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Comment 20 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday 11W! I'm glad I found 11W before I wasted my money on another site... 

A toast! "To the greatest Buckeye site in the known universe! Wishing you many more years!"

Comment 14 Aug 2015

WOW! This looks great... The Elliot family seem like a tremendous family!

Also, hearing Paul Keels make the call on Zeke's run through the "Heart of the South" sends chills down my spine! I almost shed a tear of joy, again, as I do every time I watch that replay!

Comment 12 Aug 2015

So how many 12W members are there now?

I really appreciate all the work the 11W staff puts into the site on a daily basis. IMO it is better then all of the other Buckeye fan sites I have visited. I have a buddy who subscribes to Bucknuts and 75% of the time I know all the breaking news he is telling me about at least a couple hours before he knows and at the very least Birm has hinted around about something a day or more earlier. So, again, thanks for all your hard work.

P.S. I will be a member very soon! 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

I think Urban has shown his hand before, at Florida, with Leak/Tebow. He was content to run a 2-QB system then so it seem to me it is entirely possible, even likely, that we will/could see it again this year at tOSU! My bet is it will be Miller/Jones and Barret will be the odd man out this year!

Comment 14 Jul 2015

Two things!

1). How do you not play Urban at SS or LC in the softball game? Shouldn't that be where you play your best players and not at catcher? Insane!

2). This should only slightly piss DJ off... Here is how I see the QB situation playing out. I think we will see a QB by committee approach like Urban used in Florida with Leak and Tebow. Cardale will be the defacto starter using his arm strength to spread the field and open holes for Zeke. When we get to the redzone you will see more of Braxton at QB or H-B/RB. Urban will ask Barrett to "sit the bench" in 2015 and then when Cardale and Braxton enter the 2016 NFL Draft, Barrett will start in 2016 and enter the 2017 NFL draft leaving the starting job to Burrows or Gibson.

Comment 19 Jun 2015

This is good... Let's not stoop to the level of a particular "blog" from tsun!

If I could upvote this I would, 10X!

- Steps on soapbox -

We have no idea what went on with M, Jones behind the scenes; Only him, his family, and tOSU coaches really do... we can only speculate. I mean, come on, we are talking about 18-22 year old KIDS... how many of us wish we could go back and redo that period of our life. I know I would make some different decisions about school and life in general if I could go back. 

I wish him nothing but the best and hope he finds fulfillment wherever he choose to go. 

- Steps off soap box - 

Go Buckeyes and may Urban Meyer reign supreme forever!!!

Comment 15 Jun 2015

I follow @FakeUrban in the hopes he posts something funny! Can we start a petition to have DJ Byrnes take over?

Comment 15 Jan 2015

In Urban I trust! 

I questioned the hiring of Chris Ash and it has worked out even better than I could have hoped for!

I had the same questions in my mind when I first saw the reports of Tim Beck being hired... and now I just say, "In Urban I trust"!

Also, if I ever see another "Fire Fickell" post... He deserves as much credit for the defensive turnaround as we give Ash; maybe more!

Comment 15 Jan 2015

I had to put my almost 4 year old son to bed at halftime of the National Championship! He was wearing his #15 Ezekiel Elliot jersey and as I was tucking him in bed he asked me who had just scored a touchdown and I said the Buckeyes and he looked at me and gave a fist-pump and a loud "YESSSSS"! 

He then asked me to wake him up after the game to tell him who won... I tried to do just that but all I got was a blank stare and mumbling! He was out and no amount of me celebrating was going to wake him!

Thankfully I had gotten permission to go in to work late, 9am, on Tuesday so I was around when my son woke up and we did get to celebrate before I left for work. I asked him of he wanted to watch the game while he had his morning cup of milk - he usually watches Curious George or Thomas - but he declined and watched Curious George! Later that day my wife called and said that he had just asked to watch the Buckeyes game before his nap!

Sorry this is a long post but I was excited that my 4 year old son was so pumped about the Buckeyes! He will be attending his first Spring Game this year!!!

Go Bucks #1

Comment 31 Oct 2014

Just got an alert from B/R that *ichigan AD Dave Brandon will resign

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Jalin Marshall - 142 yards and a TD

Final Score: 57 - 24 Buckeyes

Also, Von Bell with a pick 6!!!

Comment 11 Aug 2014

I think this speaks volumes for the trust Urban has in Larry Johnson and eye for talent that Larry has! From what I recollect Urban extended a scholarship to Slade based only on Johnson's word!