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Comment 02 Dec 2012

U-G-L-Y U ain't got no alibi...U Ugly.....ya ya U Ugly. M-A-M-A That's how U got that way...Ur mama...ya ya Ur Mama.

Comment 26 Jul 2012
What is current revised total schollies for this class going into FNL.
Comment 31 May 2012

I like the "alleged" part as well as the rivalry pic of course. I think these threats are TTUN fans posing as tOSU fans just to create a negative media blitz. It's prolly a prank that some IT students came up with to see how far they can go. They can not even tell if it is other kids, other teams, their own players, boys, girls, men or women, dogs or cats, but one thing for sure we know that those wanting to bring guns to their house and those burning opposing teams literature in effigy are from TTUN. Hoke is a Joke. I hope this clown does something to stop this before it gets out of hand. He is the only one that can put an end to it and by not doing anything he is condoning the violence perpetrated by his players and recruits. We have "blood" ,"fire" and "gun" references by TTUN players and recruits. WOW.

Comment 20 May 2012

I just threw up in my mouth after watching Kasich shoot a basketball. 

Comment 26 Apr 2012

JT Barrett + Tom Herman = Nasty


Watching him on his highlight tape, I couldn't help but think that this kid could be the perfect match for Coach Herman's master plan. Excited about this kid.

Comment 26 Apr 2012

This kid has a really great work ethic, similar to TO. Love or hate TO, you can't deny his football greatness. Thomas wants to be big in everyway and is willing to put in the work and it showed early. He has the pedigree for greatness being Keyshawns cousin and there is no reason why he can't continue what he did in the spring. Comparing him to Chilldress and Washingington in early success is fair but I can't not see him not being rewarded with playtime this fall should he continue to work hard. I am sure his weightroom dedication can't hurt especially with a Mariotti.

Comment 31 Mar 2012

I would say that we have won consistently without Buford having a big game, we have won without thomas having a big game, as with sully, smith, et al. The key guy in my opinion who keeps this ship afloat has been craft-his defense, his ball handling, and his ability to create scoring opportunities for this team. It all goes through him. 

Comment 28 Jan 2012

They also said they wanted his grades a lil bit higher. We also had Johnny Adams and DJ Woods in that class that were studs that didn't get the offer.