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Comment 13 Aug 2016

I believe playing on 2 surgically repaired knees is not unheard of these days. My concern is perhaps this is not what our medical staff was worried about. Perhaps they saw something in the way the knee was repaired, which would be fine for a civilian, but with the demands of football it may not hold up. This scares me because if Mr. Davis continues to play, (Auburn has shown that they will not stand in his way), then he may have one more knee injury in him. The good news is I believe Dr. Andrews will properly repair this injury, and if the original injury reoccurs, he will make it whole again. 

I don't wish another injury on this young man.  It might be a good idea to repair both knees if in fact this is the case.

Comment 13 Aug 2016

That makes sense. It could be a difference in philosophy. One doctor wants to prevent the inevitable. The other may know it is likely to happen but also knows he can fix it. I know all to well that some surgeons have a god complex and feel that can fix anything. 

Comment 08 Aug 2016

He was 258 in that film according to 247. If he can still move like that at 280 a lot of B1G defenses will be in trouble. Fortunately The B1G offenses have nothing to worry about. 

Comment 31 Jul 2016

I agree. What intrigues me is having another running back in this class was not a problem when it was Sibley, but now that the back is rated higher it is a problem. I don't want to imply that he was afraid of legit competition, but well... i guess that is what i am implying. 

If I had to choose I would still pick Dobbins. Akers has size, but given some time in the Marotti dojo Dobbins would even that advantage out. 

Oh and,

Comment 20 May 2016

I think Lattimore doesn't win the starting CB job, but gets a crack at returns and excels. 

Comment 04 Jan 2016

I can't believe some of these people. Apple is a first round talent shutdown corner. Do I wish he would stay another year? Yes, and all of you probably do as well. You wanna know why? Because he is an elite player that should go in the first or second round. 

This kid was a 5 star kid that lived up to that rating. Now we want to diminish what he has accomplished here because we are a little butthurt to see him go so early. He has nothing to improve upon that he can't do at the next level, while getting paid mind you. Roby came back for his redshirt Jr year and got beat like a drum on occasion. He still went in the first round. Some project Eli to go in the first round now. That is probably the grade he received, so good for him. You think he should come back to learn a new defensive scheme with the possibility of being exposed. For what? So you feel more comfortable with the defensive backfield?  C'Mon man.

rant over... 

Comment 20 Jul 2015

He forgot the old "they got more practice reps because they had less scholarship players than we had" excuse.

I am surprised that little known fact has not surfaced more around here. I guess it was overshadowed by our 3rd string QB.