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Comment 22 Jun 2016

One other Florida parallel perhaps. James' game-saving block on Iguodala reminded me of Clarett's strip of Sean Taylor after the Krenzel interception in the 2002 Nat'l Championship game. Could have been a turning point, but all out effort and determination saved the day.

Comment 15 Apr 2016

This definitely reflects badly on Meyer and OSU and I feel for Sibley. But then again, fans have such high expectations, you can't blame Meyer for trying to land the best in the country. His intensity and relentlessness is what we admire about him. Those aren't necessarily the attributes of a saint, which means unless they stop accepting commitments two years ahead of time, there will be more collateral damage like this. For better and worse, OSU has never had a recruiter like him. Meyer has more five-stars in play this year than Tressel did in his entire career. But I doubt this situation would have happened under Tressel. Most of us do not like what happened to Sibley, yet we're glad Meyer is playing footsie with the NFL players of tomorrow. We'd better get used to this cognitive dissonance.

Comment 29 Mar 2016

After this season, might as well let them all go. Not really excited about anybody who left, not really excited about the underachievers who stayed. And if he really de-recruited the guys who left, why not Loving? When your best player is a 6'4" power forward, you've got some serious problems. 

Comment 27 Mar 2016

I'd like to thank Hairball for bringing the hate back to the rivalry. Like many fans, I've found the ease with which OSU dominated the weasels in this century has led to complacency, and I must admit, indifference to the irrelevance that defines TTUN. But now, a 100-point ass-kicking would not be enough. Hairball reminds me of Monty Python's Black Knight.

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Thad's last chance at keeping OSU basketball relevant ended when Russell left early for the draft. If he had stayed this year, they're pretty much a lock to make the tourney. Regardless, there was no one else on the team, or in the next recruiting class who will make a difference in the next few years, that is, get them to the Sweet Sixteen, let alone a Final Four. He's not even getting the top players in Ohio any more. The team has been painful to watch the last three years. Just seems like a constant struggle to achieve anything, and the players' overall lack of hustle and desire (with a couple of exceptions) is disconcerting. I agree his health issues, and the lack of talented assistants are a major problem, probably contributing to the lack of player development and the inability to come up with a coherent offensive plan. The contrast to Meyer makes Thad's situation look even worse. He's done a great job, and I wish his health problems on no one, but everyone reaches the end of the line. Can't imagine Smith keeps him on with another sixth place Big 10 finish next year.

Comment 28 Feb 2016

The good thing for Matta is that he will have all the seniors he wants in three years because none of the players on this team are leaving early for the NBA.

Comment 22 Nov 2015

I agree with the commentator who said that this may get worse before it gets better. Not talking just about Michigan game, but long-term. If you don't have a coaches shake-up after the season, we're in for more of the same next year -- lousy offensive schemes, spotty defense and terrible time management. If you do, they may have an issue losing some recruits this year and next. Hell, we may lose recruits over this anyway, especially if they finish with two or three losses and a cloud over the program. Next year you replace several stud players with newbies, including most of the O-Line and D-Line. So it's not going to be a playoff year. We have a stockpile of great young players, but it's apparent the current staff has no idea how to use them anyway. I think Urban was indecisive in many respects and spent too much time trying to placate everyone, giving Cardale a long leash (although in retrospect, playcalling was as suspect as Cardale's play) and trying to force things to Braxton to make him attractive to the pros. It's a shame what happened to Curtis Samuel, for instance, a guy who was a guaranteed 10 yards every time he touched the ball. Same with Jalin Marshall, totally underused. And JT's arrest was the killer, but that's what kids do. Completely stopped momentum and had to shake up the locker room chemistry, no matter how many apologies he made. All in all, it does come down to Urban, a great coach who thought he could keep the team on the track by trying too hard to please all his players. I think he did his best to cover problems with the team all year in his public statements, but EZ's statement exposed the dissension within, and maybe shows that the ethos of playing for the team was not really accepted by a large number of players. EZ was right, but I'm sure Urban is pissed that he let his emotions get the best of him and perhaps destroy what is left of team chemistry for the year. Maybe they will shock us and whip Michigan and an SEC team on New Year's Day, but even that may be irrelevant. We can only hope he takes the blinders off and let's this team run wild and play fearlessly. In the meantime, Urban must continue to re-evaluate his coaching style, make smarter decisions, fire some coaches. As competition in the Big 10 ratchets up, you hope he keeps a cool head and makes some cold-blooded decisions in the off-season.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

This whole season was misbegotten. Started with the QB issue, compounded by bad coaching as has been noted here, fueled by Urban's weekly insistence that we'll "fix this" of "fix that" when "it" became something new every week, his desire to reward guys at the expense of getting the job done and then JT's DUI just when things seem to be getting settled. You could see this coming a mile away if you were paying attention. And I love Joey, but this loss is as much on him as anybody. How hard is it to wait until the ball is snapped?

Comment 08 Nov 2015

I think play calling is still a big issue. Lot of wasted plays, especially anything having to do with a read-option when Cardale is in. Just let him try to heave a 50-yarder instead of running for no gain. And enough with Braxton at wildcat and the shuffling of quarterbacks. He had a couple decent gains, but after that, nothing. If he's not going to throw the ball ever, then what's the point? It just interrupts the flow of an already stuttering O. Why can't they hit him with a short throw in space and let him go? Don't think they tried that once last night. Also, get the damn ball to Curtis Samuel. He's a guaranteed 10 yards every time he touches it. Kid is totally wasted out there. And I sincerely hope a game never comes down to a field goal. Our placekicker is terrible and he can't keep the damn ball in bounds on kick offs. Other than that, I have faith JT will come back and make some of these problems disappear.