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Comment 14 Nov 2012

this site is just too much fun... mixing the buckeyes, weddings, claw hammers and wall mounts can't be beat! love it, Kill them badgers, GO BUCKS!

Comment 30 Oct 2012

I think that Miller's vision on the field leads to the creativity that we are seeing Saturdays like the brax360 play from the one yard line. Pryor was a better all round player by the end of this time at tOSU but the potential for Braxton to be one of the best ever once a passing game is included is undeniable

Comment 30 Oct 2012

This game was proof that there is something special going on and its here to stay. There's absolutely no quit in these guys and I love it. Very impressed

Comment 30 Oct 2012

I remember saying to my buddies while I watched Pryor how fast he was and his passing really did improve with experience. Miller has that wow factor that makes the jaw hit the floor, and knowing that it can happen on any given play makes it that much better.

Braxton +1

Comment 02 Sep 2012

Michigan you make me sad. You should just drop out of the B1G. I didn't think you would win because Alabama is clearly a better team but you could have at least covered the spread. And when it comes to Wisconsin your lucky they didn't call the CRAP you played yesterday the Rose bowl or you probably would have lost too! GO BUCKS!

Comment 12 Jul 2012

nothing could be as bad as the ad on the ESPN link that featured Eddie George in a scUM uniform. i didn' t know if i should throw up or smash the computer monitor