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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002-2003 NC game, Mo-Cla with the strip, saving the game, IMO. Beating scUM during the #1-#2 game, awesome!!!!
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Aaron Craft and Evan Turner
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Pittsburgh Penguins
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Indians/Pirates
  • SOCCER TEAM: International: Colombia/USA

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Comment 17 May 2017

That is good to hear. The resort looks phenomenal, and I k we will want to go back to Fiji for longer, this will just give us a taste of the good life

Comment 17 May 2017

Almost have too much planned. I am going to have to drive on the opposite side of the road. First time for me, so should be a fun experience

Comment 16 May 2017

My wife and I are heading on our Honeymoon on Sunday. We got married a year and a half ago, and could not afford it back then, but going on one now.

Going to New Zealand to explore, and then finishing it off with a few nights in Fiji. I would consider Fiji, I will be staying at the Sofitel Resort & Spa in Denauru. Hear good things about it. And they have some pretty good couples packages (as I am sure every resort has)

Comment 13 May 2017

Pens fan, baby!!! Let's Go Pens!!! (Lived in Pittsburgh for 5 years). Pirates = meh, but hate the Steelers. Love me the Browns, Cavs, Indians and Pens, those are my sports teams (professional)

Comment 09 May 2017

Dang. Nice. We have been here since June 2015. Probably move up to Raleigh in about 5-7 years, or at least on the outskirts of Raleigh, but we will see!

And thank you for your service, SOF!

Comment 08 May 2017

I used to live on Bragg boulevard right by Pamalee. Right up against the tropical motel at that apartment complex The Villagio. I got the heck out of there after a year with my wife. Now I live right up by the 295 interchange off Ramsey. Very nice area. Not military, but we like the area. We were looking at rockfish, but would have been too far for me to travel since I work in Fuquay 

Comment 06 May 2017

Congrats on the new job.

Have you ever been to Jackson, MS? I went once when we played Millsaps College in the playoffs in football (they were ranked #3in the count we beat them 35-21 :)...) We stayed in downtown Jackson, and everyone closed down at abo 6:00 PM, maybe earlier, and this was one a Friday night. We were at a hotel right next to a mall, tried to go and spend some time in the mall, and the doors were locked, and no one was in the streets. It was kind of weird. Maybe it was just where we were located.

In all, people said Fayetteville, NC was a mistake to move to. Well, we found a nice spot and enjoy it, so be sure to do research on where you want to life. Use US statistics sites to get good information to base your decision.

Comment 03 May 2017

I was pretty fit in college playing football (D III) at about 210 lbs. Maybe had the faintest emergence of abs at that point? Anyway, football ended and out of college I lost weight to about 200lb, but I gained a six-pack, without the strings, as beer just devoured my belly and gave me a pretty sizeable gut...

I took control and started working out more a couple years back, and I stayed right around 190-195 lbs, but still a lot of belly fat. About a year ago, I started doing a bunch of diets with my wife, from weight watchers, to an all natural greens diet, to an alkaline diet (alkaline diet made me lose the most weight), and I got down to my all-time low of 174 lbs. I am starting to build up from 174, doing some cardio, but trying to get some free weights in the garage. Doing a lot of beach body workouts. I can Finally see legit abs, but I still have a little too much skin on my lower stomach (no, not a FUPA).

My workout regimen is bad because I drive an hour to work and an hour from work. SO coming home at after a long drive really destroys my intent to workout. I am getting better though, and seeing abs has been a great motivation. Just trying to workout to have a sculpted body, not for strength like college. I do not need to bench a whole lot anymore

Comment 30 Apr 2017

Why thank you!

I caught my wife when she was teetering on becoming a PSU fan since she lived in PA... NOPE! I even converted her whole family, so now all they care about are the buckeyes (albeit to a lesser extent than I, but at least I did my job!).

Comment 29 Apr 2017

I am glad that is what you focused on. I have to learn to type more correctly... I started out by saying 'I have voiced my displeasure with my wife...'

Glad no one harped on that, haha. I love my wife!!! I just hate her choice in professional football teams and the brown's drafting Tamale

Comment 26 Apr 2017

Where or how did you book your trip? My wife and I want to do Italy and/or parts of Europe before we have a kid. We purchased a Groupon for New Zealand and Fiji and leave in a couple weeks, but 17 days seems longer than any Groupon. You do it yourself and plan it out?

by the way, I recommend Groupon trips where it gives you the flights and cars and you book the things you want to do. This is my second international Groupon trip and I feel as though it will go great