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Comment 17 Sep 2014

Great news. Until the ball gets to the receiver's hands. I have not witnessed a turnover-bound situation like this since Zwick was taking snaps. Also noteworthy, Guiton did the same thing, and we don't have too much to talk about as a result. Cool as a cucumber is great...if it produces something. All this is masturbatory, deluded nonsense until it isn't.

PS:  If you're given a scholarship to catch the ball, catch the goddamned ball.

Comment 07 Sep 2014

I blame the receivers.

Though the line was porous, JTB got the ball where it needed to be, but the goddamned thing needs caught. Seems to me that if you're getting a free education, room and board, then the onus is on you to do what you're there to do. In this case, catch the goddamned ball.

I get why we're calling for Herman's heart on a spit, why we're hacking on the O-Line. But if our goddamned receivers would have done their goddamned job (or at least exhibit a fundamental understanding of the mechanics of catching the goddamned ball), this goddamned thing becomes a close win instead of a pathetic goddamned embarrassment.

Comment 05 Sep 2014

The fact that Cris Carter is not on your list means we're just spitballin', not looking at the facts, right? That can be fun, and in light of that, I love the support for here for Philly Brown...hopefully he has a season that gets him on this list. I gotta' include Jenkins on this list, not because of the number of catches he had, but for when he made them.   So I'll go with those three.

I'm not including Terry Glenn in my top three because he's one of the few Buckeyes I don't like much (running loads of media-smack the night before The Game in 1995 is something I've never forgiven him for...I'll hold my grudge until Eddie says it is OK to let it go). 

Have a good Friday, all. GO BUCKS!

Comment 04 Sep 2014

There are a few teams I hate. Of course, one in particular comes to mind.

But after the obvious, the list is short. The only other team I hate in the Big Ten is Wisconsin, and that is a personal thing (basically, to use a flaccid (heh) metaphor, they stomped on my man parts too many times during the Cooper era, and I simply can't get over watching my 75 year-old Moms get beaned in the head with a ball of ice the last time we visited Camp Randall to support our team), so yeah, the Badgers are up there. The list rounds out with The U, because they deserve it.  The 2002-2003 Championship meant MUCH to this Hurricane Hater. 

HOWEVER, there is only one team in college football that I deliberately go out of my way to disrespect, and that is Notre Dame. I can make ya'll a list regarding why, but this is a family joint...