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Comment 17 Jul 2014

I don't know if any of you guys watched the ESPYs last night.  I saw the segment where Floyd came out to present and award and was teamed up with Maria Sharapova.  He looked like a midget compared to her (no disrespect to small people).  I never really followed his career as I always preferred the heavy weight bouts, just was kind of surprised.  I think Maria is under 6' so Floyd could not possibly be taller than 5"3"

Comment 17 Jul 2014

Was thinking the same thing.  I remembered when he bought it and what he paid.  Murfield CC and all.    Money stretches a looooong way in Ohio

Comment 16 Jul 2014

"I had grown to love Ohio more after leaving than I probably would have had I never left."

So true Ramzy.  I grew up in Columbus but eventually moved to the West Coast in the early 90s.  Love it, but my fondness for Ohio and especially the Buckeyes has only grown.  Great article as usual

Comment 15 Jul 2014

I just want to congratulate all the rationale and even headed 11W members.  This group overwhelmingly is very supportive of these kids even when they do not pick OSU.  Very mature indeed.  (this is not in italics as I really mean it)

Having said that, when this happens it actually ticks me off.  I know I am in the minority here and rarely post anything outrightly negative or go against the flow, but here goes:

  • I do not wish Baker well.  I don't wish him ill-will or anything like that.  I just forget about him and that name/player likely will never enter my mind the rest of my life
  •  The word I would use when an Ohio HS player that comes from a Region that typically goes to OSU - and said player chooses someone else:  Disloyal.

You bet this is immature and I get it.  Going to have to work on this.  But - ooh, that feels good to finally say it.  And NO I never tweet recruits just keep my thoughts to myself except for this one time

Comment 10 Jul 2014

Birm said 4:1 odds of him going to the Buckeyes just last week or perhaps it was earlier this week.  Those are huge odds.  He won't change them.

Comment 09 Jul 2014

Another fantastically written article by Ramzy.  Well done sir.  It really puts it all in perspective.  Though I was certainly pissed and disappointed by ANY buckeye loss, particularly the BCS Championship game - I never thought of crying about it.  The passion these guys have for soccer is mind-boggling.  I thought I was passionate.

Comment 01 Jul 2014

Logging in just for the upvote on this.  Never saw it before.  Excellent work!

Comment 18 Jun 2014

On a Holiday cruise to Hawaii I was cheering just as loud as the MSU fans during the Rose Bowl.  Slapping high 5s with them.  They were somewhat shocked that I was a Buckeye.  They genuinely looked confused.  I root for the BIG just as much and hard as any SEC fan.  Yep Michigan in the bowl games too.

Comment 13 Jun 2014

I don't know about winning by huge numbers.  Watching and rewatching the game last year makes me think everything lined up for us for a big win.  Kind of the opposite of some close games with ex. Iowa.  Brax was just ON that game.  To me, both on offense and defensive we played our best game of the year and their Freshman QB was rattled and got hurt.

I defer to most on this board because your knowledge level is generally higher than mine, but if we are favored by more than 10 points I would be shocked.  With a white out and a new coach, I will just take any win and then get the  heck out of there.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

That being said, how in the bloody neck of Catelyn Stark


This better not be another F-ing spoiler.  I am still in the middle of season 2.  Say nothing Bassdropper - he who gave away the Breaking Bad ending

Comment 05 Jun 2014

What I have felt about Braxton is since he has gotten himself injured in some runs, he is now constantly looking behind him during long runs when no one is in front of him.  He puts that stiff arm out there, slowing himself down because he does not want to get clipped by somebody when he is not expecting it.  I think it is fear based and that he actually is faster than he appears.

Comment 30 May 2014

The entire baseball team — yes you read that right — received an Outstanding Sportsmanship Award for testing their bone marrow to see if they could be a donor to their cancer-stricken teammate, Zach Farmer

Gene Smith just received a $5K bonus

Comment 29 May 2014

"I haven’t talked to coach Herman in a while. That’s probably why they are No. 5 for me.”

It is Herman's fault. 

Fire Herman!

Comment 28 May 2014

I sure wish him the best.  The kid is really trying  hard.  But I will believe the turnaround when I see it.  Too many times he was chasing receivers and never looked back for the ball, totally out of position.  To come back from that performance and totally turn it around.  That would be awesome and a great come back story.

Comment 23 May 2014

Boy it just seems more and more (as social media grows), athletes are becoming prima donnas.  I agree what others have said, this is getting old and I grow tired of the me, me, me, attitude.  To be a QB you need to be a leader and leadership comes from setting the right example.  You got to live it.

But regarding the tiring prima donna thing - this last year of this kid's high school life might just be the best time he will ever have, the most special he will ever feel.  I have read all the 11W stuff on how 5 star athletes have a pretty good chance of making it to the NFL.  What about 5 Star QBs, probably not so high.  What about 5 Star dual threat QBs, maybe a little lower.  How about 5 Star running QBs that can't throw.  Bottom line, it would not surprise me at all that IF he commits to OSU, he never starts a single game a QB.  Nothing personal on the kid, but there can be only ONE starting QB and there is a lot more competition.

So if he comes to OSU - great I wish him all the best.  But if he doesn't - probably won't make a damn difference in our win/loss record not one single bit.

Comment 16 May 2014

Thanks for the link.  I did not know the niners drafted Borland in the 3rd round.  Great draft for them.  I still picture that stop of Hyde by Borland near the goal line.  Pretty incredible really.

Comment 08 May 2014

Whoa, Whoa Optimistic.  First of all you did not close your parenthesis at the end of that quote. 

You are giving the OP some big time grief.  I checked and he is very new having signed up just today.  I'll cut him some slack as a newb - unless he is a new troll