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Comment 14 Sep 2015

Give Dan and Stugotz a chance. They are truly insightful and go in-depth. His show will be nothing like Cowherds. As a faithful 4pm listener of Lebatard and his crew it took a while to grow on me as well. Just give it time. If not flip over to FS1 radio and catch Colin.

Comment 11 Aug 2015

Columbus Eastmoor High School  5'10 220 (Not Eastmoor Academy) late 90's OT/LB/K/P. Played every down of every game Jr/Sr year. Wittenberg early 2000's LB loved every second of my 8 year football career. The last four set the table for everything I have in my life to this date. What a great experience and great education. Though not the bright lights of D1 I don't complain about 3 Conf titles and 4 deep runs in the playoffs. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Sad to hear Ford's comments. His tape says top notch competitor that plays with a chip on his shoulder. Truly surprised to hear with his talent that he's worried about the talent being too deep. Cmon son, this is division one football!!!!!! Is Fuller not feeling us either? Wow! You don't hear his name much in the recruiting hub bub. Any word on Pryst commit timeline? 

Comment 20 Jul 2015

I think you hit the nail on the head on Mitchell, FNL and Mich. If he shows up and shows out Mitchell will get his chance to give his pledge. But just think Urban gets to evaluate a kid against most likely the guys who will be guarding him 2-3 years from now in an actual game situation. Amazing. And to most folks attending they will see great HS players running routes and doing drills but they will not understand the high stakes game that is truly going to play out right before our very eyes. #GOBUCKS

Comment 19 Jul 2015

My gut tells me Fuller and Hamlin hold the keys to unclocking the DB situation. I'm not sure Pryts waits around to see what those guys do. This is one of the roll of the dice the Buckeye staff will have to live and die with I guess. Birm, any update on 2016 DT situation and whatt about 2017 prospects in the defensive trenches? As always great work.

Comment 11 Jul 2015

Jimbo's move will only last until it hurts recruiting. I bet come start of the season that ban is lifted on all players of age and then the back sliding will begin with the younger players. This will not last long folks.

Comment 01 Jul 2015

I'll tell you this Harbaugh will either be a huge success or a huge failure at SCUM. No in between. He's a different dude no doubt, but I wonder how his supposed intensity or out right weirdness will work with today's young people. If I'm  Michigan fan i have huge concernes as how he will realate and translate to the top end recruits he'll need to pull that program off the mat.

Comment 28 Jun 2015

Will be fine on the Hall front. Maryland is no threat. As far as Gary's mother being upset, I truly wonder what could have possibly set her off on a recruiting visit? And if so, when should we hear were out the race from him? Birm, I know were a long shot but is it worth the stress in the long haul when you have guys like Lawrence and Jackson still on the radar as well? 

After Gary,Jackson, Lawrence and Bosa who else is on the Dline Radar?

Comment 18 Jun 2015

First and foremost Birm keep drop that HEAT!!!! These updates keep the  Buckeye Nation in a full frenzy 365 days a year and we all appreciate you for it. Keep doin work!!

I have hunch Lawrence likes what he sees and becomes a Buckeye. With LSU having two DTs already committed and a wealth of depth why not us? IMO Lawrence seems to have another gear and aggressiveness to his game I don't see in the other top guys. Just my opinion though. Since Corley seems to be a done deal to MSU I'm all in on Cromwell and NCM!!! Anything on Cromwell? Seems to have gone quite since the Nike camp and offer. Mitchell would be nice but i just don't see him waiting that long to see how the chips falls and he ends up at Michigan. Birm who are the other DT's on the radar? Gary seems shaky and Jackson is a true Georgia boy. i don't see him leaving the South.