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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Personally: My pick 6 on Senior night for my high school team......

    Viewing: The Game, 2004. I was there with my dad. It was a down year for the Bucks but the good guys came away with a huge victory denying UM a trip to the Rose. I will always remember Ted Ginn's punt return. The shoe was shaking and is still to this day the loudest moment of my life.
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Comment 03 Sep 2014
Coming from Nashville. Staying at a hotel on High St. We are all between 29 and 33. Looking good food and good drinks. Also kind of wondering what are some new things to do on game days since I was on campus all the way back in 2007.
Comment 03 Sep 2014
Thanks for the great insight buckeyegirl. Truly sounds like a great day you've planned. In my college years things were not as well planned as I'd like Saturday to be.
Comment 07 Nov 2013
Do they play defense in the big 12 or Pac 12? I mean I get that Stanford's d is legit. But Oklahomas ofensive playcalling looks like piss. I don't know... I'm just sitting here drinking my bourbon and wondering why these teams get all the attention. Go bucks!
Comment 25 Oct 2013

The deciding factor in this game will be how much defensive pressure we can get on a young QB. I hope the D is more creative and aggressive than the last few games.

Comment 23 Sep 2013

Saban isn't going anywhere. It's all just his agent and his way of getting Bama to give him an extension and salary bump.

Comment 15 Aug 2013

It's always so damn frustrating when your body fails you. The mental toughness may be there but the body is incapable. I wish both of these men the best of luck and hope their education at one of the most prestigious universities in the country will carry them well in to a new chapter of life.

Comment 31 Jul 2013

There is a clear difference between trusting and liking for me.

I definitely like 2/47 rankings and I think most people do for the same reason... They tend to be more willing to hand out 4 or 5 stars to propects.

I trust Rivals more because I think they tend to be more critical and take their time evaluating players throughout the process.

Comment 01 Jul 2013

First, this is great. Gotta love these kids and their commitment to this class and OSU.

Second, why does it seem more and more common that when someone or a group of people do something for themselves that they are proud of that some other internet d*ck feels like that's his time to really step up and be an even bigger d*ck. Glad our guys aren't participating in this negative isht.