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Comment 17 Apr 2014

Sure, and while we're at it, Tressel eventually resigns as HC to become AD on his way to the university presidency, and Urban Meyer still comes out of "retirement" for his dream job in Columbus.  TP is a 1st round draft choice and ambassador for the university, and everyone loves Assistant HC and DC Luke Fickell, who is considered a preferred candidate for every major HC opening if he chooses not to wait as Urban's heir apparent.

However, the Browns still stink, because even hypotheticals have their limits.

Comment 16 Apr 2014
I missed this article when it was first posted, but I must say that flying high on a depleted rooster is certainly an accomplishment to crow about.
Comment 15 Apr 2014

I was attributing the wrong tweet to 9 Route (the one below his handle) and sincerely hoping it wasn't our Uncle Niner.  Not sure how I missed the Lego man.

Comment 15 Apr 2014

They changed the rule last year.  It is now illegal for a running back to lower his head and hit a defender.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Birm, that is funny and disturbing at the same time, no less because your comment appears to be written in some sort of free verse.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Man, Fickell's even responsible for the Spring Game tix being overpriced. Dude can't catch a break.