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Comment 20 Jan 2017
LSU is going to be huge at DT. They already have a 380 lbs "kid" committed in this class and another littler kid DT commit that is 6'4" 295lbs. Not to mention 4 other DT commits in '16, 3 or which were over 305 lbs coming in.
Comment 02 Jan 2017
'15 & '16 against MSU were terrible weather games. '14 wasn't. Barrett relies heavily on the option to open up big passes. When guys don't get clear and obvious separation he rarely takes chances in tight windows. Toss bad weather into the mix and the team becomes almost totally one dimensional and predictable. The only passes are horizontal or 110mph fastballs 5 yards down field. That is a direct result of jt playing tight. Scared of making a mistake or not trusting his receivers to make the play or be where they're supposed to be or whatever. I'm not sure if that's been hammered into him by coaches or what but it is so obvious when it happens
Comment 13 Dec 2016
He had his issues this season but on the missed xp against the Browns, the ball was laying flat on the turf when he kicked it. He'd have to be all kinds of good to make that go in.
Comment 30 Mar 2016
Crown Vic lowest cost of ownership, plenty of room... slightly better gas miles (24 hwy mpg). Screw all these little cars nowadays. Probably can find a 2011 or 2012 for real cheap compared to other cars the same age/mileage. Plus some old dude probably babied the hell out of it before you.
Comment 26 Mar 2016
the east is actually far deeper top to bottom. Cavs played very well against the west. In fact, the entire eastern conf playoff group has. Only 1 of the top 9 seeds has a losing record against the west.
Comment 05 Mar 2016
Minn has some small high schools, but Cornell went to national power Cretin-Derham. Alma-mater to NFLers like Matt Birk, Seantrelle Henderson, Michael Floyd, Steve Walsh, Chris Weinke, Ryan Harris. It doesnt stop at Football either Joe Mauer, Paul Molitor and Jack Hannahan in the MLB and Ryan McDonagh in the NHL.
Comment 03 Mar 2016
First R rated movie I saw in the theatre was Predator 2. Went with my neighbor and his mom when I was probably 10 or 11. I thought it lame that she was chaperoning but I wanted to go bad to an R movie. Well early in the movie some smokin big jugged girl is crazy riding some dude then you see her bush. Very akward
Comment 03 Mar 2016
got home and sat on the couch while my 15 yr old step daughter was watching neighbors (with Seth Rogan). She had the remote and didn't change it when the frat guys were casting their own parts for dildos. Very uncomfortable. Also sat down for an episode of portlandia she was watching where they were doing the "pull out king" bit. Ughh
Comment 03 Mar 2016
Even worse are those cheesy Jimmy Johnson extenz boner enhancer pill commercials. Couldn't watch any late night cable on channels like FX, spike, truTV, etc without that coming on. Was brutal watching with my step daughter when she was 11-15 yrs old.
Comment 23 Feb 2016
Spence is going to Cincinnati or Pittsburgh, I just know it. Will torture Cleveland's inevitable pick of a QB for years. B'more will also have Bosa fall in their lap and probably do the same. Fucking Browns
Comment 22 Feb 2016
gene and georgetti's steak house. Classic steak and Italian fare. Lyonnaise potatoes cooked in steak drippings. Not the new wave dining style, just a classic, Chicago staple. Gene's sausages is another classic Chicago place
Comment 22 Feb 2016
I have tons, but the immediate top of head are Nuthin' But A G Thang - Dr. Dre Triumph - Wu Tang Po Pimp - Do or Die Rocket Man - Elton John International Players Anthem - UGK Elevators - Outkast Tha Crossroads & 1st Of Tha Month - Bones Thugs-n-Harmony