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Comment 23 Jan 2014

You make a good point about replacing the offensive line. This lends more fuel to the EZE fire. I was watching some of his HS film the other day, and this kid is use to running behind a bad line. It looked like the OL was running a screen play, and EZE is doing his best Barry Sanders impressions in the backfield. Kid's got some serious talent. 



Comment 24 Oct 2013

It may not do anything for the SOS, but you gotta believe it is doing wonders for the strength of this team. 

Give them all byes. I want an angry battle tested team ready for the post season.

Comment 19 Oct 2013

Looks like the game plan was to take Roby out of the game. Every hit Roby made the defensive player somehow was hurt.

Comment 22 Jul 2013

Dontre Wilson is listed as a wide receiver. Ezekiel Elliott is listed as a running back. Gareon Conley is given as a cornerback. Darron Lee is the only new player listed as just an "athlete".


I see Wilson listed as a running back. 

Comment 08 Jul 2013

Don't let Bigelow's stats fool you. He is a big time player. I believe he broke is leg his senior year of high school, and Cal has yet to give him quality touches. Sonny Dykes will utilize his talents. Even with limited touches he averaged 9.8 a carry. I followed his recruitment a couple years ago and his film was amazing. He has 4.4 speed and impeccable balance after contact, but we all know this now. This is definitely the OOC game to circle on the calendar.

Comment 08 Jul 2013

I think he has a good year, but the ball will be spread thin in that hybrid role. I think the other guys push him to perform up to his potential and they all have a good deal of production.

Comment 21 Apr 2013

I think the realignment gives the strongest possible strength of schedule.  There are only 2 possibly 3 teams that can be presumed as good in the west, and we should see one of them in the B1G game. Sounds like a win to me!

Comment 15 Apr 2013

I was there the cameras don't do us much justice. I looked around an estimated about 30000.


Comment 14 Apr 2013

More than twice that if we are counting.

Comment 10 Apr 2013

I thin they are adding that one to this seasons disappointments.

Comment 09 Apr 2013

Anybody notice the play at :32. How on earth did the QB get the ball. I looks like he is out wide in a bunch set.

Comment 26 Feb 2013

I wouldn't be surprised if they moved RDS to Mike and let some of the younger guys run free at Will. I see Perry at Sam and one of Marcus Perkins or Mitchell at Will. Could be very interesting.

Comment 22 Feb 2013

Well actually they are saying he can do it but must do it anonymously. I think the point might be that if Braxton created an album whether it was good or not it would sell. That could be a way to capitalize of you image as an amateur collegiate athlete, or a way for boosters or colleges to funnel money to their athletes.


edit: Didn't read the rest of the comments. This point has been stated below.