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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Krenzel's TD pass to Michael Jenkins in '02
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Oscar Robertson- he literally could do it all!
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Comment 22 Sep 2014
Welcome to the Internet. Where even the most innocent of inquiries devolves into a slightly creepy and offensive game of "one up the previous person." But it's entertainment so carry on Internet...carry on.
Comment 28 Aug 2014
I enjoyed this post. Your son's response to Braxton going down reaffirms the fact that I've come to realize: the names change, but the awe and wonder of the Buckeyes is forever.
Comment 17 Nov 2012

Time to start playing the "Matt Millen drinking game."

Fumbled speech-1 drink

Using the phrase "tough sucker"-2 drinks

Bad play analysis- 3 drinks 

Trynot to get too destroyed today people.

Comment 28 Oct 2012

 Bret "Shlitz sweating, cheese reeking" Bielema is worse than anyone. Just listening to him spout out smug, passive-aggressive jibberish from his bulldog-like jowles just gives me indigestion.

Comment 08 Feb 2012

he's not announcing at halftime. he's announcing at 10:00 east. on a local sports show; and maybe the reason he's announcing on a local network is because he's FROM THE AREA and that's it. but I could be wrong (i mostly am).

Comment 16 Jan 2012
Because it is strange that he would want to announce 6 days after he visited tOSU.........dude's a buckeye, or so speculation is pointing towards.