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Comment 24 Jul 2015

I thought they already told us the secret in the Premium Lounge Newsletter?  

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Couple of things:

To those that are worried about Braxton's blocking ability, I agree to a point, but remember that he will most often be blocking downfield against DB's, with the exception being designed trap/crackbacks such as Spencer's against Alabama. I think he has the toughness to match up with those on the outside easily.

If Jalin is to be getting reps at H (as opposed to fully out wide), this could be pretty nice. Braxton and Jalin are pretty good compliments. Braxton being much more agile, Jalin having much more power, and both having some excellent speed. This is going to be an offense to remember!

Comment 02 May 2013

I'm sure it will be a generally successful venture, but I'm really having trouble seeing it come close to the BTN. There's not many people in the midwest that want to watch the SEC when their teams are on BTN, same with PAC 12/west coast market, and same with the central market(texas). Even areas that aren't loyal to other college football programs but aren't part of the south won't be in demand. 

I assume it would be a regional network, as the southern fanbases just don't reach the nation quite like anything else. If I'm right, this goes to show the great success and perfect circumstances of the BTN, and proves that every conference probaby doesn't need a network of that caliber as it is just not a reality.

Comment 06 Mar 2013

I want to point out Sam Thompson's overall effort last night, several blocks and overall defensive effort, but especially him coming out and keeping the Buckeyes in the game during the first half of the half. The team wasn't quite ready to go and this dude keeps knocking down jumpers and finishes off with that fast break slam. Very valuable quick start on the road.

Scott is officially someone that I am excited to see on the court now, especially with Craft. It's mind blowing to think that we played this way against Indiana on the road. Go Bucks!

Comment 26 Feb 2013

Correct me if I'm wrong, but apparently he ran the 4.66 on a laser, was having a bad day, and elected not to give it another shot. This was at a camp very recently.

It's pretty obvious that he's much faster than that, and I think (not 100%) he's clocked in faster than that previously. 

He's going to be a monster

Comment 04 Feb 2013

If this is true then Gene Smith has the brain of a peanut butter cookie. 

Imagine, Gene and some other people sitting around a presentation. At some point, he really did say, "Yes, that is the one. Good job."

We really do pay these people, honest.

Comment 29 Jan 2013

Good to see some flashes of toughness from Q and Amir tonight, especially against a defensive team like Wisky. I actually really like this team and think that its worst days are behind it. 


Also, the Schott is finally starting to have semi-consistent atmosphere! Be loud people!

Comment 22 Oct 2012

Drumsticks... very effective against people who get to close when marching in Ann Arbor...