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Comment 31 Oct 2014

Just got an alert from B/R that *ichigan AD Dave Brandon will resign

Comment 26 Sep 2014

Jalin Marshall - 142 yards and a TD

Final Score: 57 - 24 Buckeyes

Also, Von Bell with a pick 6!!!

Comment 11 Aug 2014

I think this speaks volumes for the trust Urban has in Larry Johnson and eye for talent that Larry has! From what I recollect Urban extended a scholarship to Slade based only on Johnson's word!

Comment 08 Dec 2013

I for one was very disappointed in the way we played on both sides of the ball; especially, the play calling in the 4th quarter... RUN HYDE!!!

Our receivers, outside of the secondary, were the most disappointing unit of the day I thought. I can remember at least three drops, there might be more but I remember 3 very clearly, that cost us points or first downs. We need a big physical receiver who can go get us that catch when we need it and hopefully that receiver is Jeff Green.


Lastly, I thought our TE's would feast in the second half... and without any proof to back this claim up IF (lol) they would have kept smashing the middle with Hyde our TE's and slot receiver would have come up large and we would have won.


Again, I have to wonder if it is not a lack of talent, but rather a scheme issue with our defense.

Comment 19 Sep 2013

Great job again Ross. Love reading these breakdowns!

We replaced 9 starters on 'D' if I am correct and if all we need to fix is some missed tackles I think we are on the right track; granted the two key people who missed tackles that game were Roby and Shazier!!! C'mon man!!!

Comment 12 Aug 2013

"The Buckeyes will have nine practices in six days, and it won’t be enjoyable." -from above article

Comment 07 Dec 2012

Could this post also include where the top 3-5 teams on this list rank against the national list?