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Comment 16 Aug 2014

If you like IPA's & New Belgium, I recommend Ranger - very tasty!

Comment 16 Aug 2014

Totally fictitious, but for those who haven't seen this, it's a hoot:

Comment 13 Aug 2014

So, I clicked on over to see how the other half stacks up.  Turns out, universityprimetime.com folks are just a bunch of hacks, as Purdue actually made it on the top 50 list!  Seriously though, any list that doesn't have a SEC school (particularly Ole Miss) at the top has just gotta by lyin'...

Comment 12 Aug 2014

Plain ol' Hat Night is old hat.  Abotut Hat Night is where it's at!

Comment 10 Aug 2014

My one and only jersey is a #36 I bought in the spring quarter of my freshman year in '88 (yes I'm old) in honor of Chris Spielman.  I find it at least mildly amusing that my jersey is older than the vast majority of current OSU students :-)

Comment 07 Aug 2014

The only way Weber would see 115k+ in the Big House this year is if he attended a ManU-Real Madrid soccer match.

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I can't believe nobody has yet hit on the topic of cars in left turn lanes.  How is it that people leave more room between them and the car in front of them when making left turns (while they have the right of way, courtesy of the left turn light, mind you) than when travelling down the highway at 65+MPH?  I swear that people not getting motivated to go when granted the opportunity creates a good third of traffic backup in such situations!

Comment 06 Aug 2014

Kingsrite, I have an honest question for you, somewhat related to your comment: why has the center lane of a 3-lane highway become the new right lane for trucks?  I can get why drivers do this in the city, due to all the (poorly) merging traffic from on-ramps.  However, I see it even on the open highway outside of the city.  It effectively reduces the number of lanes of traffic unless the rightmost lane becomes fair game for passing.  Please shed some light here from your perspective, thanks.

Comment 06 Aug 2014


You have identified my #1 all time hated driving maneuver, and #2 is not even close.  How much do I hate it, you ask?  Well, one time I found myself in such a situation on I-75N in Dayton.  I did the polite thing, which was to merge into the single lane well in advance of the mandated merge point.  After seeing several "jackholes" advance themselves to the head of the line, I proceeded to move over to the open lane to block the next guy.  Well, he then proceeds to move into the berm to pass me on the left.  I counter, and voila!  he rear-ends me.  He gets out, shouts some choice words at me, to which I reply calmly I'll be waiting for the cops to show up so we can sort this out & he can pay for the damages to my car.  The police show up, get both sides of the story, then proceed to cuff me & take me to the county clink (thank you city of Moraine).  After spending some money to lawyer up for my defense, my charge gets thrown out & I pay court costs.

So yeah, I'd have to say this one is my absolute fav...

Comment 06 Aug 2014

MOTS, you must not have spent enough time driving in Cincy.  Since moving here 6 years ago, it never ceases to amaze me the number of people who live to drive the speed limit, or slower.  I blame it all on the overly large Catholic population here (I keed, I keed...)

Comment 06 Aug 2014

I have begun to think that there are natural laws governing stupid driving behavior.  I have named this one the "Law of Speed Equilibrium".  You have stated one of the corollaries: when one approaches a driver from behind, said driver accelerates to match the speed at which you are driving, or within a close proximity.  Another one is: when drivers move to pass slower traffic, inevitably they slow down to match the speed of the traffic they are trying to pass.  In both cases, drivers subliminally seek to drive the same speed, thereby creating gridlock for everyone.

Not that I get caught up in this - I like flaunting the law!

Comment 17 Jul 2014

The QB who was obliterated by that hit was Corby Jones.  Also to put this game in perspective, of the 6 interceptions that Jones threw that year, 3 of them were against the Buckeyes.  Badass defense, indeed.

Another great memory of the Big Kat I have from the same year was watching the Iowa game from south stands.  The Hawkeyes had RB Tavian Banks, who I believe at the time was leading the nation with over 200 rushing yards per game.  Iowa fans were woofing about how Tavian would come into Columbus & run all over the Buckeyes as they had been doing to all their previous opponents.

On 1st down of the first offensive series by the Hawkeyes, Tavian got the handoff and headed toward a gap in the line, only to be blown up for a several yard loss by none other than #45.  Ohio Stadium exploded after that hit, and it never got any better for Banks, as he finished the series with 3 carries for -2 yards and the day with 22 carries for 84 yards.  Here's a quote from Banks (from the NY Times):

"'I think he probably won the Butkus Award today,'' Banks said. ''He was all over the field. He was in the backfield more often than I was today. He came in from the back side and he came in from the front side. He has great quickness. We expected that. We just couldn't do anything about it."

If Raekwon is a portion of the player that Katzenmoyer was, we are all certainly in for a special treat.

Comment 18 Nov 2013

I was at the UT-Auburn game in Knoxville the weekend before last.  Sure, Auburn totally outclassed Tennessee, but what I saw was a heavily one-dimensional team, leaning a lot on the run game.  If Sparty's defense can key in on shutting down that one dimension, I'd like them in a close game, assuming Walrusball can see fit to score a few points.  If Auburn shows something different in the Iron Bowl, maybe I'll change my tune.

Comment 06 Jun 2013

That year was my freshman year at OSU, and I was in the marching band.  The day after the band heard that Bruce had been fired, we carpooled out to his neighborhood, marched down his street and played in his front yard for him & his family.  That is a great memory for me.

Comment 04 Dec 2012

Yeah, but Bo prolly didn't slap himself on camera nearly as much.  Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing...

Comment 20 Nov 2012

I share your pain @Baroclinicity.  My freshman year was '87, which saw Bruce go out with a bang.  Then there was the drought of the Cooper years.  At least 3 of those years ('93, '95 & '96), OSU had no business losing to the skunkbears, but lose they did.  Prior to that final game of the year, those three teams had no losses and one tie.  Then the Buckeyes' collective sphincter tightened and we fell on our faces each time.  And these 3 don't even take into account the '91 season you mentioned, where Desmond "Heisman pose" Howard adds insult to a 31-3 injury.

So far during our great run against TTUN, we have not really taken anything away from them.  We came close in '04, but they backed into the Rose Bowl anyway, I believe due to a Wisconsin loss later that day.  I want Michigan fans to truly feel the pain of denial: have your most hated rival turn your championship dreams to ashes and laugh at your misery.  I want Michigan fans to forever weep about what might have been, if not for that last game of the year.  Maybe, just maybe, after tasting these sweet tears of sorrow, my ravenous appetite for UM's destruction will be sated.  But then again, maybe not...

Comment 19 Nov 2012

Good picks for jersey numbers.  I bought my #36 my freshman year in '87-'88, which was the senior year of a certain #36 jersey wearer that year.  Spielman is my favorite Buckeye of all time, and I still wear that jersey to every football game I attend.  I've never really considered buying another one, though I have to say a #27 jersey was enticing back in the day at the end of my collegiate career.  But because of his work ethos and team-first mentality, I would definitely consider donning his number.