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Comment 22 May 2017


RPOs are an offense in and of themselves...is the belief of Wilson and Day...

Reliefs are 'tags' to a run scheme so the QB has somewhere to go with the ball if the run is taken away...

I don't believe Ohio State will be a RPO-centric offense but instead see more effective "relief" plays built into the run game 

Comment 08 May 2017

1. Points Per Possession 

-take points and divide it by possessions...want to keep them under 2...so if they have 30 points but 20 possessions...that was good defense...10 possessions but 30 points...not so good...

2. Explosive Plays

3. 3rd Down

Basically...the metrics that answer if the offense is "earning it" or not

I think I am going to add yards per play...I like that 

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Need to develop some depth at defensive tackle to match the defensive ends...

Getting Sprinkle back and healthy would be huge...also would be big if Barrow keeps progressing 

Cornell could be the next A Washington if he buys into playing defensive tackle 

Comment 24 Apr 2017

Not a crime to get blocked...it is a crime to stay blocked...

Great write-up

The term "The Difference" comes The Difference between a win and a loss 

The coaching staff actually charts every "engagement" and records which player has the proper leverage...

Ask The Ohio State coaching staff why the beat Alabama in 2014...the #1 Reason they will tell you is The Difference 

Comment 11 Apr 2017

I think we are looking at this from the wrong perspective...

5 DL on the field...against 5 potential WRs...who is going to cover? 

I could see a 5 DL package being used against MSU or UofM before i could see it against, OU, for example