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Comment 29 Mar 2017

It is not conference pride for me.  I moved a couple of decades ago to the West coast.  It is more of mid west pride.  Yes, I was pissed when Wisky lost to Florida in this year's tournament.  I do root for the conference, but more from a geographical affection standpoint

Comment 19 Jan 2017

Thanks, all good points.  To me it seemed like Samuel looked very good as a WR this year.  Lots of catches.  But I am sure not much skill training or at least not nearly as much as the true WR.  So the fact that he excelled as did Christian Kirk as a freshmen leads me to speculate it is not as much teachable skill as athleticism.

Comment 13 Jan 2017

Don't know the method you are using, assuming it is consistent over time, but no way does Michigan have a better class then ours.  What that means to me, is your methodology is faulty.  Like developing a new fangled calculator that does not add 2+2 correctly.

Comment 11 Jan 2017

If Urbs can get this to work, I think his career will have greater longevity, less chance of burn out.  I know what he was trying to do the past few years and lets give some  tremendous credit with his hires on the defense.  Fantastic!  He came across as being too nice or naieve on the offensive side.  Too willing to promote from within.  That is great as long as the internal candidate is as good as the guy you could pull in the the outside.  Clearly that was not the case.  In this instance, Urbs underperformed what a great leader/CEO would do

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Great write up.  I think what many, many people fail to realize is just because a coach has experience and put in the time, does not make them an effective coordinator.  Ask  yourself in your companies how many truly elite employees you know.  And by elite I'm talking not about doing a good job, but razor sharp, high intelliect, great leader.  There is not many of those.  Most large companies have several.  Just because Urbs promotes a coach does not mean that guy was elite.  I would reckon in all of CFB there may be a couple dozen at most of the guys I am talking about.  At OSU, we deserve one of these guys.  I just get the feeling that in the play booth, these guys just didn't have the apptitude to make creative calls or even logical ones.  Again, think of a chess grandmaster.

 These guys were playing checkers and not very well.