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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002-2003 NC game, Mo-Cla with the strip, saving the game, IMO. Beating scUM during the #1-#2 game, awesome!!!!
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Comment 4 hours ago

I like how Washington and Ohio State have stories on "Why they CAN win it", while Alabama has their story say "Why they WILL win it"... SI already putting their money in one basket

Comment 27 Nov 2016

I love the comment that says that it is where the ball is spotted, not the helmet... Funny thing is, the helmet and the ball are at the exact same place, ON THE 15. Look, the ball is on our receivers back, right under neath the scum player's arm. In all honesty, try to extrapolate that down while accounting for the angle. The call was made, it was not a bullshit call.

Refs missed calls for both teams. The offsides in Overtime was the correct call. the PI non-call in OT could have have gone either way. I am going to watch the game agin to really check out the officials, but it is the HUMAN ELEMENT. Still, the fact remains, scum blows. Saying they should have won 30-10? Dude, come on.


Comment 20 Nov 2016

I would pull my kid for the rest of the year if he started something like that, including playoffs.  You do that in a mall vs a football field that is jail time when you are an adult... Kids have no sense or repercussion. Sad to see

Comment 05 Nov 2016

It was in Pittsburgh, and I drove up from NC. I told my wife that football takes precedence over marriages, she gave me 'the look', and I backed away from that stance real damn quick

Comment 30 Oct 2016
Anyone else gettin the feeling that announcers and pregame 'analysts' want to see Chicago win? I feel like there is much more pro-cubs banter than Indians. Not salty or anything, just wondering if I am reading a bit too mich into it
Comment 26 Oct 2016

If you ever say something like this again, you better slam your fist on wood to get the juju right again