESPN etc are trying to push certain agendas and some people are sick of having poltics bleed into sports.

Comment 11 Oct 2016

I could see this in theory helping schools like MAC schools. They can hit 3 stars hard and fast while schools like OSU would be hesitant to offer knowing they can pull the trigger. See a lot less of Michigan and Kentucky offering half the mid west(I am sure we do it some too). If you were a 3 star recruit would you take the guarentee scholly or hold out?

Comment 09 Oct 2016

He plays a position where typically the players have more "fast twitch" muscles than he has. That is most of it. Plus he comes from a well off family so there is a thought he is not desperate enough to play through concussions etc to make the second contract. 

Comment 09 Oct 2016

Nothing Wisconsin does on offense scares me and they shouldn't score more than 14-17 even if our B game shows up. Our offense is another story but I feel we will see more Oklahoma type intensity than yesterday.