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Comment 13 Aug 2016

I worked for the exchange and then dollar general might be the two worse jobs I have ever had in my life. Low pay asshole customers. 

"What do you mean you can only give me 25 cents for my copy of garden state."

"what do you mean I have to show my id for this beer I'm older than you."  

What I have learned is that i have become a jaded human. 

Comment 19 Jun 2016

As a guy who watches wrestling all the time it happens more than you think. 

Comment 19 Jun 2016

Atleast your dad was there he could have gone to the store for smokes and never returned and gone to that spice girls concert alone.......papa?

Comment 27 May 2016

Sir that is well played and made me laugh out loud. Take an up vote. 

Comment 06 May 2016

sigh this is the never ending blight.

I wish this story was nearing its end but i feel like this is just the tip of the iceberg. Sooner rather than later if will come out with solid evidence  that Joe Paterno knew and kept it under wraps and was actively involved in keeping the cover on this. I remember when this was first coming out there were allegations that Sandusky his nonprofit was pimping out kids. It seems like everyone at penn state is keeping quiet for the greater good of the university. this is a rabbit hole i don't think that will end anytime soon.

PS I know its wild speculation but if it comes out that penn state or penn state officials were behind the disappearance of Ray Gricar its fucking game over as penn state as an institution.