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Comment 23 Apr 2015

Motherf*ck those little sugar ants and skeetos.  Also hate those 24 hour fake mosquitos with the fuzzy heads that swarm in late spring off Lake Erie. Can't even get out of my house without a couple dozen flying in as soon as I open the door.  Worms at least know their place outside and don't go crawling all over my food and eating surfaces.   

Comment 23 Apr 2015

Saw Tremors in a 2nd run theater right after it was released.  First movie I saw without my parents as a young teen.  Went with a bunch of jr high buddies.  Great old theater with ashtrays on every seat.  Movies were $1 and the place was always 1/4 filled so you could sit wherever and it was all a bunch of raucous teens that were hoped up on sugar and nicotine from chain smoking in their seats.  The kind of place where a 16 yr old would take his girlfriend, sit in the back row and...well you know...and us 13 yr olds all knew as well because we were watching that instead of the movie.    

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Right.  It's not just All-Americans. LaVarr Arrington, Sean Lee, Dan Connor, NaVorro Bowman, Tamba Hali...guys like that, that went on to success in the NFL, also helped carry the moniker created by their fans.  It's not like it's anything official though and OSU could easily make the same claim with the litany of talent they've put into the NFL from the position.  

Comment 22 Apr 2015

Henderson was great in a Dennis Rodman/Ron Artest type of way.  He made otherwise meaningless games between mediocre teams like Auburn and Mississippi into something worth watching.  I wonder how his style is going over with the fan(s) in the Iraqi Basketball league?  

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Big 12 should just add SMU and Rice. At least a couple of the Big 12 teams schedule one or both of those cupcakes every year and TCU plays SMU every year anyway.  SMU gets Baylor and TCU this year and did last year as well.  Bring those former SWC conference-mate cupcakes back into the conference if you like playing them so much.  Let them build up their recruiting as a BCS team and make the rivalry meaningful rather than a conveniently close whipping boy for every September.     

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Skim milk was originally required by law to be labeled as such after unscrupulous creameries tried to sell this useless leftover as regular milk after skimming the cream for more lucrative products like butter.  

Skim milk, or what was left when the cream was separated for other purposes, was the ugly sister. Health experts warned mothers that it was paltry stuff, deficient in crucial nutrients. (Most states required that it be fortified with vitamin A to replace the fat-soluble beta-carotene that disappeared along with the cream; this step is still mandatory for fat-free and most reduced-fat milk.) At the nation's creameries skim milk was an unvalued by-product, often dumped for lack of any profitable use.

If you ask me, skim milk was probably trumpeted as healthier by some high paid lobbyists to find some modestly profitable use for an otherwise useless byproduct that should've continued being dumped in the trash where it belongs or at best been used in fertilizer or animal feed with other useless byproducts like corn husks, peanut shells and coffee grounds.   

Comment 21 Apr 2015

Skim, 1% and to a lesser extent, 2% Milk, are a creation of the late 80's - early 90's fad of low-fat everything. They are junk, just like all the reduced fat dressings, yogurts, sour cream or cheeses. They need to be jacked up with cheap sugar to even taste remotely decent.  

My grandfather ate his cereal with cream or half and half until he was in his 70s.  He stopped when he was convinced by his 1990's fad diet influenced doctor who said it was bad for him.   The old Wheaties boxes even used to say "Wheaties - The Breakfast of Champions - serve with Milk or Cream and Fruit".  

Comment 21 Apr 2015

The natural fat in milk is what makes the best vehicle for the body to absorb the vitamins and nutrients in it that make it so healthy to drink.  Even more so if it's low temp pasteurized and non-homoginzed (cream rises to the top).   

Comment 20 Apr 2015

Of my two closest friends growing up, one's father went to ND and the other's father went to and played football for UM.   Made for interesting Saturday afternoon's if I happened to be at one of their houses wanting to watch/cheer for OSU. The UM football one was real cool about it though.  Seems to be that the actual football players are far less intense about their former team than the non-football player alum/fans.      

Comment 15 Apr 2015
They look like some generic Oregon St unis.  

Having the name on the front makes it look like those knock-offs little kids got as Hallooween costumes in the 80s.

Comment 15 Apr 2015

I remember watching a show where a guy suffering from cluster headaches took magic mushrooms.  He'd grind them up and eat them whenever he felt them coming on.   Found a link

Comment 14 Apr 2015

I'll bet Miami's number gets smaller real fast.  A lot of those guys from dominant teams in the early 2000's are set to retire real soon. Guys like Wilfork, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, DJ Williams...those guys are real close and some guys from the mid 2000's like Hester and Merriweather aren't far behind.    

Comment 14 Apr 2015

Tony Fisher comes to mind.  Ohio's Mr. Football in 1997 from Euclid.  Ohio State was in a less than ideal spot at RB with Pepe Pearson graduating and converted WR/DB Michael Wiley no lock to hold down the role.     

Of course Fisher's primary recruiter at Notre Dame was Urban Meyer, so who can blame him.  

You are correct though, OSU hasn't lost a non-Ctholic HS top in-state recruit to UND in at least 10 years (Brady Quinn was probably the most recent).  Probably only really lost 1 Catholic HS top 10 recruit in the last decade as well (Malik Zaire) before Kramer this year.      

Comment 09 Apr 2015

What's the rule on early enrollees in regards to are they bound to the 1 year transfer rule once they attend college classes? Something different?

From all I can find, early enrollment rules changed in 2014 in favor of the student athlete.  Recruits could now sign as early as August prior to their graduation and once they signed the aid agreement it bound the university to honor their scholarship offer but the recruit could still "decommit" anytime before NSD.  

What I don't know is, once the recruit starts attending classes in January, can he still back out prior to NSD and commit somewhere else without having to sit out a year?   If he could leave, this might provide some clarity on Dean who definitely would have found a home at another BCS conference school with a month to go before NSD, if he wasn't seriously injured.    

Comment 18 Mar 2015
El Yucateco on Mexican, hot giardiniera on Pizza and meatball subs, Sambal Oelek on Middle Eastern pita sandwiches, raw sliced seranos on cheese burgers
Comment 18 Mar 2015
Those two are decent, but more chain friendly tamer sauces. For Mexican food nothing beats El Yucateco. Perfect heat and flavor for Mexican/Central American food. This has got me craving a chicharone and cheese papusa.
Comment 18 Mar 2015
El yucateco is my go to for any Mexican dish. In my book, its borderline not a good Mexican restaurant if they dont have it. Most of the better ones do have it thankfully.
Comment 17 Mar 2015

Yes.  Many areas have Coyote drives several times a year as fundraisers for various things.  If I recall, they have very limited success in terms of # taken vs. how many hunters went out.  Coyotes are really "wily" and are hard to track outside of winter.  Take this coyote hunt in Pennsylvania for example.  3,908 paid registrants went out and only 162 coyotes were weighed in.   Or another in Pennsylvania with 140 hunters and 15 coyotes taken. 

Huge coyote populations thrive in major cities like Chicago and Vancouver, BC and these go largely unhunted.  They use the train track corridors that have very limited human presence and navigate across the urban city almost completely unnoticed.   

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Coyotes eat cats.  In fact, I just saw a video on LiveLeak yesterday showing a coyote leaving the backyard of a residential area with a cat hanging limp from it's jaws.  

Comment 11 Mar 2015
North Ridgeville has a decent share of mountaineer fans. Lots of WV transplants moved there in the 60s-70s to work at the two Ford plants that were in neighboring Lorain and Avon Lake. I believe they also had a WVU grad that coached football a few years back, but that was before McCall was in HS. Anyway, probably unneccessary thoughts points Im presenting. Just anxious waiting for a kid to commit to OSU already, especially one from a town i worked and lived in for several years.
Comment 04 Mar 2015

Thinking about it, Prescott Burgess was probably the only serious recruiting battle Ohio St. lost to Michigan during Tressel's tenure. Justin Boren might count but he realized his error and came to Ohio St. eventually. Guys like Mario Manningham never even got OSU offers, IIRC.  Maybe Mike Massey and Shawn Crable 

By the end of Tressel's tenure, Michigan was battling Bowling Green and Toledo for the Ohio St.'s recruiting scraps.  

Comment 22 Feb 2015
Small inner ring suburb SE of Cleveland. Declining poulation since the 70s (35K to 22K). Historically a decent working class area but has seen a huge demographic shift the past 15-20 years. Population was over 50% white in 2000, by 2010 it was 25% white. The area is rough now. Probably the roughest Cleveland 'burb after (long after) East Cleveland. Borders Garfield Hts., Bedford, Warrensville Hts and Ceveland. Never particularly great at football historically but was a wrestling power in the 50s, 60s and 70s winning 10 state titles. Got good at football over the past ten years. Won the D2 state title in 2010 when 5'8" 145lbs Shaq Washington was a mini Braxton Miller impersonator. He went to UC and played WR.