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Comment 12 hours ago
Only bad pizza I had was this crap they used to sell at Blimpie's at Miami University about 15 years ago. Not edible even when highly inebriated. Like flat bread with ketchup and velvetta
Comment 15 hours ago
Lived in Minneapolis and Chicago. Siburban Minneapolis is beautiful. Like driving through a nature preserve with the lakes right off the road. The cold in MN and WI is exaggerated and it snowed far more in Cleveland. It was in the 90s in April and September when I lived in MN. Also, almost all the apts and office buildings had indoor parking so the cold was less impactful on the daily routine than here in Ohio.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
I work with a dude that had an inground pool installed. ~$25k and took over a month and a half to finish
Comment 06 Feb 2016
Aldi's has a good 16" meat lovers thin crust they sell in the deli area. I'll church it up with extra cheese, garlic powder and olive oil. Decent for $6
Comment 06 Feb 2016
T.O. not getting in would be a disgrace. 2nd most receiving yards in nfl history. Same with Harrison, Pace, Faneca and Favre. These guys all are the definition of the best of their era HOFers. No doubters, perennial all pros. These aren't Jereme Bettis types that were maybe top 10 at their position in their era but played forever so they compiled lots of stats but were never great (career 3.9 per attempt). These are all decade, best in their era players.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
the Browns drafted 13 Buckeyes between 1952 and 1964. They also coincidently, or not, won 3 championships in that span. They didn't draft another Buckeye until 1971 and only 5 between 1971 and 1994. Only one of those buckeyes was selected before round 5, a 2nd round pick used on Punter Tom Skladany who held out, was traded and never played for the Browns.
Comment 06 Feb 2016
The Browns rarely draft Buckeyes. Darnell sanders and Robiskie are the only 2 I can think of in at least 15 yrs. It's probably more to why they suck than it being they ruin buckeyes.
Comment 04 Feb 2016
My wife and her brothers went to Tech in the 80s and 90s. Never heard a good story about it, can't imagine it's gotten any better. Great to see a kid from there, staying there, doing well and setting a positive example. Markell isn't from the east side area where Tech is though. He's a west side kid that probably went there because they're the best for basketball in the city. Probably lives closer to Lincoln West or Max Hayes which have terrible basketball teams
Comment 23 Jan 2016
Get a QB that gets rid of the ball quicker. Its no coincidence that Manning and Brady always lead the league in quickest release time (from snap to pass) and Cleveland QBs were at the bottom for that stat this year. The oline is the least of the Browns' problems.
Comment 23 Jan 2016
If the Browns draft another OL I'll gouge my eyes out. They've already got three 1st rounders (Thomas, Mack, Irving) and two 2nd rounders (Schwartz, Bitonio) on that line. Bosa is a no Brainer but even the front 7 is loaded with 1st rounders (Mingo, Shelton) or high dollar free agents (Krueger, Desmond Bryant, Randy Starks, Dansby). So much so that they let two starters walk last year and one is starting with the Patriots (Sheard) and the other with Seattle (Rubin). Their problem has always been the guy that puts his hands under the center's behind. Until they fix that, little else matters.
Comment 19 Jan 2016
Got a "sales" job the summer after high school. Supposedly was retail audio sales and home installation. Showed up to the warehouse the first day to a group of casually dressed guys with several of them wearing Oregon Ducks hats. There was a meeting sort of like a pep rally going over each guys numbers for the month and what areas they'd each be canvassing as not to overlap. It sort didn't seem like the description I got over the phone but what the hell. After the meeting, I was paired up with someone and we go into the parking lot and get in one of many white vans with out of state plates (mine was Arkansas). We start going to our area and this is when I learn what we're really doing. The guy shows me a pamphlet with retail prices on it for speakers. Something like $1,199 . Anyway he tells me we have to get $200 and anything over that is ours. We're loaded wuth 4 speakers and we proceed to cruise around East Cleveland trying to play it off like we had the hook up because we were loaded with an extra pair of speakers at the dock that weren't on the load manifest. His ploy was that we had to sell them before we went back or they'd see them and take them back. Drove around all day with this chain-smoker who kept saying "there's a duck" when he spotted a potential mark to run the scam on. 10 hrs skipping lunch and sold not 1 speaker. Didn't get paid since we sold nothing. I didn't go back for day two.
Comment 18 Jan 2016
i could sit for hours in the cube without a visitor but let me rip a hot SBD lingerer and somebody is undoubtedly going to come over for a chat. Depending who it is, I'll either warn them that we should move or I'll wait until they get a gpod mouthful and then laugh at their reaction.
Comment 15 Jan 2016
must watch sitcoms for me were: Silver Spoons Dukes of Hazard Dif'rent Strokes Perfect Strangers Night Court Cartoons/kid shows: Pin Wheel GI Joe He Man Today's Special The fake Ghost busters with the gorilla (think it was called The Original Ghostbusters) honorable mention for WWF and the Three Stooges (mom had a 6am job so I was up watching Stooges waiting for cartoons to come on each morning. They grew on me)
Comment 14 Jan 2016
The Cleveland Rams won the NFL Championship the moved to L.A. that offseason. Imagine the uproar that would happen today if something like that happened with the Super Bowl winner.