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Comment 16 Nov 2015

I won't down-vote you as you are simply stating your opinion, which I believe you are still allowed to do, but I disagree! He made a mistake which he has owned and, sincerely, apologized for. If he had not or if he had been a dick about it I would agree.

Since when does making a mistake meen you are not capable of being a leader? We are to quick to cast the first stone these days... We have all made mistakes - In Joe's case he made his while in the spotlight of tOSU! How many of us can say we have never made a mistake that we immediately regretted? I am a parent to 2 children (2 and 4), with 1 on the way and there have been several times I have screwed up and maybe yelled at one of them when they didn't deserve it... When I did I took them aside and told them daddy was wrong and told them I was sorry. Does that mean I should step down as their father? No, it means I need to learn from my mistake and move on. If I keep on screwing the same thing up then we have issues. I think Joe has sincerely apologized and will learn from it. If he doesn't then, yes, Urban should take away the C on his jersey. I think that this could be a great lesson for Joe and the entire team and I believe that Joe will use it as such.

Comment 13 Nov 2015

Just want to point out JT (Joe) said he had injured a hamstring on Tuesday. Must not be to significant... 

Comment 20 Aug 2015

Happy Birthday 11W! I'm glad I found 11W before I wasted my money on another site... 

A toast! "To the greatest Buckeye site in the known universe! Wishing you many more years!"

Comment 14 Aug 2015

WOW! This looks great... The Elliot family seem like a tremendous family!

Also, hearing Paul Keels make the call on Zeke's run through the "Heart of the South" sends chills down my spine! I almost shed a tear of joy, again, as I do every time I watch that replay!

Comment 12 Aug 2015

So how many 12W members are there now?

I really appreciate all the work the 11W staff puts into the site on a daily basis. IMO it is better then all of the other Buckeye fan sites I have visited. I have a buddy who subscribes to Bucknuts and 75% of the time I know all the breaking news he is telling me about at least a couple hours before he knows and at the very least Birm has hinted around about something a day or more earlier. So, again, thanks for all your hard work.

P.S. I will be a member very soon! 

Comment 17 Jul 2015

I think Urban has shown his hand before, at Florida, with Leak/Tebow. He was content to run a 2-QB system then so it seem to me it is entirely possible, even likely, that we will/could see it again this year at tOSU! My bet is it will be Miller/Jones and Barret will be the odd man out this year!