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Comment 18 Mar 2015
El Yucateco on Mexican, hot giardiniera on Pizza and meatball subs, Sambal Oelek on Middle Eastern pita sandwiches, raw sliced seranos on cheese burgers
Comment 18 Mar 2015
Those two are decent, but more chain friendly tamer sauces. For Mexican food nothing beats El Yucateco. Perfect heat and flavor for Mexican/Central American food. This has got me craving a chicharone and cheese papusa.
Comment 18 Mar 2015
El yucateco is my go to for any Mexican dish. In my book, its borderline not a good Mexican restaurant if they dont have it. Most of the better ones do have it thankfully.
Comment 17 Mar 2015

Yes.  Many areas have Coyote drives several times a year as fundraisers for various things.  If I recall, they have very limited success in terms of # taken vs. how many hunters went out.  Coyotes are really "wily" and are hard to track outside of winter.  Take this coyote hunt in Pennsylvania for example.  3,908 paid registrants went out and only 162 coyotes were weighed in.   Or another in Pennsylvania with 140 hunters and 15 coyotes taken. 

Huge coyote populations thrive in major cities like Chicago and Vancouver, BC and these go largely unhunted.  They use the train track corridors that have very limited human presence and navigate across the urban city almost completely unnoticed.   

Comment 17 Mar 2015

Coyotes eat cats.  In fact, I just saw a video on LiveLeak yesterday showing a coyote leaving the backyard of a residential area with a cat hanging limp from it's jaws.  

Comment 11 Mar 2015
North Ridgeville has a decent share of mountaineer fans. Lots of WV transplants moved there in the 60s-70s to work at the two Ford plants that were in neighboring Lorain and Avon Lake. I believe they also had a WVU grad that coached football a few years back, but that was before McCall was in HS. Anyway, probably unneccessary thoughts points Im presenting. Just anxious waiting for a kid to commit to OSU already, especially one from a town i worked and lived in for several years.
Comment 04 Mar 2015

Thinking about it, Prescott Burgess was probably the only serious recruiting battle Ohio St. lost to Michigan during Tressel's tenure. Justin Boren might count but he realized his error and came to Ohio St. eventually. Guys like Mario Manningham never even got OSU offers, IIRC.  Maybe Mike Massey and Shawn Crable 

By the end of Tressel's tenure, Michigan was battling Bowling Green and Toledo for the Ohio St.'s recruiting scraps.  

Comment 22 Feb 2015
Small inner ring suburb SE of Cleveland. Declining poulation since the 70s (35K to 22K). Historically a decent working class area but has seen a huge demographic shift the past 15-20 years. Population was over 50% white in 2000, by 2010 it was 25% white. The area is rough now. Probably the roughest Cleveland 'burb after (long after) East Cleveland. Borders Garfield Hts., Bedford, Warrensville Hts and Ceveland. Never particularly great at football historically but was a wrestling power in the 50s, 60s and 70s winning 10 state titles. Got good at football over the past ten years. Won the D2 state title in 2010 when 5'8" 145lbs Shaq Washington was a mini Braxton Miller impersonator. He went to UC and played WR.
Comment 12 Feb 2015

I think I still have the autographed B&W photo he gave to each of the students in his Mom's class.  It was pretty sweet, but I didn't fully appreciate the experience at the time - I believe it was 1st grade.  My father of course gave me a long history lesson on Tom after I brought home the autographed picture and said something like "What's so special about Tom Cosineau?"  My Dad's reaction was like Walter Sobchak's when The Dude asks him who the F is Arthur Digby Sellers? 

Turned out that Tom would buy a house very close to where we lived and Dad made sure to tell me who lived there every time we passed it, which was several times a week.

Comment 12 Feb 2015

JC transfers seems to be the preferred route of almost all the middling SEC teams. Miss St already has commitments from the top 4 JC players in 2016 and took 4 of the top 50 in 2015.    

Lonnie should be squarely in Indiana or Purdue's sights if he qualifies.  Those teams shouldn't be passing up talent with roots in their backyards.  

Comment 11 Feb 2015
Had Cousineau's mom as an elementary school teacher right around the time he was drafted #1. He came in one day and i remember the student teacher was like a smitten school girl. His mom completely embarrassed her pointing out how obvious it was in front of Tom and us kids.
Comment 10 Feb 2015

Why is Tucky already being counted out? Did I miss something about his recruitment?  He may just be a late offer like Stump (September) or Nick Conners (June) after proving it at summer camps.  

Comment 03 Feb 2015

Stipulation in his release stateshe can't join another SEC team.  His poor taste tweet aside (let's not forget Cardale Jones' tweeting once upon a time), he is still a 6'3" 300 lbs body that would probably start on over 100 other FBS school's d-lines.  

D-Line is probably the deepest position group at 'Bama where they crank out multiple draft picks from that group each year and they have a JC transfer at DT in the 2015 class , another 5-star DT as well as a JC transfer from 2014 class (Jarran Reed) who decided not to declare for the draft  Guy wants to start and 'Bama is probably one of 5 schools where he can't.            

Comment 01 Feb 2015
Pace's credentials are better than Bettis'. Jerome got in purely off longevity, IMO. Had very pedestrian career avgs and i believe he is the first RB with a career per attempt avg < 4.0 to get in, in over 25 yrs. Was never a dominant back in his era; only two season with over 10 rushing TDs, only 4 seasons (of 13) over 4.0 ypc and 8 of 13 seasons he finished with under 1,100 yards rushing. He deserved to get in one day, but not on his 2nd year possible. Should have got in very similar to how Andre Reed did; on like the 10th year possible.
Comment 30 Jan 2015

Is it correct to assume that even with that one year suspension, driving privileges are granted for work, correct?  At least for a 1st time offender.  

Comment 30 Jan 2015

Of course the proper answer is to not be stupid and drive drunk BUT If you make the decision to break the law and drive drunk AND get pulled over, respectfully decline both the field sobriety test and the breathe test.  The burden of proof is on them to prove your guilt so you don't want to give them any more ammo than what made them pull you over. If they say it's because you failed to completely stop then that's not an indicator you were possibly drunk like swerving would be.  All field sobriety tests are at the officers discretion so you have no idea what is passing or failing.  You may actually pass and they could say you failed just so they can try to get you to take a BAC test. Any good lawyer will always tell you to decline BAC. Arguing about it only gives them more chances to smell the alcohol on your breathe or hear your slurred speech.  Your license will be suspended for the refusal, but it also will be if you fail the BAC.  However, if you blow a high BAC, harsher charges can be applied.   So bite the bullet on the license suspension, give them as little evidence as possible and fight it in court.  

Also, never answer how much you drank. say "sorry Officer, I just don't remember."  Always be polite.      

Comment 30 Jan 2015

You should visit a little town called Linndale, where 80% of their budget is covered by traffic fines. They had their Mayor's court abolished by a Senate Bill banning Mayor's courts in villages with a population under 200. In response they turned to traffic cameras which can be appealed in front of an administrative hearing officer designated by the police department. If you take your fine to a hearing there is an additional $25 fee on top of the $100 ticket.  Also, "The Hearing Officer may waive this administrative hearing fee only if the owner or responsible person pleads liable and pays the full amount of the civil penalty prior to commencement of the hearing."

Comment 28 Jan 2015

Ole Miss doesn't have the huge basketball payroll that UK has. Maybe UK can divert even 10% of the b-ball bagmen funds to help the football recruiting.  

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Something like in Thug Love from Bone and 2pac could fit. At 1:20 in the song where Tupac says, "we can do this like Gangsters and slug it out" which is followed in the song by the sound effect of a shotgun chambering and firing

Comment 16 Jan 2015

Somebody out in the interwebs has to have added some special effects and/or sound to that gif by now. That should be interesting when it turns up.  I imagine something like a shotgun chambering a round followed by it firing into poor Mr. Balducci.  

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I don't think teams with "pressing needs" are going to take a flyer on a guy with 3 games of experience because they need someone to start in August. Not even on King Cardale. 

Having absolutely no better option at QB tends to make those risky picks a lot easier to swallow.  They used a 1st round pick on a 28 year "kid" a couple years ago and last year another on Manziel for example.  a 5'11" QB that claimed to have never had a playbook in college. Taking a guy like Cardale should go down real easy compared to those giant, prickly pills.  Too bad Haslam is an SEC guy and will butt his nose in to say "No" to drafting Cardale kinda like he forced his GM to take Manziel even though all signs point to him wanting Bridgewater or Carr over JWTF 

Cardale was imposing his will on future NFL defenders from Alabama and Oregon like they were guys from San Jose St.  That ability alone makes me confident that even if he goes to a shithouse like Cleveland and struggles passing his first few years in the NFL, at least he will extend some pass plays and drives like Roethlisberger did with his legs during his rookie season in Pittsburgh. They can set up the team to only expect Cardale to pass around 20 times a game like Ben did his first two years with the Steelers and let the D and running game grind it out. Just the threat of Cardale airing one out with make it easier for his team to run, and the Browns have a strong D and O-line already, they just had no threat to throw beyond 30 yards down field. and it was suffocating their offense down the stretch.