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Comment 05 Nov 2014

I think we can have it both ways, within reason: we use the star system to get a rough feel for how well recruiting is going relative to other years and to other teams.  We can't all have the access or expertise to judge this ourselves.  At the same time, we have confidence in our coaching staff's ability to choose and develop players, so we trust THEIR judgement.  

What I'm disputing is that the ratings are "either worthwhile or they aren't".   They are worthwhile to a point.

Comment 24 Oct 2014

I don't have direct experience as a professional athlete or at making 7 figure salaries, but I suspect it's possible to both take the job seriously, and to have fun with your teammates.  

Comment 15 Oct 2014

I don't think the "numbers mean squat".  Nor have we "played no one".

We've put up really good numbers against mediocre opposition.  That means something.  It's a whole lot better, for example, than putting up bad numbers against that competition.  Will that translate to success against top-notch teams?  Don't know yet. It's asking a lot, though, to suggest that all Buckeye fans should sit on their hands, and all Buckeye sites should go silent until the team "proves it".

Comment 08 Oct 2014

At big time programs, the AD's job could be defined as

1) Hire/Fire Coaches

2 through n) Other stuff - Maybe important stuff, but not #1 stuff.

Similarly, the head coaches job could be defined as

1) Win games

2 through n) Other stuff.  Important stuff, yes, but not #1 stuff.

Michigan has been bungling the number 1's.   End of story.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

What statement? Maybe you really didn't mean this as a reply to my comment.  I said nothing about twitter being evil.  I was only commenting on the several posts that suggest that the difference between good and not-good recruit tweeting is in the age of the tweeter.

Comment 30 Jun 2014

I don't get the "if you're the same age, it's OK" argument.  If you're tweeting to a recruit because he's a recruit, then you're not just being a peer. It's not "kids to kids"; it's [over] zealous fan to recruit. What does age have to do with it?

Comment 08 Apr 2014

"He is what he is" can be said about anybody.  He's not what we need him to be.  He may be a great guy but he occasionally dawdles down the court on defense, he too often can't handle interior passes, and he keeps bringing the damn ball down where the small guys steal it from him.  He doesn't appear to be strong enough or maybe tough enough to impose his will on the defenders.  So yeah, people complain.  It's not personal.

Comment 25 Feb 2014

Personally, I don't get the hating on the NCAA for expecting schools to self-report (trivial) violations.  They don't want it left up to the institution to decide what is trivial.  Sure, nobody cares if you butt-dial some prospect, but if you didn't have to report these, pretty soon the SEC schools would be "accidently" calling dozens of prospects a day.  They'd be accidently handing out "trivial" gifts, and pretty soon "trivial" amounts of Benjamins....

Comment 10 Feb 2014

As as been said before, we don't know why she's doing what she's doing.  Maybe she's meddling unnecessarily, or maybe she has solid reasons.   Not to pick on you particularly, RunEddie, but some people seem to be projecting their own "Mama" (if you must) issues...

Comment 05 Aug 2013

Having rich boosters giving to the institution is one thing.  But as soon as there's a legal way to funnel unlimited cash to the players themselves, it's a very quick slide down the slope to where the players are negotiating guarantees of income before signing day in February.  If that's where you want to go, then fine, lets just do that and not pretend to be paying them for value of their signatures.