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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002-2003 NC game, Mo-Cla with the strip, saving the game, IMO. Beating scUM during the #1-#2 game, awesome!!!!
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  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 11 hours ago

I was riding my BMX bike, went off a ramp, ended up landing sideways on the dirt trail. I stood up and there was a massive gash in my right leg. I think the chain of my bike was forced into leg, missed the bone by less then a centimeter, otherwise would have broke it. But I was about 10-11 years old, so I am crying, and my brother was biking with me, and he starts making fun of me. So instead of having him help me, I walk home (probably a quarter mile, not long, and I was crying all the way home with a gash in my leg and blood running down my leg. I had to get 9 stitches, 5 inside, 4 outside. Doctor jammed the damn needle in my legs to numb the area, that hurt like hell having a needle stuck in all four sides of an open wound. But then he spread the skin apart, took out some fat (free liposuction in my leg, haha), and showed me my bone. Pretty cool. Hurt, but it was an interesting experience.

Worst sports injury was when popping out my shoulders. That sucked. Also, getting high-lowed and having my knee sh*t the bed on me.

Stupidest injury? I strained my muscle sleeping three weeks ago and it still hurts to move my neck.

Intentional injury? Slicing my head when I went to break a bottle over it (drunk idiot, I have changed since then).

Most embarrassing injury? Scored a touchdown during senior week the last week of college while playing a fraternity flag football game. I was a bit cocky, then slipped on the asphalt in a puddle and pulled my hamstring and sprained my knee in front of half the school. In a freaking puddle. 

HAHAHA, memories!!!

Comment 21 Nov 2015

That is the biggest WTF in my book. The amount that both QBs regressed is unbelievable... Tim Beck is a big ole fart sniffer

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Perry is a baller. He has a birght future ahead of him. Whether it be in the NFL or in the business world. Good luck, good Sir.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

For those of you saying "I am glad we lost", shame on all of you. Unless you are the second coming of Miss Cleo, you have absolutely ZERO credibility to saying that we would be similar to FSU last year. Every team plays different every week against every team. 

And from the the terrible point predictions I have seen over the past several weeks, there are definitely no Miss Cleo's here. I would much rather in the playoffs and have a chance than knowing we (possibly) won't even be in it. No one expected us to beat Bama last year... Can't win if we are not in the CFP.

So, I am pissed we lost. But, the thing is, life goes on. I will watch Harry Potter with my wife, because she loves that sh*t. Happy wife, happy life. Amirite?

Comment 21 Nov 2015

Pretty poor half on offense, man. Frustrating. Just frustrating stuff. I guess its because I am spoiled with this team. But so what. Poor half. One more half to change it up and put the nail in the coffin

Comment 20 Nov 2015

interesting news. Well, I dont have to worry about this since I moved out of the city, but the OP should also consider going here. I never have been there. Any good?

Comment 20 Nov 2015

ok. Station square has a bunch of bars. you got the hard rock, bar louie, and a couple others, but they are not buckeye hang-outs. The thing is, those bars are in walking distance. you could technically walk to the north shore and to mullens, but that would take at minimum 30 minutes. The 51 C and 48 Arlington both run right by/through station square. there is a bus stop on carson street that goes downtown. then you would get off at market square, or somewhere on wood street, and walk towards clemente bridge and over it. PNC Park will be on your left and Mullens will be on the right, right across the street, 2 blocks after the bridge ends. To get there, take the 51C or 48 Arlington over Smithfield Street Bridge, get off when the buss makes its turn on Wood Street. Probably wood and fifth or wood and forbes. From there you can take 5th Ave to Penn Ave, Turn right on penn ave, then left on 6th street, and then that will take you right across the Clemente Bridge. That walking will take you about 15 minutes if you take the bus. A little confusing, but check out a map, it should be pretty easy to navigate

You could also take the T (poor-mans subway) into the north shore. One of the stops drops you off roughly 3 blocks from PNC, so it should not be a bad walk. The station you would want to get off at is North Side station, then you take a left and walk down West General Robinson until you get to 6th street and Mullens.

bring 8 bucks just for fares to be safe, and make sure you have a 1.50 or 2 bucks in quarters to give the correct change on buses. I forget how much the T is. Last time I lived in PGH, bus fares were about 2.50 for one-way, so 8 bucks with some quarters should be plenty if it was raised.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

yea, huge difference. I am not Military, either. Wife and I always wanted to live in NC, so we decided to apply to places down here. She got a job at the hospital first, so we moved down, I found a job, and now we are looking for a better area for the future. We currently live in a pretty crap area, but a very nice hotel-esque apartment. I love NC, though. I am going to love this weather.

Comment 17 Nov 2015

I lived in Pittsburgh for about 5 years. Just moved to Fayetteville, NC in June of this year. As was already said, Mullens right across from PNC is a great spot to catch the game. Good Food, good beer selection, nice overall place. Be careful where you sit. You might think sitting in the middle of the bar is cool, since it is raised up a bit, but the view to some of the TVs is not the greatest. Best to get there a bit early and stay on the perimeter of the raised area. Towards the back bar, by the bathroom is a legit spot. 

I think Marios in SouthSide still has quite a bit of Buckeye Faithful, if it has not been closed down yet due to rats, which SouthSide had a lot of. Your best bet is Mullen's in North shore, next to PNC. Depending where you are at, you will have to walk a bit. 

If your other half has an interview in:

Southside, then you want to take the 48 Arlington or the 51 Carrick and get off at Liberty or Wood street, close to market square, then walk across the Clemente Bridge, and you will see PNC park.

ShadySide, then you want to take either the 71 B or D from 5th Avenue, or the 61 A,B,C or D from Forbes avenue. They can drop you off at the same spots downtown, then you can walk across the bridge.

Oakland, then you can get on the 61 A,B,C,D or 71 A,B,C, and D, and they will drop you off in downtown, and walk across the bridge. These buses all go down fifth into downtown.

Do you know where your other half's interview is at? I can give you some detailed directions to make sure you find where you are going. I love Pittsburgh. Great city. Awesome. I do miss it, but I do not miss the winter, so I am happy, haha.

Comment 15 Nov 2015

Used to be a big lifter, mainly because I played college Fball. When I graduated, I stopped lifting and continued drinking heavily. In college I was 210 and solid, with borderline abs. two years out of school and I was about 190 with a lot of fat. Really a low point. I switched that around, about 185 now, but my workouts are sparse, mainly because I have an hour drive to and from work every day. That and, from playing football, I have a bad: Back, Knee, Ankle, Shoulder x2, Thumb, and neck (stingers). I do not lift heavy anymore, now I do light weight, high reps. It is very frustrating that I lost it all, but I am trying to start to switch my body type. I think I am going to go lean.

Light weight on squats because of the knee (for three years it hurt walking up steps because I think I had a partial tear that never healed, and I played through it in college, bad choice), lightweight on bench because of the shoulder, and focusing a lot on abs and lower back. Like I said, have not been able to do too much recently because of my drive to and from work (and this weekend I got a nasty pull in my neck from sleeping), but I am hoping I can be consistent moving forward and get abs. I was close once, close right now, but I really want to get tone.

Not really an accomplishment post from me, but maybe this thread is the kick in the butt I need to get me there, reading others' routines and accomplishments!