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Comment 10 Aug 2011

Fickell will have to bring in Derek Dooley to preach the importance of shower safety.

Comment 10 Aug 2011

If this suspension holds true it could not have come at a more inconvienent time. We are already in the danger zone with depth at the o-line. I guess if we lose any more guys we can split chris carter in half to create two lineman. Brewster is going to lead these youngsters to the promise land.

Comment 09 Aug 2011

Mid to late round pick sounds about right for an athletic freakazoid with character concerns.

Comment 09 Aug 2011

Unfortunately, JB does have a tendency to allow a few olay blocks a game. Ultimately, if he can cut down on the mental mistakes he can be a serious monster with that huge frame.

Comment 09 Aug 2011

Definitely a major need moving forward with the wideouts. Now to get Dwayne Stanford onboard. Solid pickup on Lewis though.

Comment 09 Aug 2011

TP to the Steelers would be interesting. He would be able to have the astute mentorship of Ben Rapistberger. Honestly hope he gets the opportunity to play for someone at the next level. Whether he is successful, only time will tell.

Comment 26 Jul 2011

Bears sign Sanzenbacher. Good luck to the Great Dane in Chitown.