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Comment 9 hours ago

Its hard to say because I have a hard time believing with our schedule we can win the big ten and not be in the playoffs. I will say this, if there is some strange way we win the big ten and beat an SEC or USC in a bowl game it wouldn't be horrible. But honestly, we are loaded and the one position that can wreck a team with injury, QB, we are 3 deep at.

Comment 11 hours ago

Like some of this shit is stupid. Last year, especially knowing we could lose Gordon at anytime, you take no WR's? I can't blame them for taking a QB but what I can blame them for is taking a QB who never ran an offense..including a read option, and when he is in the NFL they try to throw together a read option package. Why? He wasn't RG3. He never ran that in college. So you take an offense that sucks for the NFL and run it with a guy who never played it in college. Within the last 3 years our 1st round picks have included Brandon grandpa Weeden, Trent, this is 2015 and we don't take RB's in the 1st round, let alone trading up, Richardson, Barkevious, 220 lbs supposed to be a pass rusher,Mingo, Johnny red flag Manziel, and trading up for Justin Gilbert. 

Comment 13 hours ago

Who else thinks DJ saw the wolf thread last night and thought itd be a good idea to get a friend for starcat and now hes in the hospital? 

Comment 20 hours ago

I personally want to see us average 100 pts this year if nothing else to watch some ass clown like Skip Bayless complain about running up the score and not respecting the game. Also Mark May. We could play our 3rd string QB in the second half.....

Comment 20 hours ago

Just declaw and de-ball like I did with my cat. Totally the same thing.....

On a side note, I have always wanted a Savanna or Bengal cat but didn't feel like dropping 2000 on a cat plus I don't have the room. Anyone have any experience with one?

Comment 20 hours ago

Thats true but MJ and Kobe didnt win squat before/after him and Shaq needs Wade, Pat Riley and the worst officiating I have ever seen to win one with out him. You need great players to win titles but its no guarentee and the fact that he has 11 is freaking crazy.

Comment 26 Feb 2015

Pics or it didnt happen

Comment 26 Feb 2015

I never said I trusted the site. I said everything that we have been alarmed about so far has been wrong. That the time frame that we personally have viewed data is way to short to properly extrapolate it, that most scientists rely on federal funds to keep their labs open, that we are supposed to be warming up because we are coming out of an ice age, that there are plenty of reasons for potential warming that don't include adding taxes/laws/additional power to our government. Look, I am willing to be open to the fact that we have a small effect on any changes to climate, however everything we here is "We're fucked if we don't add all these taxes and you don't start driving these smart cars, and oh by the way Miami will be under water." On top of that, anyone who says "wait a second on this" is called an idiot and a backwater whatever.

Long story short, we probably have a very small effect on climate, people make it seem like we have a large effect to push their agenda, keep their labs open, and to use it as a means of wealth distribution. And I am still waiting for all your liberals to move off the coasts, quit driving, and live in a 500 square foot house to "reduce your carbon footprint". Oddly enough California, and the Northeast are filled with liberals so if they don't trust their own shit, why should I?

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I think San Diego St and Fresno St are under rated candidates for the Big 12. If the east side is closed off, why not get into California? 

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Deadspin made a post offering to buy it today. Generally where there is smoke there is fire with these type of things. Would make the perfect FA for the Browns to bring in to tutor Josh Gordon. 

Comment 25 Feb 2015

I think the problem is we understand science more so than you think we do and you can't peddle your talking points. When legit questions are brought up you resort to name calling and changing the topic.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

You liberals can't help yourselves. "Backwater citizens". You know you are talking to college educated people. I swear the smugness from some of you is enough to cause global warming in itself.

Comment 25 Feb 2015

If you are the one asking us to fundamentally change our lifestyle, get rid of gasoline, live in smaller housing, increase our taxes, add hoops to jump through for companies in turn adding costs, the onus is on you to prove it, not me.

P.S. It would be useful for your kind to not call anyone who doesnt automatically agree with you dumb, an idiot etc. You'll have to excuse me to not bend over backwards to believe the same people who screw up tomorrows forecast routinely, told me that Miami would be under water by 2005, told me in the 70's that we were cooling, and wants me to just believe that the last couple decades is a long enough time to properly extrapolate to millions of years of history, ignore we are supposed to be warming due to coming out of an ice age and finally ignore that there is a HUGE financial incentive to keep their grants coming along. 

Comment 25 Feb 2015

Please show me exact evidence and science that this is all due to man and not natural or other reasons. Oh please tell me how we are not coming out of an ice age and should be warming anyways but please show exact evidence this is all our fault. Please show me how 100 years of observable weather is enough to extrapolate to the millions of years of history. Don't worry, I'll wait.

I will also wait for all these liberals to move far away from CA, NY, and places like Miami since, we all know for sure that the water will be rising and we will all be under water on the coasts in the near future. Oh wait, whats that, they are all still living there???? Hmm....

Comment 25 Feb 2015

One party wants to increase power and control through regulation and taxes for the sake of wealth distribution and votes. The other wants you to believe its a good idea we have military in 100+ countries and that we dont secretly distrupt foreign governments to get "American friendly" regimes in place and it backfires and we also need things like the Patriot Act, although the other side has had 8 years to overturn it and they vote it in just as much. The point is, this is all about control and both sides behave the same way with different topics.

Furthermore, we believe people whose jobs rely on federal funding to fix or address something. Of course they are going to manufacture something to fix. Its job security.

Comment 24 Feb 2015

In the 70's there was Global Cooling and according to people like Al Gore the coasts should be under water by now. Its all about control and money. Period.

Comment 23 Feb 2015

I am a Corporate Sales Rep for fleet management system company. I get to work remotely which is nice. I also do marketing and training for an online distributor. Just moved to North Carolina this past year.