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Comment 19 Apr 2015

Eddie remains my favorite Buckeye, but Troy sure was fun to watch. Three wins against TTUN and a life-affirming defeat of that group of assholes from South Bend makes the loss to the Gators a little more bearable.  Glad he's a part of our school again.

Comment 18 Apr 2015

Wait. Isn't he going to Oregon?

Jesus, I'm tired of this shit. Braxton is enrolled in graduate level classes at our school. Uprooting now would put him back light years. Goddamned stupid rumor.

Comment 18 Apr 2015

Hate to admit to it, but my cheeks were wet after watching this. Clearly, these coaches love their players. Hopefully, that is not unique in this sport, and many teams can claim coaches who care just as much. The opportunity to guide these young men to a National Championship is unique, however, and it is clear that each of these remarkable coaches has been affected by the experience.


Comment 16 Apr 2015

Downvote. THIS Buckeye who married a horse vet from the Lexington area could not be happier. Kentucky is a very nice place to live. Lexington, specifically, is the single cleanest city I've ever lived in (and I've lived on both coasts, midwest, southwest and northeast).  I recognized that there are things about Kentucky that aren't really...brilliant (Western KY, specifically), but to bash the whole state is kind of like bashing our beloved Ohio based on Youngstown.

Three things about Lexington I love:

1.) The weather is, on average, 15 degrees warmer than it is in Columbus. This may make for some hot days in the summer, but in the winter, this is EVERYTHING. Also, Lexington enjoys bright, clear sunshine, even on winter days (something I REALLY got around to missing during my 12-year stint in Columbus).

2.) Call it southern hospitality, but people are generally much friendlier here than anywhere I've ever lived. Seriously. I bought a home in Versailles, KY in 2004. Driving up the subdivision street, neighbors I'd never met before REGULARLY waved at me. People say hello here to perfect strangers, and strike up conversation at whim. As an extrovert, I dig that.

3.) The green-ness/clean-ness. Horse capital of the world means grass. Tons of it. Irish and Arab farm owners pour TONS of money into the local economy, and Lexington in particular is kept tidy. By comparison, the garbage I got used to seeing floating around the streets in Clintonville, Hilliard, German Village, Linworth and even Upper Arlington still shocks me when I head back there.

Anyway, point is, Kentucky has some nice things going for it.  I will say that Cat fans in Lexington hate Buckeyes for some strange reason...perhaps it is that we play their sport (basketball) much more aptly than they play our sport (not saying we don't excel in other areas, but Ohio State is a football school...sorry, gymnastics and crew squads).

Comment 16 Apr 2015

I hated Dave Bliss when I did undergrad study at UNM (it was convenient that all my Cherry & Silver Lobo garb exactly matches my Scarlet & Gray stuff...what a smooth transfer!).  He treated his players like they owed him something and the city of Albuquerque like his personal toilet.  To compare GREAT coach and upstanding man like Jim Tressel to a slimeball like Dave Bliss is offensive, to say the least.  I get that this was tongue in cheek, so kudos.

Comment 13 Apr 2015

I was INCREDIBLY excited when Feder signed. Not only is he quick and obviously a physical presence, but he's a smart kid. He'll do well in the classroom, and I expect him to shine on the field.

Comment 12 Apr 2015

Great point. Counter point, though...there are some SERIOUS dives. Three of my favorite cities are in Texas...and my three least favorite cities are also in Texas. Best? Austin, San Antonio and Corpus Christi...if you HAD to live in the state, you could save some semblance of a decent life in one of those. However, banish your hated enemies to the biggest shitholes in creation, starting with 1.) Amarillo 2.) El Paso 3.) Lubbock. Ick. I firmly believe that you can make a nice life almost anywhere with the right attitude (even Ann Arbor!); these three are the exception.

Comment 11 Apr 2015

Intelligent argument. I can't remember the 'as if' lecture from philosophy class, though...

But there's PAID douchebags from Cincy, like THIS...

Comment 11 Apr 2015

The vitriol leveled at Bearcat Village might have something to do with the recent broadcast on ESPN radio of a fan slamming everything Ohio State represents when Urban Meyer and his team were guests of honor at a recent Reds game.  Having lived in Columbus for 20 years, I got a pretty good feel for what the city feels like. Now I call Lexington (200 miles south) home. With the city precisely in the middle, I get a pretty good slice of the shit-talking that people in Cincinnati do about Columbus and TOSU in particular. Cincy bears more than it's share of the blame for public perception with regard to this issue.

Seems to me that if y'all wouldn't start nothin', wouldn't BE nothin'.  Stop showing your ass; you're proving the point with this post.

Comment 09 Apr 2015

While I've got no love for Wisconsin, I actually disagree with this post more than almost any I've ever read here. The BCS era had us all rooting for teams we play, even out of conference. That has gone away, and is, perhaps an excuse for this mindset.  But I don't think there's much room for THIS MUCH hate in my world anymore.  I've had family rifts created over jokes about the 1995 OSU/Michigan game, and I've witnessed my own elderly mom beaned in the noggin with a snowball at Camp Randall.  I talk lots about hating Michigan, and that makes sense, given what my diploma reads, and I cheered mightily when App. State beat 'em. 

But that is where it ends. Perhaps I'm not young enough to run around professing hatred for every other team in the B1G. Then again, I've got some great memories of being treated well as a visiting fan at other schools. It might be easier to agree with this post if we weren't dominant right now, but we are. And I don't give a fuck if I get a million downvotes for saying that I'm pulling for Wisconsin to beat Duke.  Just because you claim it somehow 'dilutes my Buckeyeness'  doesn't make you right. And if pulling for a team I don't love makes me feel a little bit more human (at least in the offseason, I mean...who really cares when the playing field ain't a gridiron, right?), I'm okay with you leveling such. 

The fact is that I DON'T hate every other team in the Big Ten, and only REALLY save that for Miami, Notre Dame and Michigan. In that order.  Dogpile.

Comment 26 Mar 2015

Does any concert matter more than the revival/return of The Dead Schembechlers at the I HATE MICHIGAN Rally in 2014?!

Comment 05 Mar 2015

The tears come unbidden, this forces the issue. I am SO proud of this group of young men, their coaches and my fellow fans. Anyone needing inspiration faced with overwhelming odds needs only to see this clip to be reminded that believing in yourself is the most important thing. I will remind my daughter as she grows that the only person limiting what she can do is herself.

What a season.


Comment 07 Feb 2015

Respectfully, Ohio State has BEEN a wrestling school for a long, long time. National Champions are like snowflakes, no two alike, but there is a commonality in the weight classes at OSU: they produce champs. Granted, this ain't Iowa, but we're damned good.

Comment 13 Jan 2015

Way to go, Bucks! It has been an honor jabbering with ya'll here on 11W this season. By far, the toughest year of my life, and now one of the most rewarding. Big fat neeners to the SEC, especially sweet day to be going to work amongst these Cat fans who doubted right along.


2015-2016 ahoy!

Comment 12 Jan 2015

OK...I've had exactly one. Just sounded better on 11W. Can't upload my photo...assume the site is loaded...