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Comment 11 Jan 2015

As a returner, absolutely you play him. He was (only slightly) more secure with the ball than Jalin as a punt returner, it seems to me, & a MUCH better decision-maker in the same role. It it still sometimes hard to figure out what Jalin is thinking back there. On kickoff returns, any planting/cutting issues should be minimized, & even at 90-95% he is still dangerous.

On offense, the lack of game reps with Cardale should limit him to mostly a decoy role, but again, absolutely you play him some even in that limited role, just to give Oregon something else to think about.

Comment 02 Jan 2015

Fuck yes, it is. I mean, sorry for the language, but I believe it's appropriate to the occasion. As far as the next game is concerned, I think it goes pretty much the same way the last one did, just add 28-35 points for each team. These are great days to be a Buckeye.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

I read somewhere that it's the worst defeat in TWELVE years for Rutgers. You can count me among those that was not impressed by Rutgers' resume coming in, blah blah blah, BUT: worst beating in 12 years, & at least they were a *real* opponent.

Comment 19 Oct 2014

JT is a much, much better QB in the Urban Meyer/Tom Herman offense than Braxton ever was, or could be. One of the less-discussed aspects of Braxton's career as a Buckeye has been his *inability* to make the correct reads in the running game rather than deciding ahead of time that it was time to "make a play", & to work his way through his progressions in the passing game rather than locking in on the big-play option regardless of whether that option is covered, or double-covered, or even triple-covered. There is no denying the superlative, electric qualities that Braxton possesses (possessed?), but there is also no denying that he was at times a limiting factor to what Meyer/Herman wanted to accomplish. If you read between the lines, both Meyer & Herman have said so over & over as JT's abilities have revealed themselves.

You might not have heard it here *first*, but here it is: my objective, soberly reasoned opinion is that we are going to beat the BRAKES off of Sparty.

Comment 06 Mar 2014

After all this time to learn from Tress & Urban, not to mention the crucible of 2011, & still not anywhere near ready for prime time (strictly in a dealing-with-the-media sense). Skin is way, way too thin & he doesn't even do *coachspeak* well. I've adopted the position for a while now that I don't want Luke fired, I want him hired, somewhere else. Hopefully he gets a lot better at this before then.

Comment 16 Nov 2013

Ugly day for the offense, but I'm not stressed - early start, windy, blah blah blah. This team's issues are not with the offense. I just wanted to link to this: http://www.elevenwarriors.com/blogs/el-caballo-de-sangre/still-skeptical-about-this-defense & say that I stand by every damn word of it. This is not a National Championship-level team on the defensive side of the ball, & I don't think they can be.

Comment 07 Nov 2013

Yeah, I hope I'm not being too dickish about it, but your preference seems nonsensical to me without some sort of justification. The 2010 group was objectively better than this year's in terms of experience & stats, & seems subjectively better to me based on having seen both groups in action. I mean, I'm willing to hear you out, but...

Comment 05 Nov 2013

Fair enough. I should have been clearer: my *opinion* is that there are two potential *realities*, & they're not mutually exclusive.

I am entirely prepared to accept that, as the stats indicate, we have the actually 9th-best defense in the country. That's one potential reality. Another potential reality, that can absolutely be true at the same time as the 1st can be, is that this defense still has specific glaring deficiencies that any of the teams we might face in the Nat'l Championship game (should we make it that far) are likely to be able to exploit to great effect. I might be wrong about that - I'd be happy to be. But I remain skeptical. Not pessimistic, &c., but skeptical.

If you're saying that I'm all, "hurr durr stats say THIS but I think the defense sux", well, then, you shouldn't have allowed yourself to be "lost" by clumsy verbiage; I'm as interested to hear your thoughts on the defense as anybody else's.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

Thanks for that link. I agree with everything Matt says there; & I remain skeptical, ha ha. Again, I have no problem believing that the defense is good, maybe very good, & improving. What I am skeptical about is whether it is good enough - or capable of being good enough at certain positions - to feel confident about a matchup vs. any of those 3 potential Nat'l Championship opponents.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

I say I'm skeptical about our defense's ability to deal with potential Nat'l Championship Game opponents; you tell me to root for Sparty. Umm, OK.

Seriously: I have seen what LOOKS like improvement from this defense recently too, & I'm NOT saying they're not good or even very good. The question - again, in the context of facing the 3 teams I mentioned above - is whether that will be good ENOUGH. I'm skeptical that it will; I hope I'm wrong. I think we'll have a better idea of what this defense is capable of after the Indiana game.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

I mentioned that one of the things I was worried about was our LB play; you cited the 2010 Rose Bowl. Let's take a look at the people occupying 3 pretty analogous LB/LB-ish positions on that Rose-Bowl-winning team & this year's:

2010 Rose Bowl: Brian Rolle, Ross Homan, Jermale Hines

2013 Buckeyes: Ryan Shazier, Curtis Grant/Josh Perry, Tyvis Powell

Is it really so off-base for me to be skeptical?

Comment 05 Nov 2013

I am certainly willing to "admit" that the defense has shown improvement lately. It still bears remembering that Penn State & Purdue are terrible, & that this recent improvement should be viewed with - wait for it - skepticism :)

I am very interested to see what happens against Indiana; hopefully we'll know more about this defense after that game.

Comment 27 Jan 2013

Yo Vico! Killing it as always; sorry to take so long to say congrats on the move.

Comment 22 Aug 2012

"Fickell can tell the linebackers are trying"


"(True Freshmen) Josh Perry, Camren Williams, and David Perkins all have opportunities to see the field at linebacker this year, Fickell said"



Comment 27 Jul 2012

That game of Eff, Marry, Kill sure does suck but at least it's easy to figure out: you Eff Pelini, Marry Hoke, & Kill Kill. Pelini's crazy means the one Eff would be fun, Hoke is no looker but stable & you know the food would be good, & you'd be doing Kill a favor, just as you would for ANY Minny FB coach.

Comment 26 Nov 2011

Listen to Desmond's punk ass speak in the passive voice: "It happened so quick..."

It was unsportsmanlike, and he's a dick for doing it. Screw him.