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Comment 21 May 2013

Ah, Wisconsin football.  The Wisconsin basketball of the FBS.

Comment 17 Aug 2012

I'll be glad to see the special units continue to improve, especially the return game.  Besides being the most exciting plays in the game, returns for TD's go a long way in essentially guaranteeing a win.  Plus, being an Indianapolis Colts fan, I can tell you from experience that a bad return game makes the game hard to watch.

Comment 10 Aug 2012

If the offense lives up to the expectations everyone seems to have for this year, I will be pleasantly suprised.  It will be hard to improve that much in just one season.  But to be fair, if what we see this year is half as good as what the predictions are, this will be a fun team to watch.  

Comment 27 Jul 2012

It is a shame to know that guys like Boren and Simon won't get the big-time bowl game they deserve, but at the same time they seem like the type of guys who will say, "Let's go out with a bang!" and beat the tar out of that waste of space between us and Canada.