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Comment 15 Jan 2017

Hill, Victor, Mack...need to start and play a LOT best pure WRs on the team

I am a big Campbell fan...but he needs to be a RB or at least the H 

As we have seen on Kick-Off this season, when the moved him back there, he can be an explosive player with the ball in his hands...so move him into position to get the ball...

Comment 15 Jan 2017

If you could have seen Roderick Smith in practice you would have thought he was going to win a Heisman, seriously...to be that big, that fast, that athletic...too bad they could never get it all to come together for him. Freak show...think Bo Scarbrough 

Another one was Storm Klein...as an early enrolled freshman he was a straight up wrecking machine at Middle Linebacker. He was another one that I would have wagered would have left OSU with a Tree in the Grove. 

Grant Schwartz should have stayed at Free Safety and never moved to WR. Kid had a great command of the field. That is a position switch I will never understand. 

Comment 12 Jan 2017

WR Coach...Inside and Outside

Not sure where you are going to use another defensive coach...unless they are going to divide Ends and Tackles...but the technique is the same for all 4 spots...

Comment 12 Jan 2017

You need a hammer at RB to build the offense from...

Tebow, Hyde, Zeke...

When you don't have that Hammer is when you have the problems...

This kid could be that Hammer. 

Comment 11 Jan 2017

Sheffield...Ward...Webb..._____________(Fuller, Smith,Arnette, another CB moved to Safety) 

Comment 08 Jan 2017

I can not remember where I saw the stat...but Jones "Graded out" higher than Decker had...

If dude looks like he is going to be a 1st rounder...get paid young man!

Comment 04 Jan 2017

Middle Linebacker...big hole (assuming Kwon goes pro)

A lot of promising raw materials...not sure we have a "natural" middle linebacker, though 

Comment 11 Dec 2016

I like Heater a lot...great coach...

Would fit in well with Meyer and his Staff...teacher of the game

Not sure how good of a recruiter he is, though, for better or worse

But, he is a DB guy...still need a LB coach

Paul Rhodes has also been a DB coach, for the most part, his entire career but he does fit the mold of Ohio State connections and a teacher of the game...plus he would be poaching another coach from Arkansas, which is also a plus

Ps...would be less than pleased to see Vrabel return, in any capacity, to Ohio State...he is right where he needs to be

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Meyer is going to find the best FIT for his staff...he learned that lesson the hard-way with his first staff at OSU...

May or may not come with the Coordinator position...

So the list needs to look at the best linebacker coaches available and I also make sure they have Ohio connections 

Might be onto something with Harley 

Another point, Meyer has the blueprint for the defense so they new guy will not be bringing "his defense" with him

Comment 02 Dec 2016

Also...the Mike and Will position have evolved since Ash took over...

The Sam and Will are mirrored except one aligns to the field and the other boundary 

The Mike is now really just the only "true" linebacker any more 

Even though Perry played the Will spot for 2 seasons under Ash, I would not expect to see another Perry type person at Will. I think Baker could be more the norm 

That being said, I wonder if Harrison could grow into a Mike..or maybe Jones..

With the Quarters scheme Ash implemented and the Cover 1 Schiano has hung his hat on, the Will needs to be able to Cover and Cover well...

Comment 02 Dec 2016

3 Deep==How many defenders played the deep zones

2 Under==How many defenders played the underneath zones

Everybody else rushed the passer

Cover 1...1 deep safety

CBs play man to man on the outside most WR

Safety has TE (or a slot WR) man to man

LBs will play what they call "banjo" on the RB(s) and if the RB releases to their side, they will take them man-to-man.

Whichever running back does not have a RB release to him will play, basically, zone defense underneath and break on the QBs eyes/throw