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Comment 28 Mar 2017

I do think that Booker (and any player) can be developed, like Curtis Grant for example...in this particular case, my hypothesis, if you will, is that what separates the average from above-average to great is that innate ability that you do/don't have...

You can rep out/out, down/down, down/out, and down/pull all day to develop the stimulus response necessary to play the position...Curtis Grant ended up being a decent Mike his Sr. year...but there was a reason Kwon split 2 series/2 series with him...he had it/Grant did not 

again, I do believe that flip/flopping Booker and Baker was a good move and puts both, and more importantly the rest of the defense, in the best position to succeed 

Comment 27 Mar 2017

Vision...the ability to see the play...sounds simple enough...but it is very hard to develop...

Coach Fickell used to say "how do you rep (practice) eyes?"

LBs need to see the hole develop much like a runningback because they are the ones tasked with closing the hole. 

Often this called "cloudy and clear", "open and closed window" or "run to grass" 

Much of the great linebackers also played runningback in high school...I'll just go back through recent Ohio State Linebackers...

Kwon, Baker (QB/RB) and Lee (QB)

Boren (how do you think he was able to make such an immediate impact?)

Rolle and Homan

Animal Jr. 


Its eyes and seeing the play as it develops that separates linebackers more than anything else...it is why a physical specimen like Curtis Grant never seemed to develop...he just couldn't see it 

It was a dude like Lee, Kwon and now Baker seem to have an immediate impact...they can SEE IT...or they have Vision 

Citing a high school tape is completely relevant...especially at linebacker...are the making plays at/behind the line of scrimmage WITHOUT a blitz? I don't care if they can come off the edge unblocked at make a huge hit...that should be a given...but can they at 5 yards over the center, Step-shuffle-and FILL IT? That is what I want to see from a linebacker! 

Now, in particular, what have I seen from Booker to suggest he does not have vision, he has had enough time on the field (not counting high school tape) to demonstrate whether or not he can see it...look at the impact Baker had, at the same spot no less, Baker didn't even practice Will until Booker was hurt...Baker can see it...

The best (really, worst) example I can tell you about was in the Spring Game 2016 when he ran the wrong way and ran right into the Mike LB...

Hope this helps...

Back to my point, in most sets, Booker will be on the edge much like Lee and Worley before him...he will be able to see the play at an angle instead of coming right at him...he will also be a physical nightmare for inside WRs to block and for TEs to try and separate from.

All in all, I think this is a 'win-win' move for the LB corps 

If you have any more questions, feel free to fire away! 

I love talking ball 

Comment 13 Mar 2017

I too am curious to see if we see more Cover 1 or return to Cover 4...

Back in the Spring of 2016 I do not think they realized they would be playing so much Cover 1...they still based out of Cover 4 in the spring and were actually working on expanding their Cover 4 package 

Comment 20 Feb 2017


Name of the game

Find me a heavyweight wrestler...that is what you want at Nose Tackle...

Garrett Goebel was a real technician at the 1 Technique...not the biggest guy or most explosive...but he was real good at creating a double team because he played with a low center of gravity and was uncanny at when to drop and make a pile...

Dexter Larrimore and Tim Anderson also were really good ones...

Comment 14 Feb 2017

lock him down...

Good vision/hips..

Lowers his level to take on contact...good stiff arm...and can pull away from defenders...

That is what we call a "horse"...

Comment 12 Feb 2017

I know I am in the minority but I just assume have a different uniform every week.