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Comment 23 Aug 2014
Not shifty? I think it was the Indiana game the 12-0 year where he broke or made a few guys miss on his way to a good touchdown. He just doesn't have as many chances to make jukes because he makes catches with guys right on him or the home run catch
Comment 19 Aug 2014
Yes he will be allowed to finish his degree for free. If not I am sure there will be an outrage and people will probably donate money to him to be able to do it. Also people need to realize how tough this is for him I'd he is not able to play football anymore. Just imagine not beino able to do something you loved anymore (like your wife) after you had so much success.
Comment 13 Jun 2014

I just found out that it was a fake account. This is his real account



Comment 10 May 2014

Norwell also to Panthers and CJ Barnett to Giants. Good luck boys!

Comment 07 Apr 2014

Bassdropper I will never forget you. From when we first met at the 1D concert and we started chatting and I told you about the site, to your great inside information. stay fye.




Comment 23 Jul 2013

For those thinking and saying that all the people in the club lied, I dont think so. I think it was more of that one or two people said that and then it started spreading around the club and people acted like they knew everything that went on. The ones who started it may have had a bad angle, assuming the club was packed or it could have been the girl and the fake story just spread through the club like a rumor in elementary school.