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Comment 21 Oct 2010

BUCKSFAN, you've successfully put me in my place. Congratulations.

Go Bucks.

Comment 21 Oct 2010

While I agree that expectations are absurd 99% of the time, getting blown out 21-0 for the first third of game is not an absurb expectation. Amirite?

Secondarily, I'll give you the ultimate counter-examples for going undefeated: 1) Boise State. 2) TCU. Is Wisky better or worse than Oregon State & VaTech?

In context of my poll, "why isn't this team meeting expectations", I was merely attempting to highlight the hole(s) in the armor which frustrates the fans, aka INVESTORS, (who support this program with their wallets, purses and pocketbooks) the most. 

Comment 21 Oct 2010

E-roc Poll (11W is welcome to re-post if they want to):

With a team boasting so many 3, 4 and 5-star recruits and athletes, plenty of starters on both sides of the ball, and a supposed Heisman contender, why is this team not meeting fan-expectations?

  • Coaching - this includes both play-calling, strategies/schemes and player development.
  • Leadership - TP and Cam don't have everyone on the same page regardless of what the media leads us to believe.
  • Player Execution - practice? Maybe they need more of it.
  • Player Attitude - arguably, this would/could be a reflection of coaching, right?
  • Injury & Classroom Bugs - this poll question is moot with healthy & eligible Barnett, Moeller, Marcus Hall, etc...
  • Simply Overrated - Let's be honest, did this team's Rose Bowl success against an AVERAGE Oregon team really mean anything? Since then, W's v. Marshall, Ohio Jr., EMU, an also overrated U...., and the Illinois Fighting Illinillinillinillinillinillini.ni.ni.ni.

My vote is for coaching for the following reasons: 1) ShortBus special teams. 2) Bollman's irrelevant offensive offensive line development. Go take notes from Wisky, Iowa and BOISE STATE please. 3) Play-calling & lack of adjustments in big games feels like a "dear god I hope it works" approach. 4) 2002/2003 was so 2002/2003. Welcome to the present.

Comment 20 Oct 2010

Less flaccid Silver Bullet-points...

  • Go Husker (singular)! - Hellooooooooo Nebraska honey...! Welcome to the Big10... Please come visit Cbus...
  • DB stands for Defense-less Backs - with the war of attrition taking place on this Buckeye team, there's no greater time for one of these kids to step up and earn their scholarship money. While we can all hope and pray that Travis Howard turns into Ty Howard; Corey Brown morphs into Chris Gamble; Aaron Gant is reborn as Gary Berry and Orhian Johnson learns the playbook, it's more likely that we'll look very young and helpless at DB for the next several weeks regardless of who starts/plays. I didn't even mention Chekwa and Torrence because they're still in detention after getting schooled by the Wisky WRs last weekend.
  • Brotherhood - Randall Cobb is proof that "SEC" is actually just short for SECondary Schools.
  • NFL & SAT words - I'll take the Over on Chris Martin (of BTN) comparing Ryan Kerrigan to Julius Peppers or Dwight Freeney at least once on Saturday. Mr. Martin will also use more than five SAT words in one run-on sentence during the broadcast.
  • Cover? Just win, baby! - Given last year's horrifying, Saturday the 17th, nightmare on Elm Street trip to West Laid-an-Egg, I'll take a "W" and worry about betting the spread in other non-SweaterVest-coached games.
  • Carpenter & C-Bus' ShortBus Teams - Honestly, in light of the halloween season, I think he's merely possessed by the same demons and turf monsters that are plaguing our beloved Buckeyes special teams. Let's face it - it looks like all the KO/Punt coverage guys are scared of tackling, afraid to stay in their lanes and take on a blocker, and traumatized of the idea of kicking the ball out of the back of the endzone...
  • Random Prediction of the Week - Replacing the injured Ross Homan, Dorian Bell (#11) will show he belongs on the field this week, and not in a special teams capacity. Maybe little bro Adam should switch over to defense from his FB position?
Comment 18 Oct 2010

My oh-so-very-flaccid-bullet points:

  • Tear drops. Welcome back TP arm-punts and freshman-year decision-making.
  • Short bussin' it. Another week, another game where tOSU's special teams came and left on the short bus. From this point forward, kick-offs should be only one of two things: 1) a squib kick, 2) a kick out of bounds. F*ck kicking it deep ever again this season with a half-azz coverage squad.
  • HOLE-y D-line. It's not as good as advertised, and it's time to move/keep Heyward at DE as he got pushed around like a nerdy HS kid. Wisky also exposed tOSU's lack of safety support (Moeller & Barnett, how desperately they need you out there). It's hard to place blame on the LBs when the DL can't hold it's position.
  • If anyone got a Buckeye Leaf... it better have only gone to Boom and Dane. Everyone else should run one mile for each leaf collected to-date.
  • M.I.A. - Defensive line. Defensive backs. Linebackers. QB pressure. Semblance of intelligent play-calling. Saine in the slot. Saine wheel-routes. Posey 8 yd out-routes. Stoneburner. Offensive tackles. Kick-off coverage. Kick-return blocking. Run-blitzes. Press coverage.
  • Get me a barf-bag - When bobblehead Brent is comparing JJ Watt to Jared Allen, you know you have SIGNIFICANT problems at Offensive Tackle.
  • We were who they thought we were - If anything, it's clear that the pundits who believed that tOSU's cupcake schedule, with a Miami cream-filling, should not have promoted the Buckeyes to the #1 last week.
  • The season will be salvaged with.... a win against scUM. Right now, that's the ONLY game I'm concerned about winning.
Comment 15 Oct 2010

tOSU wins and covers: 28-16

...and does lots of this...
...and lots of this...

Comment 11 Oct 2010

IMO - win out and the Buckeyes are in. This stupid BCS ranking should come out in Week 10 after teams have actually played a meaningful season. It's asinine that these rankings are released so early in the season when the majority of teams have played a handful of cupcakes and have yet to get through the heart of their schedules.

The algorithm needs to be amended so humans account for more than 66% of the total score. 80% sounds better to me.

Comment 11 Oct 2010
They must be duct-taped underneath... or the dress was glued on.
Comment 08 Oct 2010

What's that say about our defense if our best defender was playing with a partially torn pec and he was still the best player? *cringe*

I bleed as much scarlet and gray as anyone else on these boards, but I'm becoming much more of a cautious optimist as the season progresses. Injuries have decimated what could have been a very very good team, but at this point in time, my feet are on the ground and I'm coming to terms with the fact that this might be a 9-3, 10-2 team at the end of the season...

..that doesn't mean I won't hold out hope that tOSU gets to the Big Dance...

p.s. - as long as we beat scUM, it will be a good season.

Comment 07 Oct 2010

I read the ATO blog and my conclusion is that Bollman is still to blame for poor coaching of executing the scheme and Saine is not a zone-runner (i.e. he has terrible vision for a  RB). Subsequently, if your players can't figure out zone-blocking, DON'T RUN IT. What happened to just lining up and blowing people off the ball instead of trying to play tic-tac-toe at the line of scrimmage? We've been reading the same page over and over for the last five years and the last sentence is always the same. Insert definition of insanity.

Here's to moving Saine to slot WR. *cheers*

Comment 05 Oct 2010

More Silver Bulletpoints...

  • In all seriousness, Brandon Saine is the reincarnation of Maurice Wells sans the rasta hair and a #4 on the jersey. It's safe to make the argument that they've both been tackled by grassmonsters, 10 mph wind and undersized CB's pinky fingers.
  • Can the Big Ten Network PLEASE bring in Gus Johnson to replace Chris "I like using SAT words but know nothing about logic" Martin????!!! I almost wrote the BTN to complain about Martin the Martian.
  • Christian Bryant = Antoine Winfield 2.0....?
  • I'll teach Doug how to Dougie.
Comment 03 Oct 2010
Week 5 - Silver Bulletpoints:
  • RBs: The only "zooming" Saine does is right to the turf after getting the ball... and Boom still shuffles his feet like a cartoon character instead of running. I watched Ingram, Richardson, LaMichael James and Demarco Murray and they're in a completely different league than our terrible two-some. These guys look great against BCS competition and Saine & Herron only look good against MAC competition.
  • O-Line: I was going to take a shot at the O-line but on the game-sealing drive, they finally got their heads in the game and showed some toughness.
  • Posey needs Stick'em...
  • Stoneburner: Who would've thought that not having him around would handicap the offense so much?
  • Moeller: Shat. At least the injury occurred in the field of play this time.... right? We really could've used him v. scUM.
  • We found out what the Buckeyes look like without Pryor and it's ugly.
  • If tOSU had to play 'Bama, Boise St., Oregon or Oklahoma today (on a neutral field), tOSU would lose.
Comment 29 Sep 2010

My Silver Bulletpoints:

  • Let's not forget that DeVier has a pretty good arm too.
  • Just because teams can prep for the HB throw, doesn't mean they can cover Pryor. It's not like anyone in the BigTen has a 6'6 free safety/corner with a +30" vertical.
  • The News-Herald firmly believes that anything not called "Dive", "Power O", "QB Read Option" is a trick play in Tressel's book.
  • I prefer having four healthy above average RBs than four injured/dinged up above average RBs (see: 2009). If this year is a mess, just wait until 2012 with Ball and Dunn. Gotta love having a healthy Berry!
  • I'm still waiting for an OSU student to walk-on as the new kick-off specialist....
Comment 29 Sep 2010

From the Andy Reid Guide to Coaching - "You pass to set up the run."

Comment 29 Sep 2010

I'll take it over the announcer on the PA saying.. "...another Ohio State... FIRST DOWN!"..


Comment 23 Sep 2010

p.s. - I don't think I'll ever attend a game that compares to OSU-scUM 2002. As a 4th year senior, I sat about 30 rows up in what is now a much larger Block-O section. I was fully prepared in several layers of cotton and wool, gloves and a hat, along with a stomach full of five or six Miller Lites. I successfully lost my voice with several minutes remaining before halftime and no adult beverages to sooth my throat. The best I could do in the 2nd half was clap and stomp as loudly as I humanly could with a 180lbs frame.

I remember watching Will Allen in his scarlet #26 uni intercept the ball in the endzone and the chaos that ensued in storming the field.

My best game experience ever.

Comment 23 Sep 2010

@Johnny - As I recall this was our redemption game to the embarrassing spanking we received in 2004... which made this "Best Game Ever" all the more sweeeeeeeeeeeet..

Comment 20 Sep 2010

Grade: B+... Offense - Good (DeVier FTW). Defense - Nasty (welcome back Tyler Moeller). Special teams - special (short bus special). We could use Shaun Lane and Aaron Pettrey right about now.

Side note - did anyone else notice just how classless the Ohio U. band was? I think they tried to play over TBDBITL on every play in the 3rd quarter.

I also just saw the replays of their mascot acting like a d-bag. Grow up kitten. Go back to your litter box.

...and they wonder why they're just a little brother football school in the state of Ohio....

Comment 19 Sep 2010

Our special teams are indeed "Special". Everyone else gets off the bus, and they get off the short bus. 

It's unbelievable that we don't have any kickers than can boot the ball TO the goal line on a consistent basis. 

Buchanan should just boot all of his punts out of bounds from a max-protection punt formation. The blocked punt was ridiculous.

Comment 13 Sep 2010

Unoffically, that's THREE Big 10 Teams in the Top 10....(four in the Top 11)!

  • SEC - 2 teams (and South Carolina (19) looks like a much better TEAM than Florida (9)..)
  • Big12 - 2 teams (October 2 is going to be very telling)
  • Pac10 - 1 team (and it's not USC)
  • Other - 2 teams (and come December, neither team will be in contention for the Nat'l Championship game).

Let me know when scUM or Oregon plays a team with a defense worth writing Lou Holtz about.