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Comment 28 Aug 2014

I'm from Maryland and I go to the Ravens game all the time.  I will be going to the game this Saturday - my advice?  Park in the garage.  It makes things much easier and it's Baltimore.  I'm icky about parking on the street because it's not guaranteed to be safe or something unexpected will happen.  Just a heads up, go bucks!

Comment 01 May 2014

I'm trying to think about how many states the BTN spans over in the Midwest (including Rutgers and Maryland) compared to the SEC - southern states (Texas, Kentucky, Florida, and etc).  The area that the B1G covers seem to be equal to the SEC, give or take.  You're right about the BTN having a strong customer fanbase, but the SEC fanbase may blow up for the SEC network over time.  I'd say give it time, it may catch up the BTN and project a strong revenue over the couple of years.  The SEC fans are crazy, but the B1G fans are crazier, we own up to it!

Comment 01 May 2014

I'm from Maryland and Kyle Snyder's name is big here.  The guy is a beast from what I hear, one of my friends had an opportunity to watch him wrestle when he was a freshman or sophomore and raved about him.  He's very well rounded and skilled, conditioning-wise is excellent too.  I think Ohio State signed one of the future all-time greats, this guy is definitely going to blow up in the next three or four years.  Go Kyle!