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Comment 15 hours ago

Sticking with my original prediction (from another article) OSU- 37. Navy-10.

Comment 24 Aug 2014

I expect JT to be a game manager and not a game changer. I believe JT will experience ups and downs (normal) but will get better with each game. Go Bucks!!

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Gotta believe, Urban & coaching staff know who will play where and when, I'm not buying into this don't know yet comments. He knows.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

Braxton will be missed. Once he went down, IMO, "The DEFENSE" holds the key to the success or failure plain and simple.

Comment 23 Aug 2014

I bought into all the hype surrounding Curtis and could not wait to see him perform. I see Curtis being a total bust. Regardless of all the issues surrounding his time @ OSU, Curtis hasn't played up to expectations. I've waited for 3 years and for a MLB @ OSU he is below average. This is my opinion & I hope Curtis will prove me wrong.

Comment 22 Jun 2014

Very thankful for all the info 11W writers give us. Keep up the great work. 

Comment 29 May 2014

Well written Kyle. I agree that the NCAA must change their transfer policy. I would hope all colleges would truly take the best interest of the student athlete and allow them to transfer and play right away. I understand the athlete must have a good reason to transfer and guidelines must be in place.

Comment 15 Mar 2014

Still laughing!! You all crack me up. Still want to see Luke & the "D" succeed. Let us see how well Chris & Luke work together & then we can discuss who deserves the credit.

Comment 12 Mar 2014

When Curtis signed with the Buckeyes, I thought the middle lb position was secure for the next four years. Three years later and seeing Curtis play, I believe Curtis is below average & if Raekwon is as talented as the so called experts say, then he should be the  should be  stating in the middle.

Comment 12 Mar 2014

Moved to Wisconsin in 94 & I've loved the Browns since I was little kid. When Art decided to move them to Baltimore (worst day) & I started to follow the Packers. I still follow, but the Packers are my team now.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

Thanks Jeremy I agree with your answer. I know there will be ones out there trying to make this a blame game and that's alright. I will read all comments & can agree or disagree. I believe this is a family issue & will respect Mike's decision. Good Luck Mike & hope your father gets better soon.

Comment 11 Feb 2014

This is my opinion. I only wish the best for Mike & family. I want to believe the reason for transferring is to be closer to his Dad & family. As always there is more to the story. I don't know Mike, but from all I've read, yes he had injuries (minor) and more than likely set him back. and this would slow his progression. I don't believe his red shirting made him so mad he wants to transfer. I would think it would make him more determined to perform better. He just does not come across as one who would gives up that easy. I will not put this on any coach and believe this is a family issue. 

Comment 28 Jan 2014

To 11W, Really enjoy this site. Congratulations on a job well done. Great articles, opinions & stats. I've laughed so hard & yes even cried (like a baby) and with that I say "Thank You" to all involved. Great Job & look forward to 2014. GO BUCKS!!

Comment 04 Jan 2014

Both Braxton & Shazier are making the right choice. Braxton needs another year to learn to make his reads quicker & to better tune his passing skills. This young man has made a lot of progress &  another year with Herman will only help. To Ryan, wish you all the best and I believe your making the right choice. Has nothing to do with not wanting to play out his senior year, but being a late 1st or 2nd round pick is a no brainer. Can you say "Show Me the Money".

Comment 10 Feb 2013

I agree with  IBS&G. I will NOT be reading the Paterno report. Thanks RAMZY, for your report as always, well written. I still kinda struggle with the sanctions the NCAA brought down on the program. The kids there today had nothing at all to do with this nor did any player during this period (as far as I know) as well. The real criminals will get their day. Jerry (the molester in prison) & all involved in the cover up will be punished. Joe's passing though sad, probably saved him from more shame & disgrace.

Comment 07 Jan 2013

Favor Norte Dame, tired of all the Alabama & SEC talk. Hope ND can stop them. Then we can read & listen to all the excuses why they lost. 

Comment 14 Oct 2012

I have a hard time believing the the LB recruits from last year are that bad. With what I saw last night, how can they be any worse? Who coaches or is heavily involved in special teams? Inside the 10 yard line & throw an interception? How many dropped balls on offense & defense. I was totally amazed at their play. Defending the spread offense is our Achilles heel. We will continue to bend & hope we don't break. Hope offense will continue to score more points than their opponent. Hope special teams will hold up. GO BUCKS!!