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Comment 22 May 2012

Interesting that you mention Oden's impact on getting Conley to Columbus because, according to Titus, Oden was the whole reason he was in Columbus. Based on the same reasoning for Sully landing in the top spot on the list, Oden was not only one of the two best players in the country while at OSU, leading the Bucks to NCG, but he was also directly responsible for bringing #7 (on the list) to Columbus as well as a 'just missed the cut' guy.

Toss up. Can't argue Dave's selections at 1-2, beyond maybe the need for a 1a and 1b.

Comment 22 May 2012

I wonder if Oden couldn't land at #1 if only for the same reason Titus landed in the 'just missed the cut' line. Hard to separate on-court from off-court (Sully and his early commitment) so it's tough to bump him from #1, but......those two are the only ones I really question.

Hopefully, if we can look at this list 10 months into the future, DT would fall somewhere around 4-5 and Craft might be right behind Will.Can't see him passing Bu over though IMO, even with two years left.