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Comment 07 May 2016

ahh I forgot to update. Spark Notes: Said it was a back-up from the main line coming from the street. Snaked it. Found out I have 3(!!) clean out valves. Two are under about 4" of soil, the other is actually visible above the soil. There is a stopper valve to prevent backing up from the street.

BUT!!! My first floor toilet still bubbles BAD when the second floor bath/shower run. I can update more later today, still trying to finish moving.

Comment 02 May 2016

No basement here, house is on a concrete slab. The cleanout is in the front, I mulched it a few weeks ago and found it (remember, just bought the house). Since it is under warranty, I called the claim dept. for my home builder, and I got a Plumber coming tomorrow. Will keep everyone posted. Thanks again!

Comment 02 May 2016

I am getting bubbles in the first floor bathroom, the one that overflowed (I only use that toilet for #1). My laundry room is on the second floor. It is above the first floor bathroom, and offset by about 10-15 feet further back. Say you are looking at my house from the front door. The first floor toilet is about 20 feet from the front door, with the back of the toilet closest to the door. The washing machine, on the second floor, is about 30-35 feet from the front door/front of the house, with the water line closer to the back of the house.

Comment 01 May 2016

Guys, thanks for the info. I know where my clean out is, front of the house, about ten feet from the front door, in a mulch bed where I covered the other day, but left the valve free of mulch and debris. I will check out tomorrow. Calling the builder tomorrow too. Hope this crap (no pun intended) can get fixed

Comment 01 May 2016

my father in law did plumbing in past, as well as electrical, hvac, etc, and he mentioned that it is probably a main line messed up. I was looking at schematics of multiple story houses plumbing, and looking at how our house and the plumbing is laid out, I highly double it is a vent. It would have to be a main line that is messed up. I am just hoping a resolution is found so I can know what is up.


Comment 31 Mar 2016

How many 4* did Ohio State NOT offer? This kind of struck me as a kid who thinks "You should know who I am"... I mean, maybe he is not like that at all, but the way he decided to go about saying this sounded way to self-absorbed and conceited. You think every coach has the ability to keep an eye on the thousands of kids looking for D1 football careers? Yea, right. 

Again, maybe he is not like this, but it came across like a major pre-madonna