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Comment 18 Mar 2011

true story gravey.. if its not Duke or UNC or Kansas or some other traditional basketball powerhouse, they'll just downplay 'em.

Well get ready.  Cause all signs point towards tOSU stayin a powerhouse for the forseeable future

Comment 17 Feb 2011

Everything Sullinger has said or done has given the impression he's staying.  It's obvious he's got a good head on his shoulders.  There's no reason for him to make the jump this year with all of the CBA bullshit still undecided.  Also, he's a true buckeye.  Born and raised.  He knew he was going to tOSU when he graduated grade school.  He'll stay at least another year. 

Comment 12 Feb 2011

We gotta get this one back for Tressel n the boys ..  can't give Wisconsin the satisfaction of ruining two undefeated seasons in Madison this year.