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Comment 02 May 2015

Im just glad they didnt trade the entire draft for Mariotta and that the first 2 picks actually makes sense. If you look at recent drafts the 2-7 round picks are actually above average. Our 1st round has been awful. Hopefully this year turns that around.

Comment 02 May 2015

Went last night with the family. Thought it was great. With that being said, they said they had to cut an hour of film and you can tell in a few spots. I hear the Blu Ray is getting a directors cut with all the footage in it.

Comment 30 Apr 2015

Good thing we fired that Waters guy. He was totally the problem...

Comment 29 Apr 2015

agreed, if a recruit can switch up to signing day why shouldn't a team try to talk to them. Its not like all these recruits pick one school and stick with it.

Comment 29 Apr 2015

I still dont know how Winston's 18 INT's seemed to be overlooked. Plus he has packed on the pounds. I get people want to focus on the off the field stuff but I am more worried about the 18 freaking INT's. Its not like their schedule was amazing. Plus Mariotta isn't a typical  "spread QB". Hes like 6 4 and weighs 220. Its not like Johnny 5 10 Manziel. 

Comment 28 Apr 2015

To be fair the writer has a bit of history with regards to Whitlock. Seems like he has a hard on for him.

Comment 26 Apr 2015

Both arms wrapping Loves arm, not trying to go towards ball plus yank equals Boston player being a douche. I am dumbfounded that play wasnt even reviewed. The refs let Boston play dirty the entire half and had no control over that game. JR got shoved 3 times in a row right in front of a ref and then retaliated. Hes an idiot for what he did but you(as a ref) have to get control of the game. 

Comment 26 Apr 2015

True but its the playoffs and its his non shooting shoulder. Hopefully we get a week of rest between games and then he can take some pain meds and deal with it and have surgury if need be in the off season.

Comment 26 Apr 2015

Well it was the regular season so there was no rush to get him back. Even if its 3 weeks we should be somewhat ok. Hopefully the Bucks extend the Chicago series some.

Comment 24 Apr 2015

I don't think many people call recruits dumb. Maybe wondering on their decision making. Mostly when they say we are the clear leader and then for example go to Tennessee when they haven't won 9 games in forever. We "lost" two highly recruited Ohio lineman to ND but they went to Catholic high schools so that is what it is. I only got mildly amused at that one kid last year that kept saying he was 150% committed to us then immediately went to Auburn I believe. Kids will be kids but sometimes they invite criticism to an extent. Sometimes its better to keep things to yourself.

Comment 23 Apr 2015

That was a great CD when I got it when I was 14. Havent listened to it in a long time so no idea how bad it actually is to an adults sense of music.

Comment 22 Apr 2015

I dont see Harbaugh going back to the Pros anytime soon. His personality is perfect for college. By the time the players are fed up with him they graduate and a new batch comes in. Can't do that in the NFL.

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I was afraid of that too and to be honest the only real "agenda" of the movie is we should invest more in space exploration like we did in the 60's. 

Comment 21 Apr 2015

I watched it in IMAX. Thought it was great. Not all time great but real good. Also, the same people who complain that all we get is sequels and reboots also nitpick original movies like this. I saw people nitpicking things like Catwoman saying love is a force yada yada yada.....she was trying to justify going to her significant others planet even though it was the wrong call. Of course people aren't objective when dealing with family etc. Thats the point... She didn't literally mean love is a physical force like gravity.

Comment 20 Apr 2015

I love this post. Heres the timeline we are seeing. 

1. Pre Waters - Bad things happen

2. Waters reign - Bad things show improvement

3. June: A+ review

4. August: Fired for things happening prior to Junes A+ review that was known during said A+ review

5. Profit?

Comment 20 Apr 2015

No problem, I screwed up the joke with the wrong name haha