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Comment 15 Oct 2016

Is Weber in the doghouse? Because he barely is playing and last week disappeared for long periods. It's like they heard Meyer say Samuel needs more touches so they are force feeding it to him, instead of being in the natural flow. When Weber is in the D has to guard against the inside run thus opening the outside with Samuel. They offensive coaches get too cute sometimes. 

Comment 15 Sep 2016

I think one thing they should fix is stopping the clock after every first down. Maybe the last two minutes of the half and game they could still stop it. Now that would require the linesmen to be in better shape but this is something easy they can do to save a few minutes. I mean, these are college students shouldn't they get home in time to study? Lol 

Comment 25 Mar 2016

I've always been in favor of cities, counties, and even the state should demand ownership shares in the team if the team wants to extort money out of them for new stadiums. Sports fans get to caught up in the team's name, just because it says a particular city doesn't mean it represents the city. It's just the city they play in, a place holder. The nicknames of the team is what matters to the owners, where they play doesn't matter. You don't get to be a billionaire by being stupid. 

Comment 15 Mar 2016

Akron looks like the better team thus far. Ohio State looks like individuals that happen to be dressed up the in the same uniform.

so, if Akron beats OSU that means...Akron, Xavier, and Dayton all have better teams then OSU in the state. 

Comment 15 Mar 2016

Competitive spirit and attitude should be a bigger priority in recruiting the right guys. Seems that this has been a bad body language team the last two years since Craft graduated. There's just something missing. Talented guys. 

Comment 11 Mar 2016

What drives me crazy is their total lack of effort and laziness when they screen. They don't set solid screens therefore guys don't get open looks too make shots. The defense is always up in their face and they never get easy offense. There's no urgency on offense, no sharp cuts. Just a stupid weave out top. No offense towards the basket. Staleness has set in this program. Matta's total lack of interest in offense shows, over the years he's had first round NBA guys so they made their own offense but with a team like this you need competent system to create open shots. Austin Grandstaff could have been helpful on this team but he was soft. They need natural shooters which we don't have.

Comment 27 Feb 2016

4.6 for Jalin Marshall, Braxton a 4.5. Mayock said there's no way Marshall should have come out. Miller is quicker than fast 

Comment 08 Feb 2016

So, technically the Green Bay Packers won only two Super Bowls? One with Farve and won with Rogers. When they beat the Raiders and Cheifs it wasn't called the Super Bowl, do those first two count less then the ones with Farve and Rodgers? 

Now, I think it's disrespectful to the past players to say their championships don't "count" as much as a Super Bowl. I don't think today's fans should just poo poo those past champions. Everything we have, all the things we love about football was because the game was built on their shoulders. They broke their bodies so today's players could reap the rewards, they often had to work regular jobs just to make ends meet. It's just always been a pet peeve of mine, I'm not calling anyone out it's more of a general statement. Time for me to get of my soapbox! The Browns have never been to the championship game called the Super Bowl but theirs should not be shoved aside either. Besides, even though there's 32 teams now I could argue there's actually less good teams today than the 10 teams in the NFL back then. There's a lot of hot garbage in the NFL which I find it hard to watch until the playoffs. 

Comment 09 Jan 2016

In an interview I saw with Eisenberg he said basically don't worry, Lex will lose his hair and the movie will explain why.  Presumably from handling the kryptonite I'm guessing.

Comment 02 Jan 2016

Yes, the B10 is 5-5. I forgot about PSU today. I see ESPN already listed the at struggling. Is 5-5 struggling? To me it's not, it's incredibly average. Yes Iowa and MSU screwed the pooch but so did Ok St. and Oklahoma. Let the spin cycle begins.

Comment 02 Jan 2016

Still, I bet the national pundits will focus more on the Big 10. How Iowa and Michigan St got destroyed yet the two other Big 12 schools in the New Year's 6 bowls will go largely unnoticed. Even throw the Big 10 had a winning bowl record it will still be the two big losses the college football world will focus on. If there's any conference that should be bashed it's the Big 12.