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Comment 11 hours ago

I remember this game like it was yesterday! I had to watch it with  Florida Gators fan who happened to live in Ohio! Talk about gloating before the game... he shut up real quick after the Ginn TD but came back to life real quick! 

Me and my buddies were ecstatic after the Ginn TD but spent the rest of the game in shock... I remember thinking how awful our OL was and how dis-interested Troy Smith seemed.

Glad we have Urban now...

Comment 17 Aug 2016

I agree... I was calling for Tom Herman's (founder of MENSA) job multiple times the first year or two and then the year of Barrett/Jones happened!

I think Beck was thrown into an impossible situation last year and - yes, I think Urban deserves some/most of the blame for last years struggle - it wasn't helped that Jones started over Barrett. I actually lay most of the blame for last years failures on Urban, but I do not hold a grudge. We are all human and make mistakes. My reasoning for blaming Urban more than Beck is twofold: 1). Beck was new and learning the system, and 2). Urban made the choice to go with Jones as well keep the OC down on the field. Once the changes were implemented - start Barrett and move the OC upstairs - we had huge success on the offensive-side of the ball.

I think Beck will be just fine as QB coach and he seems to be more the fine as a recruiter. 

*Go BUCKS!!!

Comment 08 Aug 2016

Here is a thought... Wasn't last year the first year the browns scrimmaged in Ohio Stadium? Also, wasn't last year the first year the Buckeyes missed the College Football Playoffs? Coincidence? I think not!!!

We need to ban the browns from Ohio Stadium!

Comment 26 Jul 2016

Here is my confession:

I am born and bred in Ohio! I love Ohio State sports but I hate, with a passion, anything to do with Cleveland sports! I will root for Michigan to win a game (not against the Buckeyes) before I will root for a Cleveland team. I was born in Cincinnati and grew up near Zanesville. Have never rooted for a Cleveland team and never will.

I am a Cincinnati Bengals fan, and Chicago Bulls fan - thanks to my uncle who is a Bulls fan and for all I know he was a front runner, and I am an Atlanta Braves fan - I remember watching the 1995 World Series and saw Greg Maddux pitch and instantly became a Braves fan. I guess i believe in spreading the sports grief around and not putting all my "eggs" in one basket! 

I also think LeBron James is a terrible teammate and would never want him on my team!

That is my confession and I do not apologize for it!

Go Buckeyes!!!

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? What we have here is a guy slinging accusations, against Schiano/Bradley, without being able to prove them. It's really pissing me off how much we are willing to prosecute people in the court of public opinion before we have all the facts - and I am not just talking about the Schiano/Bradley situation. The fact is we don't really know the facts. Let the lawyers and other investigators gather the information and bring it to a Grand Jury or DA and let them decide whether or not to prosecute. 

Comment 14 Jul 2016

Just for the hell of it I tweeted at Clay Travis to ask him if a "B1G team would make the playoff this year or if a B1G team was already eliminated"!

Wanted an expert opinion!

Comment 17 Jun 2016
Birm, It has been a privilege to get to "know" you via "The Hurry-Up" these last few years. Good luck and God bless! I look forward to hearing where you land! Don't be a stranger. Maybe you could pop in every once in a while and give us some hints on some big-time recruits! See ya around!
Comment 09 Jun 2016

Thank you Iron Pastor,

I wish I would have read this comment first... I am one of the ones guilty of "wishing harm' on the young man because I disagreed with his sentence and I upvoted a few people in the heat of the moment. Other than the pastor part, I too am a "a conservative, card carrying NRA member who in any moment will defend my family, my congregation or others without question" but am guilty of thinking retaliation is justice.

Let's start valuing others, in spite of themselves and change the direction we are heading.

I believe we can value people but still punish them for the actions. 

As JAMESRBROWN322 stated: 

People make mistakes. We all do stupid things. We must all still be willing and able to face the consequences. Forgiveness and grace do not thwart the requisite punishment provided by the law.

Thank you for writing this. It has made me pause and think about what I consider justice.

Comment 09 Jun 2016

I agree about the 1 in 5 stat. Read the following article in regards to the 1 in 5 stat. That being said, whether it is 1 in 5 or 1 in 40, as the article suggests, 1 in "whatever" is 1 to many rapes. 

Some will say that these moral panics, while overblown, do call attention to serious problems. This is deeply mistaken. The hysteria around daycare abuse and campus rape shed no light: rather they confuse and discredit genuine cases of abuse and violence. Molestation and rape are horrific crimes that warrant serious attention and vigorous response. Panics breed chaos and mob justice. They claim innocent victims, undermine social trust, and teach us to doubt the evidence of our own experience.

E.M. Forster said it best in A Passage to India, referring to a panic among “good citizens” following a highly dubious accusation of rape: “Pity, wrath, and heroism filled them, but the power of putting two and two together was annihilated.”