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Comment 13 Dec 2012

Why are we linking to Greg Doyle articles?  Who next, Matt Hayes?  Dennis Dodd?  ugg

Comment 13 Dec 2012

I don't think so, because mgoblog is removing ND after this year.

Mostly I think it's important to continue the tradition of having someone always ask "Why is Notre Dame on this list" in the comments of every recruiting ranking post.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

we compete with lots of other schools too.  Where do you draw the line?  I don't care if they're number one or not.  Put Alabama and schools on our future schedule on there too.

Comment 13 Dec 2012

It makes more sense when the mgoblog guys add Notre Dame, since they play (or used to play) them every year.  For us, it makes no more sense than adding Pittsburgh or West Virginia.

Comment 05 Mar 2012

how dare you use Mustafa Kemal Ataturk's name in vain!!

Ataturk bears do not wrestle for you!  You wrestle for Ataturk bears!

(also, those would be two handsome bears)


Comment 25 Jan 2012

12 point game?  I guess that makes PSU a little worse than Florida.

Not to be an ass, but I would be shocked if this was closer than 20.

Comment 18 Nov 2011

Out of curiousity... during most of Tatgate, you guys seemed to have sources independent of the scout.com guys.  Is that also the fact in this case, or are some these just a rebroadcast of scout rumors?

Basically, many people saying the same thing independently is a lot more interesting than many people just passing on news from one person.

What makes this excisting is that there a lot of people who don't often agree on things saying the same thing (11W, Bucknuts, multiple BSB people)... everyone but Castel.

Comment 05 Sep 2011

" Tommy Craggs/Jason Whitlock have been running a train on Charles Robinson with a steady stream of facts and logic over Charles' piece on The U"

Not sure I understand this sentence.  Did you mean to say "Charles Robinson, and his meticulously reasearched and documented piece on The U, has been bitch slapping Jason Whitlock six ways from Sunday"?


Comment 25 Aug 2011

You could have a credit card statement.

Of course, Dorkman would say he received cash back or some such nonsense.

Comment 20 Aug 2011

I'd have to assume Bob Golic, or maybe even Mike, would be the leading candidate if there's an opening at Cal U.  However, there are rumors that the Minnesota State job could be available.

Comment 14 Aug 2011

Forgot to mention Ross Fulton in my survey.  That guy is exactly what 11W needs.  His breakdowns are absolutely epic.  Heck, just take over Along the Olentangy.  Make Ramzy pay the bill.

Still don't understand the stance on apps, but that's just me.  Mobile themes are for dirty hippies who don't like monetization.  Either way, you should do *something* for mobile.

Comment 12 Aug 2011

BFD.  It's not against NCAA rules to be at a tatoo parlor.  I think only one player denied being there.  I can't imagine what a still photo could capture that could cause trouble, short of someone holding up a sign saying "I'm trading this signature for a free tat!".

Comment 10 Aug 2011

that's not really what the ESPN article is saying.  It's saying OSU got a notice of inquiry, not a notice of allegations (that part was a little extra editorializing by ESPN).

Comment 03 Aug 2011

This is my worry as well. 

I can't help but think of Bill Stewart.  Maybe the team rallies around Luke for a season, but the long term health of the team is at stake.

If you pretend Tressel just decided to retire and none of the violations happened, there is no way you would consider hiring Luke Fickell.  Heck, we'd be annoyed if we hired Tim Beckman, and he has a good track record as a coach.

Go all out for Meyer.  He'll be the shot in the arm we need in the new B1G.  If he quits after 4 years, so be it.  Luke will still be around somewhere, and now with some experience.




Comment 27 Jul 2011

According to Dodd and Hayes, this is Ohio State's fault.

Poor Butch is just another victim of Tressel's lies.