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Comment 22 Nov 2015

I agree with the commentator who said that this may get worse before it gets better. Not talking just about Michigan game, but long-term. If you don't have a coaches shake-up after the season, we're in for more of the same next year -- lousy offensive schemes, spotty defense and terrible time management. If you do, they may have an issue losing some recruits this year and next. Hell, we may lose recruits over this anyway, especially if they finish with two or three losses and a cloud over the program. Next year you replace several stud players with newbies, including most of the O-Line and D-Line. So it's not going to be a playoff year. We have a stockpile of great young players, but it's apparent the current staff has no idea how to use them anyway. I think Urban was indecisive in many respects and spent too much time trying to placate everyone, giving Cardale a long leash (although in retrospect, playcalling was as suspect as Cardale's play) and trying to force things to Braxton to make him attractive to the pros. It's a shame what happened to Curtis Samuel, for instance, a guy who was a guaranteed 10 yards every time he touched the ball. Same with Jalin Marshall, totally underused. And JT's arrest was the killer, but that's what kids do. Completely stopped momentum and had to shake up the locker room chemistry, no matter how many apologies he made. All in all, it does come down to Urban, a great coach who thought he could keep the team on the track by trying too hard to please all his players. I think he did his best to cover problems with the team all year in his public statements, but EZ's statement exposed the dissension within, and maybe shows that the ethos of playing for the team was not really accepted by a large number of players. EZ was right, but I'm sure Urban is pissed that he let his emotions get the best of him and perhaps destroy what is left of team chemistry for the year. Maybe they will shock us and whip Michigan and an SEC team on New Year's Day, but even that may be irrelevant. We can only hope he takes the blinders off and let's this team run wild and play fearlessly. In the meantime, Urban must continue to re-evaluate his coaching style, make smarter decisions, fire some coaches. As competition in the Big 10 ratchets up, you hope he keeps a cool head and makes some cold-blooded decisions in the off-season.

Comment 21 Nov 2015

This whole season was misbegotten. Started with the QB issue, compounded by bad coaching as has been noted here, fueled by Urban's weekly insistence that we'll "fix this" of "fix that" when "it" became something new every week, his desire to reward guys at the expense of getting the job done and then JT's DUI just when things seem to be getting settled. You could see this coming a mile away if you were paying attention. And I love Joey, but this loss is as much on him as anybody. How hard is it to wait until the ball is snapped?

Comment 08 Nov 2015

I think play calling is still a big issue. Lot of wasted plays, especially anything having to do with a read-option when Cardale is in. Just let him try to heave a 50-yarder instead of running for no gain. And enough with Braxton at wildcat and the shuffling of quarterbacks. He had a couple decent gains, but after that, nothing. If he's not going to throw the ball ever, then what's the point? It just interrupts the flow of an already stuttering O. Why can't they hit him with a short throw in space and let him go? Don't think they tried that once last night. Also, get the damn ball to Curtis Samuel. He's a guaranteed 10 yards every time he touches it. Kid is totally wasted out there. And I sincerely hope a game never comes down to a field goal. Our placekicker is terrible and he can't keep the damn ball in bounds on kick offs. Other than that, I have faith JT will come back and make some of these problems disappear. 

Comment 08 Nov 2015

We can only hope this is the last time Cardale sees the field for the rest of the year. Except for singing Carmen Ohio, of course. If he didn't play his way out of a starting job, I have no idea what it would take. And when we drop to 7th or 8th in the CFP poll, you can blame JT. And the play calling sucked as usual. I have a feeling Beck will be getting a surprise call from a directional university at the end of the season asking him to take over as HC and he will go. 

Comment 31 Oct 2015

Just my two cents on the intoxication level. I've researched and written about DUIs and unless the breathalyzer was broken or calibrated incorrectly, there's no way he had one or two beers. It would be 4-5 beers for a person his size, and probably within an hour or hour and a half. An avg. drink registers about .02 blood alcohol content. It takes one hour to burn that drink off. So three drinks in an hour would be .06, minus one drink burned off, for a .04. You can do the math from there. If I knew I only had one drink and I registered .08, I would demand a more accurate blood test be taken. (I'm assuming you can do that in Ohio.) I would be interested to know how many breathalyzer tests have been thrown out in court in Columbus because a lawyer proved they were inaccurate. For those of you who claim to have had one beer and registered over the limit, I would only say that just because you bought a breathalyzer off the internet doesn't mean it's accurate. And if he did indeed try to avoid the stop, it would lead one to believe that he knew he had more than one or two drinks. Secondly, you may think you're okay to drive after a few drinks, but test after test has shown that even one drink can slightly impair your driving. You may not notice it, but it doesn't mean it isn't true. Not saying it's dangerous to drive after one or two drinks necessarily, but let's not brush it under the rug either.

Comment 26 Jul 2015

Great to have some bigs that can play. But Jae'Sean needs to work on his perimeter and shooting skills. There's no place for a 6'4" forward in the college or pros, unless you're the reincarnation of Charles Barkley, and it only happened because Matta had no other options, as ridiculous as that sounds. Love his hustle and grit, now get a reliable jumper and learn to handle the ball. It will pay off better in the long run that trying to force him into a position he's not really suited for. Now as a 6'4" rebounding guard, who can score, we're talking about something special.

Comment 24 Jul 2015

Here's the plan. Meyer will not a name a VT starter until a few days before the game. Because the second game is just five days later, the "backup" will spend his time preparing for that game while the starter focuses on VT. The backup will then start the Hawaii game. After that, Urban will have a better idea of who he wants to play, or how he wants to split the time. But I bet he does this so he can say he gave them both a fair chance under game conditions. 

Comment 07 Jul 2015

Speaking on behalf of the grammar Nazi contingent, that's "populace," not "populous." Populous is an adjective. 

Comment 13 May 2015

I'm very excited about the upcoming season. However, can't see Tate starting at power forward. He's a tweener who can't shoot well enough to play guard or small forward, and he's not big enough to battle true power forwards. I see him as a great sixth man, bringing his usual hustle. But unless his outside shot improves greatly, I think he'll eventually get lost in this new crop of bad boys.

Comment 20 Mar 2015

Congrats on the win. I managed to finish watching the game after being tempted to gouge my eyes out in the first half. But two rebounds for Williams, 8 for Tate? Scott should never shoot threes again. KBD has to be wondering why Thompson, Loving and A. Williams all got more minutes than he did. Love Tate's energy, but soon the reality of being a 6'4" power forward who cannot shoot foul shots will set in. Probably against Arizona. 

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I think most of us are past blaming Amir for anything, we blame Matta for putting him on the floor. You gotta admit, though, having Tate guard Kaminsky, even when Amir was in the game, was about the biggest FU Matta could have given the kid.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

These last two years have been the most painful to watch in my more than 40 years of following Buckeye basketball. If not for Russell, I wouldn't have even watched the last half of the season. As it was, I barely made it to halftime today. I don't understand how Matta keeps recruiting guys who cannot shoot consistently ("Clang" Scott, Thompson, Loving, Craft etc,), cannot shoot foul shots (the entire team), tall guys who cannot rebound (WIlliams, McDonald) and guys who can't go three possessions without turning the ball over. These are the absolute basics of basketball. This is not rocket science. What attributes is Matta seeing in these guys when he recruits them? And why are none of them any better than when they came here? Matta's done a fine job over the years. But I for one, would not miss him. I think next year is the pivotal year for him and the program. Another stinker and I'll hold the door open on his way out.