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Comment 21 Jul 2015
Not to rain on your parade, but this video is from the early days of the internet, at least 10 years old.
Comment 26 Jan 2015

Sure.  Bob Kraft gave a long speech about how he expects an apology if they can't prove they cheated at the end of this investigation.

Then Bill went on, 3 reporters in a row asked about deflation, and to each he responded that he was focused on Seattle only.  Then the conference was over.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

What a great season. Unbelievable actually. If I were a movie studio looking for scripts, I would've sent this season's story back for re-writing and told them to make it a little bit more realistic.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

Seventeen is kind of an awkward rhyme, so how about we just go with "Consensus #1 recruiting class in the country"

Comment 25 Jan 2015

I'm wondering the same - I remember when someone got in trouble with the NFL this year after drinking while on suspension for a DUI...I think it was a kicker?  But during the offseason, and not while serving punishment?

If you get a DUI are you never allowed to drink again while playing in the NFL? Someone shed some light on this?

As for my opinion...I don't know the rules but clearly Josh Gordon does.  So even if the rule is stupid, he's got no excuse for not following it.

Comment 25 Jan 2015

I get that Buick is trying to break into a younger demographic.  But the way they're trying to do it is a bit strange to me. Like their commercials...one where a girl is trying to find her friend in a parking lot, and the friend texts her "I'm in the Buick!" and she jumps into the wrong car.  To me, the commercial is basically saying "you expect it to be an old POS when you hear Buick, but it's not anymore!"

I feel like that kind of tone degrades the current cars...which are actually pretty nice.  But maybe the fact that I can distinctly remember the commercial is all that matters?  This is why I'm not a marketing person.

Comment 24 Jan 2015
I was there today and when the crowd was going nuts for Braxton and then started a "one more year!" chant he had a big smile on his face. Also JT and CJ along with the other guys on stage were cheering for him too as he was going to the podium. Cool moment
Comment 24 Nov 2013

Other than the figurative variety occurring on the field of play.

Seriously though, while we may get a win vs FSU minus Winston, that isn't what I want as a fan.  I want to beat the best team at their best.  That's the only thing that will give us true credit.  Back-dooring into a national title won't win us any credit.

Comment 24 Nov 2013

They actually played Oregon football, and Oregon last night again played true Oregon football rather than perceived Oregon football.  True Oregon football is a lot like Stanford football, but Stanford football from when they lost to Utah (not real Stanford football).  Stanford scored 63 points last night and was actually playing Baylor football.


Comment 05 Nov 2013

Yes, and unfortunately we aren't going to get that SEC title game push that they got.  Also the argument that nobody wanted to see an OSU v Mich rematch for the title game (valid, the LSU Bama rematch was brutal) helped.  I just hope we get in.

Comment 05 Nov 2013

We can only hope that this team is like the 06 Gators.  On the outside looking in, and ranked #4 (if I remember?) going into the last week of the season where they got voted up to #2 as teams lost.  They weren't viewed as a #1 or #2 team all year until they dominated the NCG.

I would only hope that we don't have to wait until championship game weekend to jump to #2.

edit:  They were #4 behind 12-0 OSU, 11-1 Michigan, and 11-1 USC.  USC lost their championship game and Florida jumped UM after winning the SEC championship game.