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Comment 21 hours ago

Great Film.. You have to love what you see out of Davis,Meyers and Young. Davis is the definiton of a MAULER. He's going to be a stud. Meyers can clean up the pass pro issues. He has the tools and will excell under coach Strud. Chase Young is special. His size and speed combination is off the charts. The only thing seperating him from a Sean Spence is that Spence had tremendous hands. His hands were truly a work of art to see if you truly studied his tape. All in all these three have bright futures ahead of them as Buckeyes.

Comment 05 May 2016

Unsure why anyone keeps Auburn on there list. Gus is in a make or break year and it doesnt look very promisiing. As well as they dont develop talent to the degree that we do. There own player stated it in the past draft. I truly wonder if Mr. Jackson the DT thinks Auburn was really the fit or did they just pay the most at the time. Ha!

Comment 16 Apr 2016

AgreedSibley wants to be a Buckeye he has an oppurtunity period point blank. His best bet is to fall back and take the Grayshirt. Who's he going to play over folks? Weber,Williams,Samuel? Not happening. He can go to MSU or elsewhere an run into the same situation. We also have to remeber folks we are in recruiting arms race with only  17 scholarships to offer. We have to be selective to the highest degree. Especially if your drawing attention from other kids who have been rated higher. Urban can't afford to miss. I think this should let Buckeye Nation understand how special this class may truly be when were asking a top 250 kid in our own backyard to grayshirt. May not be what you want to hear but it tell's me the future is bright at THE OHIO STATE. #Salute

Comment 24 Mar 2016

I'm sorry did these kids not see tOSU on NFL network over the past weeks. We are a national brand!!!!! Top end talents wants to be apart of our beloved program. This not a time to sour on the prospects of other top players coming in. If your committed, you should see this as an oppurtunity to grind harder in the weight room, film room so that no matter who tOSU brings in it will have no effect on your preperation and performance for tOSU. 

Comment 24 Mar 2016

Soo Clark transfer from big time Div 1 HS that played top notch competiton on a weekly basis in which he struggled, too small Div whatever school, has tremdous camps during the summer that do not simulate actually football games while throwing on air and without pass rush, then wins a state title at lower school with a gang of other Div 1 college prospects and were suppose to be impressed? No sir, not me. If Danny had stayed at Massilon and made them a winner vs that schedule and refined his game I'd be impressed. But stepping down several levels and picking up more help smells of a smoke screen on talent. Not saying the kid cant play, but I'm sure there are major doubts about what kind of product Urban will get come fall of 18, thus we have to keep looking.  

Comment 31 Jan 2016

Ray Small- "Ass Hat"

Hamby- "The Drop"

Justin Zwick- Defined overrated

Lydell Ross-The WORST

Roy Hall- Too turnt in the endzone after Ginn KR nearly breaking Ginn's ankle. Cost us a title vs Florida

Joe "Open In the Bleacher" Bauserman. He made me question Tressel in the later years of his tenure. How on earth was he able to get time at tOSU?