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Born & bred Buckeye and 2014 graduate of The Ohio State University where I learned to be a man.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: My earliest Buckeye memory is watching David Boston strut on Arizona State in the Rose Bowl which caused me to shed a single tear.
  • NFL TEAM: Ohio State
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Comment 25 minutes ago

Not sure but imagine if every time you blinked I made 1,000,000 rhymes. Now imagine you blinked 1,000,000 times. And I'm not trying to say I'm number one, oh wait I'm sorry I lied. I'm number one, two, three, four and five.

Sorry for the cringe but I think that was from a freestyle battle? I could be wrong - there's a first for everything.

Comment 14 hours ago

That's a good point. Although if the final 3 games from last season are any indication I think we proved that we can execute our bread & butter plays against anyone. Why get fancy when the tried and true is working. We ran the same counter plays against Wisc, Bama and Oregon and Zeke & slobs turned them into hamburger.

I'm just excited because with all the speed and skill we have returning, there really is no true simple answer to slowing down Ohio State's offense. Teams won't be able to completely sell out to stop either the run or the pass. I think we'll score a lot of points this season and have a lot of highlight reel plays.

Comment 03 Aug 2015

The only thing I can ever think of when I hear "Oskee". Also somewhat ironic is the fact that this group photo is nearly as mean and intimidating as Illinois' football team. You think I'm lying then you've never gone toe to toe with minivan driving soccer moms on Black Friday.

Comment 02 Aug 2015

The tank-top and the crop-top, would you consider them brothers? cousins? second cousins? Either way, Zeke & Eddie approve.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

'Body by Marotti' infomercial pilot featuring the Champions. Like WezBuck already said, the kids at the park that day will probably never forget that, what a good time.

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Nope, that was the goal. Thanks for sharing my video here.

Comment 25 Jul 2015

Remy, I like your posts but I especially enjoyed this one. Thanks for sharing, I wanted to attend but had to work unfortunately.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Adolphus Washington is switching to fullback. #SHHHH Didn't hear it from me.