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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2014-15 Championship run. Every moment of it. Even the dumb Virginia Tech game I attended. It was all worth it... first ever college playoff champs!
  • NFL TEAM: Colts
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Comment 07 Feb 2016
Where these scools are located has very little to do with how pitiful their classes are. Good recruiters can recruit anywhere. It just takes a commitment to competing.
Comment 22 Jan 2016
I'm not sure that word... hybrid... means what you think it means
Comment 04 Jan 2016
And if they get cut or hurt or anything else... luckily Ohio State will still be there and ready for them to return to finish their degree. So it's a no brainer when you consider the average NFL career is under 5 years.
Comment 30 Dec 2015
I think it's obvious he likes being a teacher and a mentor. His coaching career is over but thats not such a bad thing. I wouldnt like seeing him at another school.
Comment 17 Dec 2015
I would be more than happy to welcome bass dropper back to the fold. He deserves another chance to be a part of the best site on the Internet.
Comment 17 Dec 2015
It is funny... having been a member of this site since 2010 it has been quite the double edged sword. So much has changed for the better... but the condescension on this site has grown 10 fold