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Comment 9 hours ago

I like Marcus. I really do. It sounds like he has the right perspective now. I think he will get in on some game situations this year. Just enough to get him hungry for a much more expanded role and needed player on the field the following year with Jeff leaving. Being a redshirt freshmen (correct?), he still has four years ahead of him. Three of those can potentially be as a starting TE for THE Ohio State University. The man is in prime position to showcase his skills for years to come, it all depends on if he can seize the opportunity. Judging by this quick write-up, I think he gets it, which is outstanding news to hear from a fans perspective. Very nice read.

Comment 03 Apr 2014

YES!!! CURTIS GRANT!!! I know it is still spring, but I want to see this man-beast rock some people this year, put it all together and dominate. I have been pulling for him for a long time, and this is the year we get to see a Monster coming out. Curtis, "Let the Motherf---er go!!!!"

Comment 30 Mar 2014

Great news to hear him say he NEEDS to work on grades. Great to hear that he plans on putting full effort into school work. I like hearing things like that from potential Buckeyes

Comment 27 Mar 2014

I saw that. Also saw that deaths from immigrant workers are expected to spike (not sure if it was from a skully on here or from another source).

Comment 27 Mar 2014

Ok, I was not aware it was one of Russia's popular tourist cities. and like you mentioned, only time will tell. It could, like you said, be turned into another hot spot for winter vacation, or it could turn into a massive debt that takes years for the cities associated to pay off. People could flock, or there could be no change to Sochi, and no change to Adler. Who knows, but these things are usually measured over several years, and there are still cities paying off debts because they hosted major things because they pumped so much money into it, having the same idea that it will be used after the fact, and it never is.

I also misspoke earlier and said that most countries would be put in debt after the world cup, olympics, etc. when I meant to say that the cities doing the reno's would carry the debt. 

Comment 27 Mar 2014

but then again, going by that logic, few countries are "Ready" to host. I get that. All countries should be given a chance. But the debt associated with these events that the country is left with is sometimes crippling. Just disappointing, i guess...

Comment 27 Mar 2014

It is possible that the pictures in Sochi were taken at a point where no one was around, because it is a still shot, but you can definitely feel confident about sayiing that it is now abandoned.

But my point is not to refute that link, but rather to curse the use of countries for international events that are no where near ready to host. So many times, after hosting the world cup, olympics, etc, a country just piles on the debt for a short period of time, and then the location becomes desolate, like Sochi, and no payback comes from the renovated city, that it just stays there, a loan and debt filled dump that is not giving any return. Brazil is not ready to host the world cup. They are building stadiums and just racking up the debt to make these stadiums, while they are forcing people out of their homes, and disregarding the fact that there are millions upon millions of people that could use that money. The thing is, yea, money will be coming in, and maybe since Brazil is such a soccer country that these stadiums and new facilities will be used, but how long until the debt is recovered? I do not think Brazil is ready in the least. Spending so much to beautify a couple cities while the remainder of the country is hurting. I also think (i say think because I can't say that it will be fact) that crime rates (theft, burglary, even murders, possibly kidnappings), will skyrocket. Moreso on the thefts and burglary. Pick pocketers are going to be out in full force. 

Sorry for the rant. It is nice for recognition of developing countries to host international events, but the debt associated with these things really hurt, and countries then usually get stuck with the bill after it is done and continue to lose money well after the fact... Ex: Sochi. Only time will tell how long it will be a ghost city, provided that those still shots tell the whole story.

Again, sorry for the rant. Good skully, by the way. :)

Comment 24 Mar 2014

Jeff, it is safe to say that, for me, I did not have a tainted perception of cardale, but maybe minimally colored, basically because of the tweet. I agree, it was a rush to judgement, albeit small. This article just put it in perspective. You know, I am not seeing the daily progressions of this QB as a player, kid, growing into a man, and student. All I have are what the media decides to present to the masses. This article was needed because, even though I did not think poorly of Cardale, he was questionable to an extent in my mind. Now, there are not many questions, and I feel like Cardale could be the guy, especially with the good nows about his character, arm strength, size, and how he is adapting to the play book.

A well written article that shines much needed light on a potential stud. Now, only time will tell how everything pans out.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

It was funny hearing Barkley and everyone talk after they lost. Barkley said they were still great. A team that wins that much is extremely good. That all who say they are in a poor conference are wrong and don't know basketball. It is not Wichita States fault that everyone in their conference is not good. Hmmmm..... Backtracking on his logic a bit? I recall completely opposite sentiment when referring to OSU for several years. (Football as well by many analysts). 

ugh, stupid analysts

Comment 20 Mar 2014

I have defended Amir up until about the last fourth of this season. I am sick of seeing him loaf down the court, play with zero emotion, with a lacking look, and being so damn soft down low, whipping balls at the backboard on layups (even just attempting layups in general, just slam it home, you can reach the freaking hoop by standing). I am done defending him. I understand sports, and I cannot believe he is showing absolutely no fire or interest... Done defending him, now just waiting until we can have an ACTUAL big man.