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Comment 2 hours ago

FP - on one of your MAMA's we had 12 star Monday and now with your TAMA we have a 2017 DT commit. You might be one of OSU's best recruiters. Good work

Comment 2 hours ago

Last year I took a class from the guy who is credited with being the co-founder of behavioral economics (George Loewenstein - who is also the great grandson of Sigmund Freud). He was a cool guy, but the class was tough because he could easily tell if I was bullshitting an answer or trying to make something up 

Comment 3 hours ago

Just trying to drop some knowledge bombs in this TAMA. But really, if you look at all of the infomercials on tv, that's why you see all of the, you get this, plus more! people like to aggregate positive experiences and advertisers try to take advantage of this

Comment 3 hours ago

Well if you get her two things, maybe she will like them for two weeks. You just doubled the experienced utility! Boom

Comment 3 hours ago

Prospect theory/behavioral economics says you should get two gifts. Separate out positive things and lump negative things together

Comment 16 hours ago

All of the chipotles were closed nationwide during lunch today. I'm assuming the raincheck/free burrito is a way to apologize for that and the E. coli scare

Comment 22 hours ago

Just text "raincheck" to 888-222. It'll get you a free chipotle burrito today. It's a good way to celebrate the new year

Comment 08 Feb 2016

Were Super Bowl ratings lower this year because the game was played on Chinese New Years Eve and not Chinese New Year Day?