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Comment 08 Dec 2014

Make Blake Sims have to think about the game - guy's prone to mistakes when his two favorite options aren't available.

Comment 08 Dec 2014

Outback Bowl - Auburn
For as good as Wisconsin's defense was supposed to be, they sure looked helpless against the spread last weekend

Citrus Bowl - Minnesota
Mizzou lost to Indiana so why the hell not

Sugar Bowl - OSU
Roll Tears Roll

Tax Slayer Bowl - Iowa
Kirk Ferentz takes out his anger over not being named B1G coach of the year on a terrible Tennessee squad

Comment 05 Dec 2014

Ducks haven't been held under 40 since that Arizona loss and they've been firing on all cylinders since. Calling it 42-31 for Oregon... as much as it pains me to do so.

Comment 02 Dec 2014

Anything that gets #FSUTwitter riled up is ok in my book!

Comment 02 Dec 2014

1. As we've seen with a certain recently fired coach, recruiting well doesn't necessarily lead to success. Once the kids get to the university, it's all about development.

2. No Big Ten team has overcome to the same amount of adversity and achieved the same level of success, BY FAR.

But really at the end of the day, COY is just a pat on the back. I just wish a damn Ohio State coach would FINALLY win this thing so we could stop caring about it for another ten years.

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Comment 02 Dec 2014

Side note, losing to Tim Beckman led Illinois should automatically disqualify you from this award.

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Comment 01 Dec 2014

Completely agree - the guy is a Buckeye through and through and was put in (in my opinion) a seemingly even more impossible situation than JT at the beginning of the year. We have to support him no matter what happens this weekend!