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Comment 18 Jul 2015
Dj thanks for kids link...I was a kid from ohio in 90's when it came out and it completely blew my mind what these kids in NYC where up too...for better or worse it shaped me as a young adult...can't believe it's 20 years old now
Comment 10 Dec 2013

I think a lot of this hate also stems from what many, not from the state of Ohio, perceive as a blown pass interference call in 2003 Fiesta Bowl vs. Miami (although many seem to forget the numerous other blown calls against Ohio State earlier in the game).  Many people from the south feel like Miami was unfairly screwed out of that title (again they forget that Miami was out played for most of the game).  Couple that with the Florida and LSU losses for titles and so began the "Ohio State sucks" comments and their justification for 2002.  I say embrace that hate and fuck the haters.  Just like Urban likes angry players with chips on their shoulders we as fans should be no different. Our time at the top of the mountain is fast approaching. Go Bucks.

Comment 21 Nov 2013

Agree with what most have said above but I believe another sticking point on whether or not Brax goes pro is how deep the QB class is this year.  I expect him to at least test the waters this spring and see where he stacks up with the other QBs in this draft class.  Best of luck to all three whether in the league or as Buckeyes next year.


Comment 15 Nov 2013

Just can't trust any other team in the B1G to take care of business.  I have done it for years only to be disappointed.  The last 3 bowl seasons come to mind.  I hope Sparty wins on Saturday, but I'm not expecting it.


Comment 08 Nov 2013

Lived in Wilmington NC for 7 years, and totally hear you on the basketball thing.   Carolina this, Duke this, State this...funny thing was that during football seasons I pretty much had my choice of bars to not only watch the Buckeyes but also have sound for the games.   There are at least 3 bars around town that you can watch the Bucks play with at least 25 other fans.  Most people in the area understand that ACC football sucks especially teams for North Carolina, and only watch there beloved Panthers on Sundays.