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Comment 6 hours ago

That is not a good look, very elitist, e.g., TTUN-ish.  You don't want to go there

Comment 27 Jan 2016

I had a decent size comment on the earlier thread but it never got posted because the thread got locked and my post vanished as well.  I think my main thought was a recent realization of  how incredibly important the shaft is in golf.  Everyone knows it is important, but I just didn't realize how much.  Not talking about Regular, Stiff, X Stiff exactly.  I play Ping G30 driver with the Tour X shaft and was fitted for it.  It is great and I really like it.  However, on a recommendation I bought (on sale) the Taylormade Aeroburner mini driver with a Fujikura Evolution shaft in Stiff.  It is unbelieveable and I know it is the shaft.  The dispersion of shots are very small.  I believe this club is as accurate as my PW only twice as long or more.  It is amazing.  Because of this revelation, I plan on getting fitted for new irons as soon as my torn meniscus heals.

Comment 06 Jan 2016

No doubt we have an excellent overall coaching staff.  However, any disappointment for this year's results is due, in my opinion,  to piss poor coaching in 2015.  Urban Meyer and perhaps Cardale's parents and HS coach were the only people in the country that thought he should start at QB.      Fine in the beginning, but my the middle of the year it was painfully obvious to  everyone watching including the various media analyst.  It was a travesty to the team that it went on soooooo long.  But the worst of it was the extremely lame play calling and botched coaching in the MSU game.  That was inexcusable.  The coaching staff should be apologizing to the players for that.  Figuring out that perhaps Warriner should be in the booth with two games left, what a genius move, took you that long.  For pete's sake.

No, my disappointment this year is in realzing our coaches are very, very human  too and make all kinds of mistakes.  THEY cost us the playoffs this year, not the players at all

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I will be sad if some of these early entrants don't even get drafted and have no job lined up.  I believe at least 50% of the early entrants last year never got drafted.  They are taking a big risk, but if it works for them, great.

Comment 11 Dec 2015

IMO, this potentially large number of underclassman going pro has a large possibility of biting them in the arse.  Many, many that do this never get drafted.  I can see this happening with many of these guys. Just not ready.  Its their decision even if it is a poor one.

Comment 06 Dec 2015

Why would anyone be surprised by this.  He's a total d bag I thought everyone new that

Comment 01 Dec 2015
I tweet that he's staying. Whose right?
Comment 27 Nov 2015

My earliest read of the skully while waiting at the Oakland terminal on our way to Maui.  I hope all you eleven warriors had a great Thanksgiving!  Beat the hell out of ichigan!