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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 20022003 NC game, Mo-Cla with the strip, saving the game, IMO. Beating scUM during the #1-#2 game, awesome!!!!
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Comment 19 hours ago
If u want to make it sound like a g-rated place of discontent in a dr. Seuss book, then unhappy valley would fit. I am looking more for a place a long the lines of thousands upon thousands of people having their hopes and dreams stripped from them and placed on a placard for the whole nation to see. A little worse than 'unhappy'
Comment 24 hours ago

haha, very nice addition to the thread.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

Hate comes with the territory, man. I, for one, enjoy wholeheartedly this unsubstantiated talk. I was in Myrtle Beach looking at wedding vendors with my fiance, when some chick said to me as I was passing her in a starbucks "Go Penn State". I was wearing my Ohio State gear... Um... 63-14, hun. Yea...

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I don't see Clark in. No matter if Hoke gets canned or not. When you posed the question, I immediately thought Burrell, TG, Cager, Gallimore and Harris. I forgot about Richmond (IIRC we fell off a bit? Correct me if I am wrong, please) Jefferson I feel is a longer shot, but closer than Kirk. IMO i do not see DeBerry or Roundtree in, others might, but just my gut feeling.

I see TG, Harris, Galimore, Burrell and Cager. Those are my final five, Gallimore and Richmond could be swapped. Out of those names, I think Gallimore is the least likely (tied with Richmond). 

Again, no substantiated data to back my claims. Just speaking off the cuff.

Comment 22 Oct 2014

I think top five is well within reach. Especially with the flip yesterday. Still a very good shot.