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Comment 18 Jun 2014

Having gone to or not gone to Ohio State does not give you more or less of a right to be a fan.

Comment 09 Jun 2014

Two commits in two days bringing the grand total to 5. Some on this site (and others) have expressed concern about the slow start to the class. I'm not one of them as I trust in the staff to do their homework and make quality offers. Then coach the hell out of them when the get here.

Comment 06 Jun 2014

Oh I dunno... while the premise is clearly waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off base the trip down 2002 memory lane has been awesome.

Comment 04 Jun 2014

As a former restaurant manager all I can think is Mr Onion cutter needs to wash his hands if he's working with food.


Comment 04 Jun 2014

Love me some Warren Ball! Gotta pull for a hometown guy who seems to be a hard worker and just a good guy.

Plus I'm hoping he keeps my old #28 jersey relevant!

Comment 13 May 2014

I may be mistaken but I believe they school has said they are not retiring anymore numbers. Which is a shame for Troy.

It's possible I made that up....