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Comment 20 Mar 2015

Congrats on the win. I managed to finish watching the game after being tempted to gouge my eyes out in the first half. But two rebounds for Williams, 8 for Tate? Scott should never shoot threes again. KBD has to be wondering why Thompson, Loving and A. Williams all got more minutes than he did. Love Tate's energy, but soon the reality of being a 6'4" power forward who cannot shoot foul shots will set in. Probably against Arizona. 

Comment 08 Mar 2015

I think most of us are past blaming Amir for anything, we blame Matta for putting him on the floor. You gotta admit, though, having Tate guard Kaminsky, even when Amir was in the game, was about the biggest FU Matta could have given the kid.

Comment 08 Mar 2015

These last two years have been the most painful to watch in my more than 40 years of following Buckeye basketball. If not for Russell, I wouldn't have even watched the last half of the season. As it was, I barely made it to halftime today. I don't understand how Matta keeps recruiting guys who cannot shoot consistently ("Clang" Scott, Thompson, Loving, Craft etc,), cannot shoot foul shots (the entire team), tall guys who cannot rebound (WIlliams, McDonald) and guys who can't go three possessions without turning the ball over. These are the absolute basics of basketball. This is not rocket science. What attributes is Matta seeing in these guys when he recruits them? And why are none of them any better than when they came here? Matta's done a fine job over the years. But I for one, would not miss him. I think next year is the pivotal year for him and the program. Another stinker and I'll hold the door open on his way out.

Comment 17 Jan 2015

You guys are taking this too seriously. He asked Urban some serious questions about the program, left him openings to talk about how the players were being mentored and taught to lead, and thanked him at the end for running the type of program that does so. He even asked him about how he recruits. What do you want from the guy? Yeah, he mixed some lame comedy in their at times, although the "mascots" suggestion was funny. But Urban is not the world's most naturally funny guy, and this is a comedy show. You could tell Dave was struggling to get Urban to keep up his end of the conversation by the end of the segment. As someone who interviews people for a living, I know this can be difficult. 

Comment 27 Sep 2014

When talking about the secondary, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the bogus offensive pass interference call on Cinci in the third quarter. That was the turning point of the game. If the penalty is on OSU as it should have been, Cinci probably scores and it's a whole different game. Defense was more lucky than good, at least on that occasion. And aside from Bosa, the D-line is playing like chumps. Saw absolutely nothing to give hope for a win against MSU or any other tough team, for that matter.

Comment 31 May 2014

You forgot the steal. And just missed the blocked shot when he got called for a foul. he was filling up the stat sheet.


Comment 29 Mar 2014

I know exactly how the real world works. Been in it for 57 years. The way the real world works is that powerful people like Gene Smith (and the athletic department that continues to keep him employed) exploit young, hardworking athletes for their own benefit. You mean that poor Gene can't survive on $1 million a year, without making bonuses off a kid he's probably never even spoken to? And as the other commenter said, nobody cares about what you do. Nobody is going to pay to watch you work. Nobody is going to ask for an autographed oxford shirt from you. I agree, a scholarship is a great thing, and worth a lot of money,  if the kid winds up with a chance to get a useful degree. If it's a thinly veiled bribe to acquire their services, that's something else. That has nothing to do with Gene Smith getting an unwarranted bonus. (Did he get docked pay when his stupidity kept us out of a bowl game? My guess is no.) 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

He taught himself to read. Yes, he bears a share of the responsibility, but the fact he graduated with a degree and, according to testing, has the skills of a middle schooler, is a sorry comment on the school that let him get that far. Plus, it was not just UNC. They talked to the guy who was responsible for getting Oklahoma football players through school. He resigned because it was such a sham. So, yes, students bear some share of responsibility, but it goes to my point that the schools, for the most part, are more interested in getting the athletes through school so as not to damage the sports teams, versus actually giving them an education they can use when they get out. 

Comment 29 Mar 2014

Let's look at this from the other perspective. The NCAA and member schools are making billions off of students-athletes. If there were no collegiate sports, that revenue would be lost. In fact, the NCAA would cease to exist without the gravy train of March Madness. So yes, as several have said, it's all about the money, but it's the money that the NCAA needs to exist and schools need to pay dumbasses like Gene Smith. How can anyone look at the $18,000 he made off the blood and sweat of a championship wrestler and not understand how screwed up this system is? I hope he at least sends the kid a Christmas card. Secondly, as we have known all along, not everyone gets that education they're handing over their lives for. There was a great piece on HBO yesterday about that very issue. Dude from North Carolina graduates barely able to read Dr. Seuss books. Graduation rates are pumped up via graduates of "general studies," which includes things like yoga, and as several people said in that piece, schools are just funneling athletes through the system to benefit the athletic departments, not the kids. So if you're going to hold the school accountable for at least an education, then you make sure these guys and gals who will not go pro attend the 5 or 7 or 10 years it actually takes for them to graduate, and the school pays for it.

Also, how many schools have admitted that having a great basketball or football program helps increase enrollment and private donations? Is that not exploiting the athletes?

Then stop the merchandising. That is the real hot button, that will be decided by the O'Bannon case. If kids can't make money off their images, then neither can the schools. Each school can sell one jersey with one number on it. Period. So no athletes can say their popularity is being exploited. The NCAA cannot license the image of anyone playing for a member school or benefit in any way. Funnel 25% of the NCAA's March Madness loot to medical coverage for athletes, instead of its toothless "investigators."  Make Gene Smith donate his $18,000 a charity. Lower ticket prices. Cap coaches salaries. There are plenty of ways to stop leeching off the athletes without forcing them to form a union.


Comment 26 Mar 2014

Thanks for not sugar-coating the obvious deficiencies of this year's team. Now we can move on.

Comment 23 Mar 2014

Good luck to Amedeo. In some ways, the more guys that leave this "team" the better. I hope Q goes too. This was the most mismatched  collection of teammates I've seen in 50 years following Buckeye basketball. Seems like a cleansing of the bad karma needs to happen before next year. As some have said, it's too bad Amedeo can't take Williams with him. That's the last obstacle to rebuilding this team. But it's a big one. Maybe we get lucky and sign Turner and Williams can take his talents to Italy, too. 

Comment 24 Jan 2014

I hope they turn it around, too. But let's not get all excited until we see them play a team with a pulse. Fact is, Illinois is worse than OSU. PSU is too. As bad as OSU has been, they have to beat those two. Let's talk about a resurrection after Wisconsin and Iowa. 

Comment 20 Nov 2013

This team has a long way to go to pass mediocre. Offense is stagnant. Q can't hit a shot and seems to be in the dog house. He's also very slow, although he's rebounding okay. We have no idea if Craft, after all his work in the off-season, can hit a jumper. He seems to be afraid to even try. Smith Jr. is his usual self -- pretty much of a non-entity. Thompson can't hit a jumper. Foul-shooting is just atrocious. D is adequate, but a lot of that can be attributed to poor shooting by the other team, not great D. Shannon Scott and Amir seem to be the only two players who have significantly improved from last year. That might get you to top 4 in the BIG, and maybe, maybe Sweet 16 in the tourney if they come around. But I've definitely got low expectations for this group. When the  b-ball team can barely match the offense of the football team, you know you're in for a long season.