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Comment 06 Oct 2014

Pretty sure he is referring to Scott or Baker.  For some reason I'm not as worried about our RB position as others might be.  If we don't land one in 2015 we will clean up in 2016.  We already have Hill.  McCall is coming to OSU, no matter what the domers might think and we're in heavy with Washington.  If we can get those three, who are all different types of backs, we'll be just fine. I'd say pass this year on RB and use the spot for more D-line/LB.  Sweat, Gustin, Jefferson, Gallimore ect ect

Comment 10 Sep 2014

That literally made me laugh out loud.  Well done sir!!

Comment 10 Sep 2014

+1 for the War Games reference!!

And to think, that was cutting edge stuff back in the day!  Now I can destroy the world from an app on my phone.  I guess that's what we call progress right?

Comment 10 Sep 2014

Thank you for the update

Comment 10 Sep 2014

The home is at the very least the ONE PLACE in every person's world that should be known to be safe.  When I was growing up, my family always made it that way and now I make certain that I do the same.  I can't express enough how badly I feel for people for whom that isn't the case.

Comment 23 Aug 2013

I am 43 years old.  I live in Northern Ohio, I'm a Buckeye fan, a Browns Fan and an Indians fan.  I'm not much into basketball but wish the Cavs the best every year.

  In my life time I watched the some of the highest rated and most talented Buckeye's get owned by the skunk weasels in the 90's.  Then this great D2 coach named Tressel gets hired and takes us to the National Championship against an absolute JUGGERNAUT of a team.  No one expected much of the Buckeyes but we were hoping for a good game of it.  OH MY LORD to this day I consider that game, along with many others to be the VERY BEST COLLEGE FOOTBALL GAME EVER PLAYED.

  I've seen the best teams of the Browns, since not having a running back named Brown toting the rock, lose in the most horrible fashion possible, TWICE!!, to the same team.  I saw John Elway at an event where he was signing autographs and the rotten prick had the audacity to CHARGE Cleveland fans for his autograph.  He should have paid us to take them, we put him in the HoF for goodness sake!  I've witnessed the Browns leave and then come back, and I still hope for them to be great, but after all, this is Cleveland. 

  I've witnessed the WORST teams the Indians have EVER put on the field along with what is generally considered some of the BEST teams to don Wahoo.  I saw them play at the old stadium where they lost 102 games and I saw Jim Thome catch the final out against Baltimore the day after Cal Ripken broke Lou Gehrig's record.  I was sitting in the club seats for the entire series with them, Cal Ripken came up to bat and hit a foul ball right at us.  It was coming right at me and looked like it was the size of a watermelon.  NO WAY I WAS GOING TO MISS IT!  I threw an elbow at my friend's chest to the left of me, knocking him and his beer all of the poor bastard sitting in front of us, but I was going to get that foul ball.  My other friend 2 seats down, sticks out his hand, it glances off his fingertips and alters course JUST enough that I couldn't get a hand on it and drops in the lap of this girl behind me.  She picked it up and handed it to her boyfriend sitting next to her with the question "Here honey, do you want this?".  I about shat myself....  That team in '95 lost the World Series to Atlanta, great series.  In '97 they lost, and holy hell I STILL can't believe they did, to the Marlins.  Mesa came in and I thought the game was over, the series was over, CLEVELAND HAS WON A CHAMPIONSHIP!!  SHITBALLZ!!!  How did that happen??????  In 2007, all the Indians had to do was win 1 more game against Boston.  They were up 3-1.   No one ever comes back from being down 3 games to 1!  Unless they are playing against Cleveland.  Boston went on to win against the Rockies....  The Tribe would have owned them in the World Series, or would they?

  The Cavs have been there.  Top talent, Price and Daugherty.  Until this guy Jordan drains one over top of Craig Ehol.  That highlight still haunts me and I don't much care about basketball.  Then the prayers of all Cleveland fans are answered!  We have the chance to get the best player since Sir Dunksalot and what's better?  HE'S HOME GROWN, NORTHERN OHIOAN!  He takes us to the finals and disappears in them.  Then he disappears for real and "takes his talents to..."  Well as a Cleveland sports fan, my opinion is that he can shove is talents squarely up his ass for the rest of that sentence.  Hearts broken again.

Superstitious? Cursed?? You bet your ass! 

  Well, I'm a Buckeye fan.  There aren't many teams at any level that can say "We've lost our GREAT GREAT coach and replaced him with an absolute LEGEND!"  If Coach Meyer and the Buckeyes can get to the NC and WIN IT ALL, That will solidify his resume' as being among the very best to have ever coached the game.  And I'm rubbing my lucky rabbits foot, not letting black cats cross my path. steering clear of ladders, turning my hat inside out putting the tee behind my left ear while spinning around 3 times and spitting on the ground twice.

NAH I'M NOT SUPERSTITIOUS AT ALL!!  God Bless the Buckeyes, Cleveland professional sport teams and their every loving fans!  Oh and for you southern Ohio sport teams fans, If it can't be us up in the north I hope it's y'all down south. 

Comment 23 Jul 2013

IT BURNS!! Class act coach Hoke!!! OMG THAT HURT TO TYPE. IT BURNS!! 


Comment 27 Jun 2013

I agree that there will always be teams that make a push.  But I think in terms of being considered and ELITE team there must be some history or something extremely special about the program.  If you take those into consideration and the Up and Comer has a very bright future and the ability to maintain it then I could see mentioning them.  But if a program’s pinnacle is based on a 4 year period of success, I'd probably not be inclined to view them with equal weight as the others.  Everyone can have a couple years of strong recruiting, but being proficient year in and year out is an exception not the norm.

Boise St is an interesting irregularity.  But would they have had the same degree of success with a schedule in any of the major conferences?  I feel that they've overachieved for the past 8 years.  If they do it for another 8 then I would obviously be wrong.

Comment 27 Jun 2013

Wouldn't that be something to see?  I love the idea of geography not being used in consideration of a "Super Conference".  It will be like an NFL minor league, but better.  Think about the financial ramifications of what would happen to the NCAA and possibly even college sports as a whole if this were to happen.  That's precisely why I don't believe we EVER will see it.


Comment 27 Jun 2013

Well said.  I was wavering with Penn St and Nebraska.  Both have the chops to be considered.  The reason I dropped them to a B list.  Nebraska had a very good run under Tom Osborne.  I recall thinking "why the hell would someone go to Nebraska to play football?"  But year in and year out he kept that team as competitive as any in the nation during his tenure.  My concerns have been post-Osborne.  The inconsistent coaching and the team's inability to regain their former glory along with my opinion of their future is what kept them off the A list.  But not by much.

Penn State on the other hand is just beginning to feel the pinch of the NCAA penalties.  I fear that even as good of a job O'Brien has done, the penalties MIGHT be too much to overcome.  Otherwise they have the history, tradition and record to be among the best.  Again I just don't feel that they will be able to compete for titles in the B1G in the near future, let alone any national considerations.  That's a damned shame in my humble opinion, but so are the circumstances that got them there.

Tennessee is another I considered.  I will admit that my bias against Vol fans may have played a part in me leaving them off the list, but I hope that isn't the case.  I really tried to put my feelings aside.  That being said, I agree it's hard to discount what COULD possibly happen in the future.  Their hire of Coach Jones I feel will turn out to be an absolute coup!  Lots of programs will ask themselves how they missed on that one.  IF and it's a big IF, he can make the Vol program competitive again within the SEC then they would probably deserve a bump up.  But it would take some consistency over several years to justify in my mind.  And it would hurt, hurt hurt, to admit to Vol fans that their school, not conference, is relevant again in football.

VT is more hype than substance.  For the last decade they've been highly rated preseason studs only to fall back to earth, sometimes at the hands of d-2 teams.  I thought I was be generous even giving them the Honorable Mention.  Lots of talent but lack of execution keeps them off the list.

Thank you all for your thoughts and opinions.  I've been having fun reading all of the responses and look forward to reading more!  +1 to you all for participation.